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Software Collections Guide

A guide to Software Collections for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Petr Kovář

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The Software Collections Guide provides an explanation of Software Collections and details how to build and package them. Developers and system administrators who have a basic understanding of software packaging with RPM packages, but who are new to the concept of Software Collections, can use this Guide to get started with Software Collections.
1. Document Conventions
1.1. Typographic Conventions
1.2. Pull-quote Conventions
1.3. Notes and Warnings
2. Getting Help and Giving Feedback
2.1. Do You Need Help?
2.2. We Need Feedback!
3. Acknowledgments
1. Introducing Software Collections
1.1. Why Package Software with RPM?
1.2. What Are Software Collections?
1.3. Enabling Support for Software Collections
1.4. Installing a Software Collection
1.5. Listing Installed Software Collections
1.6. Enabling a Software Collection
1.6.1. Running an Application Directly
1.6.2. Running a Shell with Multiple Software Collections Enabled
1.6.3. Running Commands Stored in a File
1.7. Listing Enabled Software Collections
1.8. Uninstalling a Software Collection
2. Packaging Software Collections
2.1. Creating Your Own Software Collections
2.2. The File System Hierarchy
2.3. The Software Collection Root Directory
2.4. The Software Collection Prefix
2.5. Software Collection Package Names
2.6. Software Collection Scriptlets
2.7. Package Layout
2.7.1. Metapackage
2.7.2. Creating a Metapackage
2.8. Software Collection Macros
2.8.1. Macros Specific to a Software Collection
2.8.2. Macros Not Specific to a Software Collection
2.9. Converting a Conventional Spec File
2.10. Uninstalling All Software Collection Directories
2.11. Making a Software Collection Depend on Another Software Collection
2.12. Building a Software Collection
2.12.1. Rebuilding a Software Collection without build Subpackages
3. Advanced Topics
3.1. Software Collection Automatic Provides and Requires and Filtering Support
3.2. Software Collection Macro Files Support
3.3. Packaging Wrappers for Software Collections
3.4. Software Collection Initscript Support
3.5. Software Collection Library Support
3.5.1. Using a Library Outside of the Software Collection
3.5.2. Prefixing the Library Major soname with the Software Collection Name
3.5.3. Software Collection Library Support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
3.6. Software Collection .pc Files Support
3.7. Software Collection MANPATH Support
3.8. Software Collection cronjob Support
3.9. Software Collection Log File Support
3.10. Software Collection logrotate Support
3.11. Software Collection Lock File Support
3.12. Software Collection Configuration Files Support
3.13. Software Collection Kernel Module Support
3.14. Software Collection SELinux Support
3.14.1. SELinux Support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
3.14.2. SELinux Support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
4. Extending Red Hat Software Collections 1.1
4.1. Providing an scldevel Subpackage
4.1.1. Using an scldevel Subpackage in a Dependent Software Collection
4.2. Extending the python27 and python33 Software Collections
4.2.1. The vt191 Software Collection
4.2.2. The python-versiontools Package
4.2.3. Building the vt191 Software Collection
4.2.4. Testing the vt191 Software Collection
4.3. Extending the ruby193 and ruby200 Software Collections
4.3.1. The ror40 Software Collection
4.3.2. The ror40-rubygem-bcrypt-ruby Package
4.3.3. Building the ror40 Software Collection
4.3.4. Testing the ror40 Software Collection
4.4. Extending the perl516 Software Collection
4.4.1. The h2m144 Software Collection
4.4.2. The help2man Package
4.4.3. Building the h2m144 Software Collection
4.4.4. Testing the h2m144 Software Collection
5. Troubleshooting Software Collections
5.1. Error: line XX: Unknown tag: %scl_package software_collection_name
5.2. scl command does not exist
5.3. Unable to open /etc/scl/prefixes/software_collection_name
5.4. scl_source: command not found
6. Getting More Information
6.1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program
6.2. Installed Documentation
6.3. Accessing Red Hat Documentation
A. Revision History