1.76. gnome-panel

Updated gnome-panel and libwnck packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The GNOME panel provides the window list, workspace switcher, menus, and other features for the GNOME desktop. libwnck allows applications to monitor information about open windows, workspaces, their names/icons, and so forth.
Bug Fixes
Previously, when a user connected two monitors to a computer and set the GNOME Panel to show hide buttons, the panel did not hide but moved to the adjacent monitor instead. This bug has been fixed, moving the panel to the adjacent monitor no longer takes place.
Previously, there was the untranslated text label "Top Panel" in the GNOME Panel's "Add to Panel" dialog. The problem applied to all non-English locales. The problem has been resolved so that the untranslated text label does not appear anymore in the "Add to Panel" dialog.
Previously, there was a conflicting accelerator key in the GNOME Panel's Date/Time context menu under the kn_IN locale. The fix for this bug has been provided so that there is no more a conflicting accelerator key in the Date/Time context menu.


BZ#509061, BZ#673231
When windows were grouped by the GNOME Panel in the taskbar, they were grouped in an alphabetical order. Such behavior presented a problem when window title changed. This release introduces an option to disable grouping window alphabetically. The fix to enable the option has been applied both in the gnome-panel and the libwnck package.
Previously, when an external monitor was connected to a computer, a user was able to move a panel between monitors by pressing the Alt key and dragging a blank area of the panel. This update introduces an enhancement in that the user can now change the settings with regard to moving the panel between monitors in the GNOME Panel "Properties" dialog.
All users requiring gnome-panel and libwnck should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues and add these enhancements.