Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.0-52Tue Oct 28 2014Timothy Poitras
Updated Section 1.2, “Subscription Plans” with details on Dedicated Node service, and updated other elements of the subscription plans.
Revision 1.0-50Tue Sep 16 2014Timothy Poitras
Updated Section 11.2, “Creating an Application” with information on creating an application from code.
BZ 1125298: Added Section 5.2.6, “Configuring Domain Gear Size” which explains how to control gear sizes on a domain.
Added details on the new Small.highcpu gear size to Section 5.2.6, “Configuring Domain Gear Size”, Section 1.2, “Subscription Plans”, and Section 1.1, “Basic Architecture”.
Added details about the new European region for applications: Section 11.2, “Creating an Application”, Section 11.3, “Cloning an Existing Application”, Section 8.1, “Introduction to Regions”, Section 8.2.1, “Listing Available Regions”.
Added details about the new Dedicated Node Service: Section 1.2, “Subscription Plans”.
Revision 1.0-48Tue Jul 29 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
Added information about annual subscription plan to Section 1.2, “Subscription Plans”.
Revision 1.0-47Wed Jul 16 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
Updated Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” by removing information on the obsolete Metrics cartridge.
Revision 1.0-46Thu Jun 26 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
BZ 1107753: Updated Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” with correct add-on cartridge information.
Added Chapter 4, Multiple OpenShift Servers and sections.
BZ 999529: Updated Section 9.1.1, “Web Framework Cartridges” and Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” with more information on cartridges.
Revision 1.0-45Tue Jun 03 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
Added Team Management section.
Revision 1.0-44Mon May 12 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
BZ 1080730 Fixed cartridge error in Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges”.
BZ 1058255 Added File Structure to Section 15.1, “Introduction to Snapshots”.
BZ 1086697 Edited SSH Key information.
Revision 1.0-43Fri Apr 25 2014Bilhar Aulakh
Updated Section 7.2.1, “Adding a Member” to include adding teams as domain members.
Added Teams chapter and Section 6.1, “Introduction to Teams”.
Added Section 13.5.4, “Logging Environment Variables”.
Updated Section 11.5, “Viewing Applications for a User” to view a list of only those applications that exist under a domain created by current user.
Added Section 11.10, “Embedding 10gen MMS Agent”.
BZ 1077965: Fixed Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” to show which cartridges are scalable.
Revision 1.0-42Tue Apr 01 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
BZ 1077965: Fixed image in Section 10.1.2, “Scalable Applications”.
Added Section 11.3, “Cloning an Existing Application”.
Revision 1.0-41Mon Mar 17 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
Added information on the Bronze Plan to Section 12.2, “Adding a Cartridge to an Application” and Section 1.2, “Subscription Plans”.
Added information about Watchman.
Added Section 13.5.6, “Library Environment Variables”.
Added Section 13.5.11, “Python Environment Variables”.
BZ 1023944: Updated Section 11.8.4, “Accessing a Database Cartridge”.
BZ 1016151: Fixed command and example in Section 11.13.2, “Application Port Forwarding”.
Revision 1.0-40Thu Feb 27 2014Bilhar Aulakh
Restructured book.
BZ 1051190: Added Section 13.4.4, “Scaling Action Hooks”.
BZ 1065804: Fixed command error.
Revision 1.0-36Tue Nov 26 2013Bilhar Aulakh
Added information on specifying the size of cartridges.
Added information to clarify action_hooks.
Revision 1.0-35Thu Nov 7 2013Bilhar Aulakh
Added two new topics about action hooks for cartridges and during the build process.
Added information on configuring application deployment.
Added information on adding specific SSH key types.
Added information on managing domain membership with client tools.
Added information on disabling local gears with multiple HA proxies.
Added information on making deployment and rollback changes to applications.
Updated port information for binding applications.
Revision 1.0-34Tue Oct 15 2013Bilhar Aulakh
Added information on configuring application deployment.
Added support for PostgreSQL 9.2 from SCL.
Added SECRET_TOKEN environment variable.
Added Members section for domain membership.
Added support for multiple domains.
Added table and information about ports available for binding.
Revision 1.0-33Wed Sep 18 2013Bilhar Aulakh
Added information on port forwarding with individual gears.
Updated cartridge version numbers.
Added Custom Environment Variables section.