B.4. Common Criteria: Security Objectives

This section is taken directly from the security target document. This section includes the security objectives including security objectives for the target of evaluation, security objectives for the environment, and security objectives for both the target of evaluation and environment.

B.4.1. Security Objectives for the Target of Evaluation

This section includes the security objectives for the target of evaluation, divided among four categories: authorized users, system, cryptography, and external attacks.

B.4.1.1. Authorized Users

O. Certificates
The target security functions must ensure that certificates, certificate revocation lists, and certificate status information are valid.

B.4.1.2. System

O. Preservation/Trusted Recovery of Secure state
Preserve the secure state of the system in the event of a secure component failure or recover to a secure state.

B.4.1.3. Cryptography

O. Non-Repudiation
Prevent user from avoiding accountability for sending a message by providing evidence that the user sent the message.

B.4.1.4. External Attacks

O. Control Unknown Source Communication Traffic
Control (such as reroute or discard) communication traffic from an unknown source to prevent potential damage.