Chapter 2. OpenShift Client Tools

2.1. About OpenShift Client Tools

There are two ways to interact with OpenShift Online: the Management Console or the Client Tools.
The OpenShift Online Management Console is a graphical interface accessed with a web browser and is best suited for:
  • Setting up, administering and managing accounts
  • Launching new applications
  • Managing and monitoring applications
The OpenShift Online CLI tools, or more commonly referred to as the client tools, are used to manage a cloud environment using a command line interface, and provide features that are not currently available in the Management Console. The client tools are best suited for:
  • Coding
  • Debugging
  • Advanced application management
For example, although you can create an application using the Management Console, the application must be cloned to your workstation to make any code changes, and then redeployed to the remote server using the client tools.
The subsequent sections of this book describe how to install the OpenShift Online client tools on various operating systems.