1.88. ibus

Updated ibus packages that fix various bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The IBus (Intelligent Input Bus for Linux OS) package is an input method platform.
Bug Fixes
ibus-x11 displayed at the incorrect window position and did not follow xterm for X11 applications in big endian 64-bit machines such as ppc64 and s390x. This was caused by the call_data->ic_attr[i].value being able to support only CARD32 data (32-bit) while the problematic machines were 64-bit machines. The code was changed to support 64-bit machines, thus ibus now works as expected.
ibus displayed incorrect text for the "up" and "down" buttons for the Kannada translation. The translated text was corrected, thus now the buttons display the correct translated text.
ibus displayed inconsistent translations on "up" and "down" buttons compared to text at the bottom of the window referring to "up" and "down" buttons for the Gujarati translation. Translation was amended for consistency and the button text and descriptive text at the bottom of the window are now the same.
Users of ppc64, s390x machines, Gujarati, and Kannada, are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.