1.151. lohit-kannada-fonts

An updated lohit-kannada-fonts package that corrects display problems and adds Latin punctuation glyphs is now available.
lohit-kannada-fonts provides a free TrueType and OpenType typeface for writing and displaying Kannada script.

Bug Fix

Previously, Lohit Kannada did not include Latin punctuation glyphs (such as opening and closing parentheses). When these characters were required while using the Kannada script, they were drawn from a system's default Latin script. With this update, these characters have been added to the Kannada character set, improving the look of text which mixes Kannada characters and Latin punctuation glyphs.
As well, the right-side bearing rules for Kannada conjuncts that immediately follow a Latin parenthesis character have been corrected to ensure these glyphs no longer kern so close as to overlap.
All users of lohit-kannada are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes this bug.