Chapter 23. Data Services Text Extractor

23.1. Data Services Text Extractor

The TeiidVdbTextExtractor class is an implementation of TextExtractor that extracts from Data Services virtual database (i.e., ".vdb") files the virtual database's logical name, description, and version, plus the logical name, description, source name, source translator name, and JNDI name for each of the virtual database's models.

23.2. Configuring a Data Services Text Extractor

This sequencer is not enabled by default, but it is very easy to add this text extractor to the ModeShape configuration. To do so in a configuration file, add the following fragment under the "<mode:textExtractors>" element (which should be immediately under the "<configuration>" root element):
<mode:textExtractor jcr:name="VDB Text Extractors">
  <mode:description>Extract text from Data Services VDB files</mode:description>        
Then include the "modeshape-sequencer-teiid-VERSION.jar" file in your application.