B.5. Common Criteria: Security Requirements

This section is taken directly from the security target document. This section identifies the security functional and assurance requirements applicable to the target of evaluation. Among the security functional requirements are extended components that have been explicitly defined within the CIMC-BR-PP as indicated below.

B.5.1. Security Requirements for the IT Environment

This security target includes a number of explicitly stated requirements. Each of the explicitly stated requirements is defined in the CIMC-BR-PP and corresponding rationale immediately follows the statement of each such requirement. The explicitly stated requirements can be identified by the use of the keyword “CIMC” in the requirement component and element identifiers. These are identified in bold-italics in Table B.2, “CIMC Target of Evaluation Functional Security Requirements”.
The CIMC-BR-PP should be referenced for the initial definition and rationale for each applicable requirement, though some rationale has been reproduced for each extended component included in the subsequent section as well.