1.2. LDAP Tool Locations

Red Hat Directory Server uses Mozilla LDAP tools — such as ldapsearch, ldapmodify, and ldapdelete — for command-line operations. The MozLDAP tools are installed with Directory Server.
Platform Directory Location
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 i386 /usr/lib/mozldap6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 x86_64 /usr/lib64/mozldap6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 i386 /usr/lib/mozldap
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x86_64 /usr/lib64/mozldap
Sun Solaris /usr/lib/sparcv9/mozldap
HP-UX /opt/dirsrv/bin
For all Red Hat Directory Server guides and documentation, the LDAP tools used in the examples, such as ldapsearch and ldapmodify, are the Mozilla LDAP tools. For most Linux systems, OpenLDAP tools are already installed in the /usr/bin/ directory. These OpenLDAP tools are not supported for Directory Server operations. For the best results with the Directory Server, make sure the path to the Mozilla LDAP tools comes first in the PATH or use the full path and file name for every LDAP operation.
However, these OpenLDAP tools can be used for Directory Server operations with certain cautions:
  • The output of the other tools may be different, so it may not look like the examples in the documentation.
  • The OpenLDAP tools require a -x argument to disable SASL so that it can be used for a simple bind, meaning the -D and -w arguments or an anonymous bind.
  • The OpenLDAP tools' arguments for using TLS/SSL and SASL are quite different than the Mozilla LDAP arguments. See the OpenLDAP documentation for instructions on those arguments.