Part II. Additional Configuration to Manage CA Services

Table of Contents

8. Publishing Certificates and CRLs
8.1. About Publishing
8.1.1. Publishers
8.1.2. Mappers
8.1.3. Rules
8.1.4. Publishing to Files
8.1.5. OCSP Publishing
8.1.6. LDAP Publishing
8.2. Setting up Publishing
8.2.1. Configuring Publishing to a File
8.2.2. Configuring Publishing to an OCSP
8.2.3. Configuring Publishing to an LDAP Directory
8.2.4. Creating Rules
8.2.5. Enabling Publishing
8.3. Publishing CRLs over HTTP
8.3.1. Configuring CRL Publishing to Resume after Interrupted Downloads
8.3.2. Retrieving CRLs Using wget
8.3.3. Retrieving Partial CRLs
8.4. Publishing Cross-Pair Certificates
8.5. Testing Publishing to Files
8.6. Viewing Certificates and CRLs Published to File
8.7. Updating Certificates and CRLs in a Directory
8.7.1. Manually Updating Certificates in the Directory
8.7.2. Manually Updating the CRL in the Directory
8.8. Registering and Deleting Mapper and Publisher Plug-in Modules
9. Authentication for Enrolling Certificates
9.1. Configuring Agent-Approved Enrollment
9.2. Automated Enrollment
9.2.1. Setting up Directory-Based Authentication
9.2.2. Setting up PIN-Based Enrollment
9.2.3. Using Certificate-Based Authentication
9.2.4. Configuring Flat File Authentication
9.3. Setting up CMC Enrollment
9.3.1. Setting up the Server for Multiple Requests in a Full CMC Request
9.3.2. Testing CMCEnroll
9.4. Testing Enrollment
9.5. Managing Authentication Plug-ins
10. Using Automated Notifications
10.1. About Automated Notifications for the CA
10.1.1. Types of Automated Notifications
10.1.2. Determining End-Entity Email Addresses
10.1.3. About RA Notifications
10.2. Setting up Automated Notifications for the CA
10.2.1. Setting up Automated Notifications in the Console
10.2.2. Configuring Specific Notifications by Editing the CS.cfg File
10.2.3. Testing Configuration
10.3. Customizing Notification Messages
10.3.1. Customizing CA Notification Messages
10.3.2. Customizing RA Notification Messages
10.4. Configuring a Mail Server for Certificate System Notifications
10.5. Creating Custom Notifications for the CA
11. Setting Automated Jobs
11.1. About Automated Jobs
11.1.1. Setting up Automated Jobs
11.1.2. Types of Automated Jobs
11.2. Setting up the Job Scheduler
11.3. Setting up Specific Jobs
11.3.1. Configuring Specific Jobs Using the Certificate Manager Console
11.3.2. Configuring Jobs by Editing the Configuration File
11.3.3. Configuration Parameters of certRenewalNotifier
11.3.4. Configuration Parameters of requestInQueueNotifier
11.3.5. Configuration Parameters of publishCerts
11.3.6. Configuration Parameters of unpublishExpiredCerts
11.3.7. Frequency Settings for Automated Jobs
11.4. Registering or Deleting a Job Module