2. What Is in This Guide

This guide describes an agent's responsibilities for the different Certificate System subsystems, and explains basic usage and tasks.
  • Chapter 1, Agent Services Provides an overview of the product and identifies different kinds of users, including agents. The chapter also summarizes the tasks of each subsystem agent, lists the HTML forms used to perform agent tasks, and explains how to access the agent services pages and forms.
  • Chapter 2, CA: Working with Certificate Profiles Provides an overview of the profiles feature and details how to enable and disable profiles.
  • Chapter 3, CA: Handling Certificate Requests Describes the general procedures for handling requests and explains how to handle different aspects of certificate request management. A Certificate Manager agent is responsible for handling requests by end entities (end users, server administrators, or other Certificate System subsystems) for certificates using manual enrollment.
  • Chapter 4, CA: Finding and Revoking Certificates Explains how to use the agent services page to find and examine a specific certificate issued by Certificate System, how to retrieve a list of certificates that match specified criteria, how to revoke certificates, and how to manage the certificate revocation list.
  • Chapter 5, CA: Publishing to a Directory Describes how a Certificate Manager agent can update the LDAP directory with the current status of certificates.
  • Chapter 7, DRM: Recovering Encrypted Data Describes how to process key recovery requests and how to recover stored encrypted data when the encryption key has been lost. This service is only available when a Data Recovery Manager (DRM) is installed.
  • Chapter 8, Online Certificate Status Manager: Verifying Certificate Status Describes how to handle tasks related to the Certificate System OCSP responder, Online Certificate Status Manager. This service is only available when the OCSP subsystem is installed.
  • Chapter 9, TPS: Managing Token and Smart Card Operations Describes how to perform tasks related to the Token Processing System and how to manage tokens and certificates through this subsystem. This service is only available when the TPS subsystem is installed.