B.11. Changes in Dyninst

Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0 is distributed with Dyninst 8.2, which provides a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements over the version included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the previous version of Red Hat Developer Toolset. Below is a comprehensive list of new features in this release.

B.11.1. Changes Since Red Hat Developer Toolset 2.1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0

A number of bugs have been fixed. In addition to that, the following features have been added since the release of Dyninst in Red Hat Developer Toolset 2.1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0:
  • The ProcControl library has been improved to provide callbacks whenever a syscall-monitored thread enters or exits a system call.
  • The SymtabAPI library has been improved to support access to inline functions.
  • Checks are now performed and errors returned in case the instrumentation requires traps, but the user has disabled them.
  • The generation of XMM registers save and restore has been improved, and function-call snippets have been optimized as a result.
  • Block-level instrumentation performance in shared code has been improved.
  • Whenever possible, checks are now performed on parameter and return-value snippets.
  • Symbol visibility is now properly controlled, so that only public Dyninst functions and variables are exposed to users.