13.5.4. Logging Environment Variables

Logging environment variables are available to configure the behavior of logs generated by an application. When logs are written to the OPENSHIFT_LOG_DIR directory of an application, log files are rolled if their file size exceeds a configurable threshold. A configurable number of rolled files are retained before the oldest file is removed prior to the next roll.

Table 13.5. Logging Environment Variables

Environment Variable Name Purpose
LOGSHIFTER_Cart_Name_MAX_FILESIZE A case-insensitive string representing the maximum log file size that triggers a roll event. The default value is 10M. If a zero size is specified regardless of the unit, log rolling is effectively disabled.
LOGSHIFTER_Cart_Name_MAX_FILES An integer representing the maximum number of log files to retain. The default is 10.
Cart_Name is a replaceable term used to represent the cartridge short-name. The LOGSHIFTER_Cart_Name_MAX_FILESIZE variable accepts strings in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes. For example, for an application with a PHP cartridge, any of the following values would be valid: