1.77. gnome-power-manager

Updated gnome-power-manager packages that fix several bugs are now available.
GNOME Power Manager uses the information and facilities provided by HAL to display icons and handle user callbacks in an interactive GNOME session.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the Help page for GNOME Power Manager was not displayed when users pressed F1 or selected Help from the menu bar. This has been corrected and the Help page now appears as expected.
The "do nothing" option, which allowed users to work on external monitors even when their laptop lid was closed, was removed. This prevented users from using external monitors while their laptop was closed. The "do nothing" option has been reinstated to allow this.
A bug in the docbook2man tool caused the GNOME Power Manager man page (man gnome-power-manager) to appear incorrectly. The man page has been manually corrected while this bug is in effect.
When an attempt to hibernate failed, an alert was displayed prompting users to check a help file. However, there was no link to the help file, which caused confusion. The alert no longer refers to the help file.
All users of GNOME Power Manager are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.