1.159. man-pages

An updated man-pages package that corrects several documentation errors and omissions and adds several improved man pages is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The man-pages package provides man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).
Bug Fixes
The sd man page had an invalid link referring to the scsi man page. With this update, all references to the scsi man page were removed from the sd man page.
The "getent --help" command output mentioned a "-s" switch which was not explained anywhere in the getent man page. Since the getent man page is outdated, the entire page was removed for this update.
The man page for clock_gettime had references to the CLOCK_REALTIME_HR and CLOCK_MONOTONIC_HR constants, that were used in clock_getres.2, clock_gettime.2, clock_nanosleep.2, clock_settime.2, and timer_create.2. These constants are no longer present in the Linux kernel and clock_gettime was corrected to remove all references to these constants.
A typographical error in the SHA, MD5, and DES algorithms on crypt(3) man page, meant key significance in passwords was presented incorrectly. The typo was fixed for this update.
Information about a new keyword -- scopev4 -- was missing from the "gai.conf" man page. As of this update, "gai.conf(5)" now documents the scopev4 keyword.
The example code demonstrating how to use the getifaddrs() API in the getifaddrs man page contained a bug capable of crashing getifaddrs if used. The previous example code did not check for a NULL pointer under certain conditions which would cause a segmentation fault. With this update the example code tests for this condition, as expected, thereby avoiding the segfault.
The man pages for "pwrite(v)" and "pread(v)" were previously not included in the man page package. With this update, they are.
The "get_mempolicy" man page was updated to be more contemporaneous with the version of the Linux kernel (version 2.6.32) used by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The "pthread_attr_setguardsize" man page was updated to include information about glibc 2.8 changes.
All users of manual pages are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.