1.162. mcelog

An updated mcelog package that fixes various bugs is now available.
mcelog is a daemon that collects and decodes Machine Check Exception data on AMD64 and Intel 64 machines.
Bug Fixes
The mcelog service did not check whether another instance of mcelog was running, which could result in multiple mcelog service instances on a single system. This could result in lost or over-reported Machine Check Exceptions. mcelog now detects whether another instance is already running, preventing multiple instances from being launched on a single system simultaneously.
When a Machine Check Error occurs, a message indicating that the issue is not a software problem is output to the console. This incorrectly implies that a hardware problem exists. The message has now been corrected to indicate that a Hardware Event has occurred, instead.
No configuration file was provided for mcelog, preventing users from configuring mcelog daemon and its actions. A default configuration file (/etc/mcelog/mcelog.conf), which can be used to modify the behavior of mcelog at runtime, is now provided.
Support for future Intel processors has been added to mcelog, enabling mcelog to decode Machine Check Exceptions for these processors when they become available.
The default mcelog configuration file contained references to files that did not exist in the default package installation. This caused mcelog to attempt to execute files that did not exist. The mcelog configuration file has been corrected. Note that this bug was reported and corrected during development, and was not seen in production systems in the field.
All users of mcelog are advised to upgrade to this updated mcelog package, which resolves these issues.