JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.3

Common Criteria Configuration Guide

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Edition 4.3.3

Red Hat

Darrin Mison

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Isaac Rooskov

Red Hat Engineering Content Services

Joshua Wulf

Red Hat Engineering Content Services

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This book describes the configuration of JBoss EAP 4.3 used for the Common Criteria security evaluation
1. Document Conventions
1.1. Typographic Conventions
1.2. Pull-quote Conventions
1.3. Notes and Warnings
2. Getting Help and Giving Feedback
2.1. Do You Need Help?
2.2. Give us Feedback
1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose of this Document
1.2. What is a Common Criteria Compliant System?
2. Requirements for the Evaluated Configuration
2.1. Software Requirements
2.1.1. Java Virtual Machine
2.1.2. Operating System
2.1.3. Database Servers
2.2. Physical Requirements
2.3. Personnel Requirements
2.4. Connectivity Requirements
2.4.1. Cluster Connectivity Requirements
2.5. Configuration Requirements
2.5.1. Setup Configuration
2.5.2. Configuring Audit Logging
2.5.3. Security Configuration
2.5.4. Database Configuration
2.5.5. Required changes to the included JSM policy
2.5.6. Guidance on Configuring Java Security Permissions
3. Downloading and Verifying the Packages
3.1. Verify the Authenticity of the Download Site.
3.2. Downloading JBoss EAP from the Red Hat JBoss Customer Support Portal
3.3. Downloading JBoss EAP from the Red Hat Network
3.3.1. JBoss Enterprise Middleware (All)
3.3.2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4, ES 5, Server 5
3.4. Verifying the Downloaded Files
3.5. Installing the Security Notice CVE-2009-0027 patch
3.6. Confirming the Version of your JBoss EAP Installation
4. Launching the JBoss EAP Server
4.1. Starting the JBoss EAP Server
4.2. Enabling the Java Security Manager
5. Development Guide for the Common Criteria Certified System
5.1. Enterprise Application
5.2. General Restrictions
5.3. Developer Advice for User Credentials in Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
6. Overview of the Security Functions
6.1. Access Control
6.2. Audit
6.2.1. Enabling Additional Logging
6.3. Clustering
6.4. Identification and Authentication
6.5. Transaction Rollback
A. RPM Listings for a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 installation
B. RPM Listings for a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 installation
C. Port Configuration in JBoss EAP
D. Required Java Security Manager Policy File
E. Revision History