2.2.4. Sun Solaris 9

Directory Server on Solaris 9 requires an UltraSPARC (SPARC v9) processor, which 64-bit applications as well as high-performance and multi-processor systems. Earlier SPARC processors are not supported. Use the isainfo command to verify that the system has support for sparc9. Verify the system's kernel configuration, install the appropriate modules and patches, and then fine-tune the system to work with Sun Solaris 9.
The system requirements are listed in Table 2.7, “Sun Solaris sparcv9”. The required patches are listed in Section, “Solaris Patches”, and the recommended configuration changes are described in Section, “Solaris System Configuration”.

Table 2.7. Sun Solaris sparcv9

Criteria Requirements
Operating System Solaris 9 with the latest patches and upgrades
CPU Type UltraSparc-IIi SPARC v9 300MHz or faster (64-bit)
256 MB minimum
1 GB RAM for large environments
Hard Disk
200 MB of disk space minimum for a typical deployment
2 GB minimum for larger environments
4 GB minimum for very large environments (more than a million entries)
You must use the largefile command to configure database files larger than 2 GB.
Other To run the Directory Server using port numbers less than 1024, such as the default port 389, you must setup and start the Directory Server as root, but it is not necessary to run the Directory Server as root. Solaris Patches

The patches required to run the Directory Server on Solaris 9 are listed in Table 2.8, “Sun Solaris Patches”. Run the dsktune utility to see if you need to install any other patches. dsktune helps verify whether the appropriate patches are installed on the system and provides useful information for tuning your kernel parameters for best performance. For information on dsktune, see Section 2.2.1, “Using dsktune”.

Table 2.8. Sun Solaris Patches

Patch ID Description
112998-03 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/sbin/syslogd
112875-01 SunOS 5.9: patch /usr/lib/netsvc/rwall/rpc.rwalld
113146-04 SunOS 5.9: Apache Security Patch
113068-05 SunOS 5.9: hpc3130 patch
112963-14 SunOS 5.9: linker patch
113273-08 SunOS 5.9: /usr/lib/ssh/sshd patch
112233-12 SunOS 5.9: Kernel patch
112964-08 SunOS 5.9: /usr/bin/ksh patch
112808 CDE1.5: Tooltalk patch
113279-01 SunOS 5.9: klmmod patch
113278-07 SunOS 5.9: NFS Daemon patch
113023 SunOS 5.9: Broken preremove scripts from S9 ALC packages
112601-09 SunOS 5.9: PGX32 Graphics
113923-02 X11 6.6.1: security font server patch
112817-18 SunOS 5.9: Sun Gigaswift Ethernet 1.0 driver patch
113718-02 SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/utmp_udate patch
114135-01 SunOS 5.9: at utility patch
112834-04 SunOS 5.9: patch scsi
112907-03 SunOS 5.9: libgss patch
113319 SunOS 5.9: libnsl nispasswd
112785-43 SunOS 5.9: Xsun patch
112970-07 SunOS 5.9: patch libresolv
112951-09 SunOS 5.9: patchadd and patchrm patch
113277-24 SunOS 5.9: st, sd, and ssd patch
113579-06 SunOS 5.9: ypserv/ypxfrd patch
112908-14 SunOS 5.9: krb5 shared object patch
113073-14 SunOS 5.9: ufs and fsck patch