Part II. Package Management

All software on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system is divided into RPM packages which can be installed, upgraded, or removed. This part describes how to manage the RPM packages on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system using graphical and command line tools.

Table of Contents

12. Package Management with RPM
12.1. RPM Design Goals
12.2. Using RPM
12.2.1. Finding RPM Packages
12.2.2. Installing
12.2.3. Uninstalling
12.2.4. Upgrading
12.2.5. Freshening
12.2.6. Querying
12.2.7. Verifying
12.3. Checking a Package's Signature
12.3.1. Importing Keys
12.3.2. Verifying Signature of Packages
12.4. Practical and Common Examples of RPM Usage
12.5. Additional Resources
12.5.1. Installed Documentation
12.5.2. Useful Websites
12.5.3. Related Books
13. Package Management Tool
13.1. Listing and Analyzing Packages
13.2. Installing and Removing Packages
14. YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified)
14.1. Setting Up a Yum Repository
14.2. yum Commands
14.3. yum Options
14.4. Configuring yum
14.4.1. [main] Options
14.4.2. [repository] Options
14.5. Upgrading the System Off-line with ISO and Yum
14.6. Useful yum Variables
15. Registering a System and Managing Subscriptions
15.1. Using Red Hat Subscription Manager Tools
15.1.1. Launching the Red Hat Subscription Manager GUI
15.1.2. Running the subscription-manager Command-Line Tool
15.2. Registering and Unregistering a System
15.2.1. Registering from the GUI
15.2.2. Registering from the Command Line
15.2.3. Unregistering
15.3. Attaching and Removing Subscriptions
15.3.1. Attaching and Removing Subscriptions through the GUI
15.3.2. Attaching and Removing Subscriptions through the Command Line
15.4. Redeeming Vendor Subscriptions
15.4.1. Redeeming Subscriptions through the GUI
15.4.2. Redeeming Subscriptions through the Command Line
15.5. Attaching Subscriptions from a Subscription Asset Manager Activation Key
15.6. Setting Preferences for Systems
15.6.1. Setting Preferences in the UI
15.6.2. Setting Service Levels Through the Command Line
15.6.3. Setting a Preferred Operating System Release Version in the Command Line
15.6.4. Removing a Preference
15.7. Managing Subscription Expiration and Notifications