3.3. Approving Requests

There are two ways that a certificate request is approved, depending on the user authentication method required by the profile. In automatic enrollment, the Certificate System automatically receives and approves the request if it meets established criteria. In manual enrollment, an agent must review and approve the request. Before approving a request, an agent can adjust some of the parameters, such as the subject name and validity period.
To adjust and approve a certificate request:
  1. Open the agent services page.
  2. Click Find at the bottom of the List requests page to list pending certificate requests.
  3. Select the certificate request from the list.
  4. The certificate request details page contains several tables with information about the request.
    • Request Information. Lists basic information about the request.
    • Certificate Profile Information. Lists the certificate profile being used, along with basic information about that certificate profile.
    • Certificate Profile Inputs. Lists the inputs contained in the enrollment form for this certificate profile as well as the values set by the requester.
    • Policy Information. Lists the policies that apply to this certificate profile, including the definition of the policy, the value placed in the certificate by this specific policy, and the constraints placed on this policy.
    To change any of the information contained in the certificate, such as the subject name or validity period, change the settings in the policy information table in the certificate request. Any policies that can be changed have either a drop-down list or an editable field.
    For any changes, the values must be valid within the constraints placed on a policy. If a change is made outside the constraint, the request will not validate. An invalid request must be changed before a certificate is issued.


    For more information on how to adjust parameters associated with certificate profiles, such as defaults and constraints, see Chapter 2, CA: Working with Certificate Profiles.
  5. Choose an action from the menu at the bottom of the page, and, optionally, add any comments about the certificate.
    • Approve Request. Approves the request and issues the certificate.
    • Update Request. Updates the request with any modified information. The status of the request does not change.
    • Validate Request. Confirms that the request conforms to the constraints for issuing that type of certificate. The request is confirmed as valid, or the system returns a list of fields that need to be edited.
    • Reject Request. Rejects the request.
    • Cancel Request. Cancels the request without issuing a certificate or a rejection.
After the agent sets the action to Approve Request and clicks Submit, the certificate is generated and available to the user through the end entities page. If notifications have been set, then an email will be sent to the requester automatically.