1.15. binutils

Updated binutils packages that fix bugs and add various enhancements are now available.
Binutils is a collection of binary utilities, including ar (for creating, modifying and extracting from archives), as (a family of GNU assemblers), gprof (for displaying call graph profile data), ld (the GNU linker), nm (for listing symbols from object files), objcopy (for copying and translating object files), objdump (for displaying information from object files), ranlib (for generating an index for the contents of an archive), readelf (for displaying detailed information about binary files), size (for listing the section sizes of an object or archive file), strings (for listing printable strings from files), strip (for discarding symbols), and addr2line (for converting addresses to file and line).
Bug Fixes
fix occasional crash in linker
fix strip to keep the address of an empty section consistent with its offset in the object
if one of the input files is of a non-ELF format the linker may crash
add support for ELF objects with more then 65535 program headers
add support for the large code model on PowerPC
add support for ELF core dump notes sections for extra s390 registers
add support for the new instructions in the System
Users are advised to upgrade to these updated binutils packages, which resolve these issues.
An updated binutils package that fixes one bug is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The binutils package is a collection of programming tools for the manipulation of object code in various object file formats.
Bug Fix
Prior to this update, an input object file could have a non-empty .toc section but no references to the .toc entries because of a problem in the 64-bit PowerPC linker TOC editing code. As a result, various utilities of the binutils package terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault under certain conditions. This update handles local symbols in .toc sections correctly. Now, no more crashes occur.
Users of binutils are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes this bug.