2.3. Backing up EAP 4.X Resources

Existing EAR and WAR resources can be backed up when a new resource with the same name and type is deployed.


This is only an option for EAP 4.x instances. It is not supported for EAP 5.x.
You can specify if you want to back up EAR and WAR resources in the create dialog box.
For example, if you had a file test.war and you selected Create Backup, and a file test.war already existed in the deploy folder, the existing file will be renamed to test.war.bak and the new version of test.war will be deployed.
To revert test.war to the previous version, go to the OPERATIONS tab and click on revert. If test.war.bak exists this will move test.war to a temporary backup and test.war.bak will be moved to test.war. If this was successful, test.war.bak will be deleted and only the rolled back version will exist.
If you try to revert again, or the backup file did not exist, the rollback will fail and you will get a fail message in the operations history.