6.3.3. Installing Red Hat Directory Server

All subsystems require access to Red Hat Directory Server 8.2 on the local machine or a remote machine. This Directory Server instance is used by the subsystems to store their system certificates and user data.
The Directory Server used by the Certificate System subsystems can be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 32-bit, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 64-bit, or Solaris 9 Sparc 64-bit, regardless of the system on which Red Hat Certificate System is installed.
Check that the Red Hat Directory Server is already installed. For example:
yum info redhat-ds
Installed Packages
Name       : redhat-ds
Arch       : x86_64
Version    : 8.2.0
Release    : 0.14el5dsrv
Size       : 136M
Repo       : installed
Install and configure Red Hat Directory Server 8.2, if a directory service is not already available. For example:
yum install redhat-ds



The Certificate System SELinux policies assume that the Red Hat Directory Server is listening over the standard LDAP/LDAPS ports, 389 and 636, respectively. If the Directory Server is using non-standard ports, then edit the SELinux policy using semanage to relabel the LDAP/LDAPS ports and allow the subsystem to access the Directory Server.
Go through the configuration wizard; the default settings are fine for the Certificate System needs.
Installing Red Hat Directory Server is described in more detail in the Red Hat Directory Server Installation Guide.