11.10. Embedding 10gen MMS Agent

Use 10gen MMS Agent for monitoring and backing up MongoDB deployments.

Procedure 11.4. To Embed the 10gen MMS Agent into an Application :

  1. Register an account at https://mms.mongodb.com.
  2. Navigate to SettingsMonitoring AgentOther Linux.
  3. Follow the first step shown in the pop-up window to download the 10gen MMS Agent compressed file.
  4. Copy the compressed file to the .openshift/mms/ directory.
  5. Commit your changes to the remote Git repository.
  6. Set the OPENSHIFT_MMS_API_KEY environment variable with the API Key listed under SettingsAPI Settings.
    # rhc env set OPENSHIFT_MMS_API_KEY=your_mms_api_key -a App_Name
  7. Embed the 10gen MMS Agent cartridge.
    # rhc cartridge add 10gen-mms-agent-0.1 -a App_Name
  8. On the https://mms.mongodb.com website, click Hosts+ Add Host to add your MongoDB host. Fill out the MongoDB host name, port number, and login credentials.