1.157. m17n-contrib

Updated m17n-contrib packages that add an enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The m17n-contrib package contains contributed multilingualization (m17n) data files for the m17n-lib project.
On Indian keyboard layouts, users were unable to enter the newly added Rupee Unicode symbol (U+20B9). With this update, the symbol has been added as a "Alt_Gr+4" keyboard shortcut in the InScript (Indian Script) keymap, where Alt_Gr is the right Alt key.
Users of m17n-contrib are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which add this enhancement.
An updated m17n-contrib package that includes two corrected keymap files and two improved keymap files, each back ported from upstream, is now available.
This package contains contributed internationalization files for m17n-lib.

Bug Fixes

Previously, when using the Devanagari script keymap -- hi-remington.mim -- the key combination to produce "आप" (the respectful form of the second person pronoun) on qwerty keyboards was "Shift-h backspace w [ backspace". The widely used sequence for this pronoun, however, is "Shift-h k w [ k" (with "k" used rather than the backspace). With this update the more common key sequence is now used by the hi-remington.mim keymap file.
The Malayalam script keymap -- ml-inscript.mim -- was missing the 20th letter, ച (ca). This is mapped to the semi-colon (;) on qwerty keyboards. Previously, when the Malayalam input system was active, pressing that key (either physically or using the on-screen keyboard) produced no output. The on-screen keyboard also displayed a blank keycap. This update corrects the typo in the ml-inscript.mim keymap file. When the Malayalam input method is used "ca" displays on the on-screen keyboard and appears in documents when typed, as expected.


The Telugu script keymap -- te-inscript.mim -- now maps three further Telugu script characters to English-language keyboard keys. The specific changes are as follows: the vowel character U0c60 ("ౠ") is now mapped to the pipe symbol ("|"); the dependent vowel character U0c44 ('ౄ') is now mapped to the back slash ("\"); and the dependent vowel character U0c01 ("ఁ") is now mapped to the capital X ("X").
The Tamil script keymap -- ta-tamil99.mim -- now maps seventeen further input options for generating both Tamil and English script glyphs on English-language keyboards. With the updated keymap file installed and active, the "f" key now generates a question mark ("?"). The other sixteen added options are Control+[key] inputs. They include new input options to generate several English characters such as the copyright symbol (using Control+c), the bullet character (Control+.) and single and double typographer's quote marks (using Control+7 through Control+9). As well, eight further Tamil script glyphs can now be generated, using Control+q +s +w +d +e +g +t and +r.
All users, especially those inputting Devanagari, Malayalam, Telugu or Tamil script characters, should install this update, which addresses these issues and adds these enhancements.