4.5. Configuring Apache for Configuration Management

JBoss ON manages configuration on Apache resources using an Augeas lens. A special version of Augeas is included with the JBoss ON agent which enables Apache configuration management. However, Augeas must also be enabled on the Apache server.


Apache configuration is only supported for Apache instances installed on Linux.
  1. Search for the resource.
    Click the Resources tab and go to the resource category to browse for the resource or simply search for the resource in the Resources tab search box.
  2. Click the IP address of the Apache instance.
  3. Open the Inventory tab, then click the Connections subtab.
  4. Click the EDIT button at the bottom of the screen to make the fields active.
  5. Scroll to near the bottom of the configuration attributes to the Augeas Configuration section.
  6. Select the Enable radio button to enable the Augeas lens. Optionally, set any other Augeas connection parameters, though the defaults are appropriate for most deployments.