5. Updates

Table 4, “Release Updates” describes the issues that have been addressed for this release of the JBoss Communications Platform .

Table 4. Release Updates

Ticket ID Description
1141 Patch : [Cannot find the corresponding sip session to this subsequent request]
1142 Patch : [sipFactory.createRequest(sipApplicationSession, "METHOD", fromString, toString) function does not handle URI parameters properly]
1143 Patch : [Multipart type is not supported]
1144 Patch : [Incorrect session replication on MSS 1.1]
1145 Patch : [NullPointerException when sending request to client which support both UDP and TCP transport]
1146 Patch : [SIP LB routes incorrectly sipp callee BYE]
1147 Patch : [Proxy replication must restore the proxy branches from the original node]
1159 Patch : [ [MSS HA] : tag problem with reINVITE after a failover]
1182 Patch : NullPointerException when sip connectors were added/changed programmatically using JMX
1183 Patch : Contact header contains "transport" parameter even when there are two connectors (UDP and TCP)
1184 Patch : Contact header is not valid for requests created through B2buaHelper when Contact header is placed to headerMap parameter.
1185 Patch : Only the last sip connector (which was added programmatically using JMX) is working
1186 Patch : SipSession outboundInterface not used when creating or sending requests out
1187 Patch : Set ALLOW header for non initial request cause growing of header value.
1188 Patch : NullPointerException on remove sip connector programmatically using JMX which was added with bind errors
1189 Patch : Allow DNS Lookup Deactivation and Pluggable DNS Lookup Impl
1190 Patch : Server Header Support
1196 Patch : [Fixed Typos]
1201 Patch : Servlet selected is always the same when selection is servlet mapping
1204 Patch : unexpected exception during sip servlet (mss 1.1) deploy
1205 Patch : Make SipApplicationSession Timer Fault Tolerant [JB5 Version only]
1238 Patch : MSS tries to send Error Response on ACK if Runtime Exception in the application
1240 Patch : [ShClient session wrong state event handling for PNR case]
1241 Patch : [Improve thread management in JDiameter]