1.53. evolution

Updated evolution packages that fix various bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Evolution is the GNOME email, calendar, contact management and communications application. The components which make up Evolution are tightly integrated with one another and act as a seamless personal information-management (PIM) tool.
Bug Fixes
When a user tried to migrate their mail folder settings after upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, or restore a backup from the previous version of Evolution, Evolution sometimes terminated unexpectedly. This bug has been fixed and no longer occurs during the migration process.
When a user created or edited a task in Evolution, the tooltip for the print icon in the toolbar was missing. This tooltip has been added and is now correctly displayed when hovering over the print icon.
When printing the "Day" view of a calendar in Evolution to a Postscript file, the selected day and month name overlapped the line below. The issue has been resolved; overlaps no longer take place.
When a user selected the "Submit bug report" option in the "Help" menu, a spurious "Bug Buddy is not installed" error message appeared. Because Bug Buddy is not a component of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the menu option to submit a bug was removed.
When creating a mail account in the Evolution Account Assistant using the POP protocol, the keyboard shortcut for "Delete after 7 days" (Alt+D) did not work. With this update, the GUI widget accepts the keyboard shortcut for the "Delete after 7 days" functionality and entering the shortcut now works as expected.
The "Create a Memo" item from the "Message" menu was active when it was not supposed to be. As a consequence, Evolution terminated unexpectedly when the user selected this item. With this update, the "Create a Memo" item is deactivated when it is supposed to be, with the result that the user can no longer crash Evolution by selecting it.
When viewing an email message larger than the maximum value defined in the settings Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Preferences -> "Do not format messages when text size exceeds [n KB]" caused Evolution to terminate unexpectedly. This bug has been fixed and viewing a message larger than the set value no longer causes Evolution to crash.
When a user created a calendar meeting in Evolution with at least 16 attendees and right-clicked "Reply to all", the application terminated unexpectedly sometimes. The problem was with the reallocation of memory in glib2 and it has been fixed. Replying to all attendees of a calendar meeting now works as expected.
When a user clicked into the input field under the Summary header in Task or Memo section in Evolution, and switched its input method to any language managed by ibus (such as Chinese), foreign characters could not be entered. The fix involves calling some functions in the correct order so the events for the input method are registered properly.
BZ#628882, BZ#630316, BZ#632998, BZ#638643
When using one of four Asian locales (ml_IN, hi_IN, ta_IN, zh_TW), the following problems occurred in Evolution Assistant: differing translations for the label and button "Forward" and "Finish", a missing and erroneous translation for the "Forward" label, and the ZWJ/ZWNJ characters visible by mistake. With this update, corrected translations has been provided.
In the "Evolution Appointment" dialog, when using the Chinese Simplified locale (zh_CN), there was an erroneous translation on the "for" button. The translation has been modified and Evolution now displays a proper button text translation.
Users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and correct several localization issues.