11.1. Installing SystemTap

In Red Hat Developer Toolset, SystemTap is provided by the devtoolset-3-systemtap package and is automatically installed with devtoolset-3-perftools as described in Section 1.5, “Installing Red Hat Developer Toolset”.


The Red Hat Developer Toolset version of SystemTap is available for both Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, but some new features are only offered by the Red Hat Developer Toolset version of SystemTap for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. See Section A.5, “Changes in SystemTap” for details.
In order to place instrumentation into the Linux kernel, SystemTap may also require installation of additional packages with debugging information. To determine which packages to install, run the stap-prep utility as follows:
scl enable devtoolset-3 'stap-prep'
Note that if you execute this command as the root user, the utility automatically offers the packages for installation. For more information on how to install these packages on your system, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 SystemTap Beginners Guide or the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 SystemTap Beginners Guide.