3.4.4. Creating Suffix Referrals

The following procedure describes creating a referral in a suffix. This means that the suffix processes operations using a referral rather than a database or database link.


When a suffix is configured to return referrals, the ACIs contained by the database associated with the suffix are ignored. Creating Suffix Referrals Using the Console

To create a suffix referral using the Console, do the following:
  1. Select the Configuration tab.
  2. Under Data in the left pane, click the suffix to which to add a referral.
  3. In the Suffix Settings tab, select one of the following radio buttons:
    • Return Referrals for all Operations. This means that a referral will be returned when this suffix receives any request from a client application.
    • Return Referrals for Update Operations. This means a referral will be returned when this suffix receives an update request from a client application. This option is used to redirect update and write requests made by client applications to a read-only database.
  4. Click the Referrals tab. Enter an LDAP URL in the Enter a new referral field, or click Construct to be guided through the creation of an LDAP URL.
    For more information about the structure of LDAP URLs, see Appendix C, LDAP URLs.
  5. Click Add to add the referral to the list.
    You can enter multiple referrals. The directory will return the entire list of referrals in response to requests from client applications.
  6. Click Save.