7.3.2. Installing from an ISO Image

Red Hat Certificate System 8.1 can also be downloaded from Red Hat Network as an ISO image. This ISO image contains an RPMS/ directory which can be used as a local yum repository.
  1. Open the Red Hat Certificate System 8.1 Red Hat Network channel and download the ISO image.
  2. Verify the checksum on the downloaded packages. On the Red Hat Network download page, both an MD5 and SHA256 checksum are listed:
    Product Name:  RHEL5.6-RHCertSystem-8.1-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso
       File Size:  30 MB
             MD5:  9e0681fdec4160dd8ef4a9cc1886dbce
         SHA-256:  482a6c0771d0cd2e039eac5bb980e9a5c8ca5bb203b02d53a48b4d421043681d
    Run md5sum or sha256sum to verify the checksum on the packages. For example:
    md5sum RHEL5.6-RHCertSystem-8.1-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso
    9e0681fdec4160dd8ef4a9cc1886dbce RHEL5.6-RHCertSystem-8.1-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso
  3. Place that RPMS/ directory on a web server and then configure yum to use that location as a repository.
  4. Install Certificate System as described in Section 7.3.1, “Installing through yum”, including setting any environment variables, HSMs, or IPv6 settings.