1.220. pykickstart

An updated pykickstart package that fixes several bugs and adds a number of enhancements is now available.
The pykickstart package is a python library used to manipulate kickstart files.
Bug Fixes
The ksflatten tool included with pykickstart erroneously output any %include statements along with the content included by these statements. The original %include statements are now removed when the referenced content is included.
The documentation included in pykickstart was not referenced correctly, so no information was available to users. This has been corrected and useful documentation is now included. (No BZ#)
The bootloader command now takes an additional "--iscrypted" option. Since GRUB supports multiple encryption mechanisms and can automatically detect which to use based on the encrypted password, this new option should be used whenever an encrypted password is provided. This takes the place of the previous "--md5pass=" option.
The "url" and "repo" commands now take an additional "--noverifyssl" option. Use this option to prevent anaconda from checking the validity of the SSL certificate of your source when using HTTPS.
Three new network options have been added to pykickstart: "--activate", "--nodefroute", and "--bootproto=ibft". These enable users to install to iSCSI target systems that use a network card other than the system's network configuration.
All users of pykickstart are advised to upgrade to this package, which fixes these bugs and adds these enhancements.