1.14. bind-dyndb-ldap

An updated bind-dyndb-ldap package that fixes several bugs and adds several enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The dynamic LDAP back-end is a plug-in for BIND that provides an LDAP database back-end capabilities. It features support for dynamic updates and internal caching, to lift the load off of your LDAP server.
Bug Fixes
the plugin didn't load child zones correctly. The plugin has been fixed and now loads child zones well.
named aborted when attempting to connect to a local LDAP server during boot. Now it does not abort but the administrator must call "rndc reload" when LDAP server starts to correctly fetch zones.
the plugin flooded logs with too many messages. Now those messages are logged only when named is started with the "-d" (debug) parameter.
the plugin was rebased to 0.2.0 bugfix release.
queries for ANY type were not handled correctly, only SOA records were returned. The plugin was fixed and now all records are returned when asked.
the plugin failed to reconnect to the LDAP server when SASL authentication was used. The plugin was fixed and reconnection now works.
the plugin failed to delete nodes from the LDAP database when all resource records associated with the node were removed. Now the plugin deletes the empty nodes.
the plugin did not emit enough information when it was configured to use invalid credentials. Now it emits enough details.
It is now possible to specify allow-query and allow-transfer ACLs for zones.
It is now possible to set timeout for queries to the LDAP server.
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated bind-dyndb-ldap package, which resolves these issues.