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OSGi Console Commands

osgi:bundle-level — gets or sets the start level of a given bundle
osgi:bundle-services — lists the OSGi services provided by a bundle
osgi:classes — lists all of the classes in the specified bundle or bundles
osgi:find-class — locates a specified class in any deployed bundle
osgi:headers — displays the headers of a specified OSGi bundle
osgi:info — displays detailed information about OSGi bundles
osgi:install — installs one or more OSGi bundles
osgi:list — lists the installed bundles whose start level equals or exceeds the specified threshold
osgi:ls — lists OSGi services
osgi:refresh — refreshes an OSGi bundle
osgi:resolve — resolves an OSGi bundle's dependencies
osgi:restart — stops and restarts an OSGi bundle
osgi:shutdown — stops the OSGi framework
osgi:start — starts an OSGi bundle
osgi:start-level — gets or sets the OSGi framework's active start level
osgi:stop — stops an OSGi bundle
osgi:uninstall — uninstalls an OSGi bundle
osgi:update — updates an OSGi bundle

The osgi commands provide for managing the OSGi runtime. It includes commands for listing OSGi bundles and services and managing bundle lifecycles.

Type osgi: then press Tab at the prompt to view the available commands.

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