14.5.5. TKS Instance Information

The directories are instance specific, tied to the instance name. In these examples, the instance name is pki-tks; the true value is whatever is specified at the time the instance is created with pkicreate.

Table 14.7. TKS Instance Information

Setting Value
Standard port
End users SSL port
Agents port
Admin port
Tomcat port
Instance Name pki-tks
Main Directory /var/lib/pki-tks
Configuration Directory /etc/pki-tks
Configuration File
Subsystem Certificates
SSL server certificate
Audit log signing certificate
Subsystem certificate[a]
Security Databases /var/lib/pki-tks/alias
Log Files /var/lib/pki-tks/logs
Install Logs /var/lib/pki-tks/logs-install.log
Process File /var/run/pki-tks.pid
[a] The subsystem certificate is always issued by the security domain so that domain-level operations that require client authentication are based on this subsystem certificate.