1.32. cronie

Updated cronie packages that fix various bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Cronie contains the standard UNIX daemon crond that runs specified programs at scheduled times and related tools. It is a fork of the original vixie-cron and has security and configuration enhancements like the ability to use pam and SELinux.
Bug Fixes
The initscript output written to /var/log/boot.log contained a double output of "OK", printed by /etc/init.d/crond and daemon. This error has been corrected: the echo from /etc/init.d/crond is removed, thus the output is now as expected.
Cronie didn't close file descriptor, which caused other applications such as anacron that are subsequently started by cronie to inherit the file descriptor. This caused SELinux to prevent /bin/bash access. With this update, the file descriptor is no longer inherited by other applications, thus SELinux no longer prevents /bin/bash access.
An incorrect option in the bash script caused anacron to run daily instead of hourly if the /var/spool/anacron/cron.daily file existed. The error has been corrected: the bash script option is fixed and anacron now runs once a day if the /var/spool/anacron/cron.daily file exists.
RELRO flags were previously not set by default from crond. This is now fixed so that cronie is compiled with RELRO protection enabled.
The /usr/bin/crontab was set to use both setuid and setgid permissions, but this was changed to use only setuid.
Multiple code quality improvements were made, which include: - In src/crontab.c, mkstemp expects six X's to be replaced with digits at the end of each filename. This fix removes the extra X's. - In src/security.c, ccon was not freed after a return. This is fixed and ccon is now freed using context_free. - In anacron/run_job.c, fdin was tested before being initialized. This is fixed to ensure that fdin is now initialized prior to testing.
All users of cronie are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which resolves these issues.