1.83. hal

An updated hal package that fixes two bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
HAL is daemon for collecting and maintaining information from several sources about the hardware on a system.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the init script for hald did not parse a config file in /etc/sysconfig. This meant that the only way to pass extra parameters to the hald was to start them manually without the init script, or to modify the line that launches hald in the init script itself. This update changes the startup script to parse a config file in /etc/sysconfig for extra configuration parameters.
When checking hal-device on a device that did not exist, an error in dbus/hal communication was displayed. In this update, hal no longer tries to close shared DBus connections, and therefore avoids printing a warning.
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated hal package, which resolves these issues.