1.196. PackageKit

Updated PackageKit packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
PackageKit is a D-Bus abstraction layer that allows the session user to manage packages in a secure way using a cross-distribution, cross-architecture API.
Bug Fixes
Both Mozilla Firefox and the packagekit-plugin included different versions of sqlite in their dependencies. This could cause crashes in Firefox when attempting to use the PackageKit web plug-in to access application icons, since the plug-in attempted to use its version of sqlite to query PkDesktop. This query attempt has been removed, and the web plug-in now works as expected, without crashing Firefox.
An error message was incorrectly displayed when the cron script packagekit-background.cron was disabled. As this is a configuration option, not an error, the message is no longer displayed in this situation.
Under some circumstances, the Add/Remove Software (gpk-application) graphical user interface does not display Supplementary groups or packages when the Supplementary group is selected. To work around this, use the System > Refresh Package Lists option to refresh the package lists.
An error in a changelog entry prevented updates to PackageKit. This error has been corrected.
A critical warning is displayed erroneously when attempting to install a local package with pkcon, the command line PackageKit tool. This warning is no longer displayed erroneously.
gpk-update-viewer failed to process updates when used in conjunction with yum version 3.2.29 because it attempted to perform the same repository setup twice if the "prerepoconf" attribute was not set. This resulted in an error:
    AttributeError: 'PackageKitYumBase' object has no attribute 'prerepoconf'
PackageKit logic has now been altered so that this does not occur, and updates are now processed as expected. This issue was discovered and corrected during development, and was not seen in production systems in the field.
Users of PackageKit are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.