1.152. lohit-oriya-fonts

An updated lohit-oriya-fonts package that fixes OpenType rules for presenting conjunction characters in Qt-based applications is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The lohit-oriya-fonts package provides a free Oriya script TrueType and OpenType font.
Bug Fix
Oriya script is an abugida or alphasyllabic writing system and, when certain consonant glyphs would otherwise be written adjacent, applies rules for replacing the glyphs with a single, ligatured conjunction character. The OpenType version of Lohit Oriya did not, previously, apply these rules correctly when the typeface was used in an application built using the Qt application framework (eg OpenOffice or KWrite). With this update, these rules act as expected, and conjunct symbols appear properly when the OpenType face is used in Qt-based applications.
Note: this bug did not present if the TrueType face was used in Qt-based applications, nor did it present in applications built with the GTK+ framework (eg AbiWord and gedit) if the OpenType face was used.
Users should upgrade to this updated package, which resolves this issue.