1.184. oddjob

Updated oddjob packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The oddjobd service runs specified privileged tasks for unprivileged client applications which communicate with it through the system message bus.
Bug Fixes
Previously, the oddjobd service failed to reconnect to the system message bus after it lost its connection due to an internal function call. With this update, the oddjobd service is now able to reconnect to the message bus successfully after it loses a connection.
If a umask is not specified in the oddjobd service's configuration file, the service now uses the UMASK setting, if present, to calculate the permissions which should be set on a user's home directory.
The oddjobd service did not ensure, when creating a user's home directory, that any intermediate directories that were created would have correct permissions. This could have caused users to be unable to access their home directory. With this update, oddjobd ensures that correct permissions are set for any intervening directories such that the user is able to access their home directory.
The oddjobd init script exited with a exit status of "1" when it was passed a non-existent action. Service init scripts should exit with an exit code of "2" when they are asked to perform an unknown action. The oddjobd init script has been corrected, and now conforms with init script guidelines.
The oddjobd service failed to register the name of the mkhomedir service because the message bus was not signaled to re-read its configuration files when the oddjob-mkhomedir package was installed. With this update, oddjobd is now able to register the mkhomedir service name successfully.
All oddjobd service users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages which fix these bugs.