Chapter 3. Installation Notes

This section contains information related to installing the JBoss Web Framework Kit version 1.1, including hardware and platform requirements and prerequisites.
JBoss Web Framework Kit is installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Solaris via a ZIP package.
JBoss Web Framework Kit requires a working, supported installation of the Java Virtual Machine. Refer to for details on the supported Java installation for your operating system.

3.1. Installation Notes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Solaris using ZIP

3.1.1. Installing via CSP

  1. Download the JBoss Web Framework Kit ZIP file ( ) from the CSP site.
  2. Unzip in your desired location.

3.1.2. ZIP installation directory structure

The following is the default directory layout after a successful ZIP installation:
               ├── richfaces
               │   └── lib
               ├── snowdrop-1.0.1.GA
               └── snowdrop-1.1.0.GA

Snowdrop Versions

Snowdrop 1.0.1.GA provides support for Spring 2.5.6.SEC02. Snowdrop 1.1.0.GA provides support for Spring 3.0.3.RELEASE.