This performance tuning-related attribute specifies the cache size in terms of available memory space. The simplest method is limiting cache size in terms of memory occupied. Activating automatic cache resizing overrides this attribute, replacing these values with its own guessed values at a later stage of the server startup. Attempting to set a value that is not a number or is too big for a 32-bit signed integer returns an LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM error message with additional error information explaining the problem.


The nsslapd-cachememsize attribute also defines the import buffer size. The import buffer size is automatically configured to be 80% of whatever the nsslapd-cachememsize setting is. When importing databases with very large attributes, be sure to reset the nsslapd-cachememsize value to something high enough so that .80*cacheSize is enough to allow the import to proceed.
Parameter Description
Entry DN cn=NetscapeRoot, cn=ldbm database, cn=plugins, cn=config or cn=UserRoot, cn=ldbm database, cn=plugins, cn=config
Valid Range 500 kilobytes to 4 gigabytes for 32-bit platforms and 500 kilobytes to 2^64-1 for 64-bit platforms
Default Value 10,485,760 (10 megabytes)
Syntax Integer
Example nsslapd-cachememsize: 10485760