6.2. Packages Installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Multiple packages are installed with the Certificate System, in addition to the core Certificate System components.
RPMs for Certificate System Subsystems and Components
osutil pki-ocsp redhat-pki-ca-ui
pki-ca pki-ra redhat-pki-common-ui
pki-common pki-selinux redhat-pki-console-ui
pki-common-javadoc pki-setup redhat-pki-kra-ui
pki-console pki-silent redhat-pki-ocsp-ui
pki-java-tools pki-tks redhat-pki-ra-ui
pki-java-tools-javadoc pki-tps redhat-pki-tks-ui
pki-kra pki-util redhat-pki-tps-ui
pki-migrate pki-util-javadoc symkey
RPMs for Tomcat Web Services
ant jakarta-commons-discovery jakarta-oro
avalon-framework jakarta-commons-el regexp
avalon-logkit jakarta-commons-fileupload tomcat5
axis jakarta-commons-httpclient tomcat5-common
bcel jakarta-commons-launcher tomcat5-jasper
classpathx-jaf jakarta-commons-logging tomcat5-server
classpathx-mail jakarta-commons-modeler velocity
eclipse-ecj jakarta-commons-pool werken.xpath
geronimo-specs jdom wsdl4j
geronimo-specs-compat jakarta-commons-beanutils xerces-j2
jakarta-commons-collections ldapjdk xml-commons
jakarta-commons-daemon log4j xml-commons-apis
jakarta-commons-dbcp mx4j xml-commons-resolver
RPMs for Apache Web Services   
httpd pcre-devel perl-XML-SAX
mod_nss perl-Parse-RecDescent perl-XML-Simple
mod_perl perl-XML-NamespaceSupport tcl
mod_revocator perl-XML-Parser tcl-devel
RPMs for LDAP Support
cyrus-sasl mozldap-devel mozldap-tools
RPMs for SQL Lite Support for the RA
perl-DBD-SQLite perl-DBI sqlite-devel
RPMs for NSS and NSPR
jss nspr
jss-javadoc nss
nss-tools svrcore