2.5.2. Agent Interfaces

The agent services pages are where almost all of the certificate and token management tasks are performed. These services are HTML-based, and agents authenticate to the site using a special agent certificate.
Certificate Manager's Agent Services Page

Figure 2.8. Certificate Manager's Agent Services Page

The operations vary depending on the subsystem:
  • The Certificate Manager agent services include approving certificate requests (which issues the certificates), revoking certificates, and publishing certificates and CRLs. All certificates issued by the CA can be managed through its agent services page.
  • The TPS agent services, like the CA agent services, manages all of the tokens which have been formatted and have had certificates issued to them through the TPS. Tokens can be enrolled, suspended, and deleted by agents. Two other roles (operator and admin) can view tokens in web services pages, but cannot perform any actions on the tokens.
  • DRM agent services pages process key recovery requests, which set whether to allow a certificate to be issued reusing an existing key pair if the certificate is lost.
  • The OCSP agent services page allows agents to configure CAs which publish CRLs to the OCSP, to load CRLs to the OCSP manually, and to view the state of client OCSP requests.
  • The RA agent services allows agents to list and approve certificate requests and to check the status of requests and certificates processed through the RA.
The TKS is the only subsystem without an agent services page.