A.4. Changes in GDB

Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1 is distributed with GDB 7.8.2, which provides a number of bug fixes and improvements over the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system versions and the version included in the previous release of Red Hat Developer Toolset. Below is a comprehensive list of new features in this release.

A.4.1. Changes Since Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0

The following features have been added since the release of GDB in Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0:
  • A new command, add-auto-load-scripts-directory directory, has been added. It adds entries to the list of directories from which automatically loaded scripts are loaded.
  • The gdb/jit-reader.h header file is now installed in the include directory, so that it can be used for writing readers for parsing custom debugging information formats. See the Custom Debug Info section in the GDB manual for more information (the devtoolset-3-gdb-doc package needs to be installed on your system for this documentation to be locally available).