4. Document History

Revision History
Revision 8.1-2.4002013-10-31Rüdiger Landmann
Rebuild with publican 4.0.0
Revision 8.1-22012-07-18Anthony Towns
Rebuild for Publican 3.0
Revision 8.1-8February 1, 2012Ella Deon Lackey
Updating the subsystem overview image to clarify key recovery work flows.
Revision 8.1-7January 24, 2012Ella Deon Lackey
Updating some links and adding a note to the Common Criteria examples in appendix B, per comments from reviewers.
Revision 8.1-6January 6, 2012Ella Deon Lackey
Updating Common Criteria setup examples to correct some typos and clarify machine topology.
Adding information on required multi-master replication setup for internal databases with cloning, per Bugzilla #743897.
Adding step to change SELinux context for ECC libraries to prevent AVC denials, per Bugzilla #746756.
Adding information on replication sequence numbers and cloning, per Bugzilla #750358.
Revision 8.1-5September 28, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Adding information on using setfacl for Posix system ACLs, per Bugzilla #723080.
Adding procedures and Common Criteria examples for enabling FIPS mode on HSMs.
Adding a section on configuring an HSM to work with ECC, per Bugzilla #677416.
Adding a section on cloning a CA which has been re-keyed, per Bugzilla #741281.
Revision 8.1-4July 25, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Edits for comments from the ETR.
Revision 8.1-3June 27, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Edits for comments from the ETR.
Revision 8.1-2May 26, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Adding required LDAP database parameters to cloning example, from Bugzilla #704622.
Fixed a typo in the LunaSA setup section, from Bugzilla #537529.
Revision 8.1-1April 21, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Adding new pkiremove parameter, from Bugzilla #696175.
Revision 8.1-0March 21, 2011Ella Deon Lackey
Initial draft for Certificate System 8.1 documentation for review.