4.3. Examining Certificate Details

  1. On the agent services page, click List Certificates or Search for Certificates, specify search criteria, and click Find to display a list of certificates.
  2. On the Search Results form, select a certificate to examine.
    If the desired certificate is not shown, scroll to the bottom of the list, specify an additional number of certificates to be returned, and click Find. The system displays the next certificates up to that number that match the original search criteria.
  3. After selecting a certificate, click the Details button at the left side of its entry.
  4. The Certificate page shows the detailed contents of the selected certificate and instructions for installing the certificate in a server or in a web browser.
    Certificate Details

    Figure 4.2. Certificate Details

  5. The certificate is shown in base-64 encoded form at the bottom of the Certificate page, under the heading Installing this certificate in a server.