1.2. abrt

Updated abrt packages that resolve several issues are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The abrt package provides the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool.
The abrt package has been upgraded to upstream version 1.1.16, which provides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version. (BZ#650975)
Bug Fixes
Prior to this update, the ABRT GUI did not warn the user when it could not connect to the Gnome keyring daemon (that is, could not save any of the user's settings). With this update, a warning message is displayed in such a case.
The previous version of ABRT did not properly restore the core_pattern parameter (which is used to specify a coredump file pattern name) if it was too long. This update restores the core_pattern parameter to its previous value when the abrt daemon is stopped.
If the TAINT_HARDWARE_UNSUPPORTED flag, which detecs hardware not officially supported by Red Hat, is set (in the /proc/sys/kernel/taint file), ABRT indicates that the flag is set in the created crash report.
The abrt-addon-ccpp plugin crashed due to a segmentation fault if the /proc/[PID]/ directory did not exist. With this update, ABRT no longer crashes in case the /proc/[PID]/ directory does not exist.
Content from various files in the /var/log/ directory is now included in the creation of an sosreport (which is created via the abrt-plugin-sosreport plugin).
Prior to this update, the "Help" button in the ABRT GUI displayed the "About" window. With this update, a proper help page is displayed.
Occasionally, ABRT did not send an attached core dump file along with a crash report. This was due to the large size of the core dump file which was consequently rejected by the server which was receiving the crash report. With this update, attachments and their sizes are listed in the crash report, making it easier to detect any problems caused by the large size of the attachments.
Previously, ABRT was using "Strata-Message:" headers in server responses. However, servers no longer use these headers. With this update, the aforementioned headers are no longer used by ABRT.
By default, in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, ABRT did not enable any reporters, causing environments which do not run an X server to not be notified of any crashes ABRT detected. With this update, the mailx plugin is enabled as the default reporter for every crash and the root user is now notified of any crashes via the root@localhost mailbox.
The duplicate hash of a crash was computed from the package NVR (Name, Version, Release), path of the executable and the backtrace hash. This caused the hash to be different for the same bug which occurred in two versions of the same package. With this update, the component name and the backtrace hash are used when computing the duplicate hash.
All users of abrt are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.