Release Notes

Version 7.1

December 2012
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Updated: 08 Jan 2014

Table of Contents

1. Security Alerts
2. Security Changes in 7.0.2
3. New Features
4. Known issues
5. Resolved Issues
6. Enhancements
7. Apache Dependencies
8. Rollup Patch Version 7.1.1

List of Tables

5.1. ESB Issues Resolved in 7.1
5.2. Messaging Issues Resolved in 7.1
5.3. Routing Issues Resolved in 7.1
5.4. Web Services Issues Resolved in 7.1
5.5. Container Issues Resolved in 7.1
5.6. Fuse Fabric Issues Resolved in 7.1
6.1. ESB Enhancements in 7.1
6.2. Messaging Enhancements in 7.1
6.3. Routing Enhancements in 7.1
6.4. Web services Enhancements in 7.1
6.5. Container Enhancements in 7.1
6.6. Fabric Enhancements in 7.1
8.1. Messaging Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.2. ServiceMix NMR Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.3. Fuse ESB/MQ/Fabric/FMC Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.4. ServiceMix Features in Version 7.1.1
8.5. ServiceMix Components Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.6. Apache Aries Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.7. ServiceMix Specification Changes in Version 7.1.1
8.8. Apache Camel Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.9. Apache CXF Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.10. Apache Karaf Issues in Version 7.1.1
8.11. Apache Felix Issues in Version 7.1.1

The following security alerts are know to affect 7.1:

The new features were added to the messaging layer:

Secure WebSocket transport

The Stomp-over-WebSocket protocol (ws: URL) supports a secure variant (wss: URL), which takes its SSL/TLS configuration from the sslContext configuration element.

Broker redelivery

With broker redelivery the redelivery logic is implemented on the broker. This has the advantage that messages can be redelivered even after a specific consumer has died, but has the disadvantage that message order cannot be guaranteed.

Broker redelivery can be enabled by installing the redeliveryPlugin on the broker.

Pluggable locking for stores

Message store locking has been refactored so that the locking logic is independent of the particular store implementation. The new architecture allows you to use any kind of locker with any kind of store database. Three locker types are currently provided:

Lease database locker

The lease database locker is a new locker implementation that is recommended as a replacement for the default database locker. With the default database locker, it could happen that the master broker crashes without releasing the lock, so that the slave remains permanently locked out and is unable to take over from the master. This problem is solved in the lease database locker, because the master acquires only a temporary lease on the lock and must regularly renew the lease. If the master crashes, the slave can acquire the lock as soon as the lease times out.

Redelivery policy per destination

It is now possible to associate redelivery policies with specific destinations, by defining a redelivery map that associates a redelivery policy with each named destination (where the name can include wildcards).

LevelDB store

Fuse MQ Enterprise supports the new LevelDB store, which uses Google's LevelDB library to maintain the indexes into the log files.

MQTT transport

Fuse MQ Enterprise now supports the MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) transport. There are three variations of the MQTT transport:

  • plain MQTT (mqtt: URL)

  • MQTT+NIO (mqtt+nio: URL)

  • MQTT+NIO+SSL (mqtt+nio+ssl: URL)

LDAP authorization plug-in

Fuse MQ Enterprise now supports an LDAP authorization plug-in. You can configure the LDAP authorization plug-in by adding the cachedLDAPAuthorizationMap element as a child of authorizationPlugin/map.

Stomp 1.1

Fuse MQ Enterprise now supports Stomp 1.1.

Stomp + NIO + SSL

Fuse MQ Enterprise now supports the Stomp+NIO+SSL protocol combination (stomp+nio+ssl: URL).

MS SQL JDBC driver 4.0

Fuse MQ Enterprise now supports using MS SQL JDBC driver 4.0 with the JDBC persistence adapter.

The following issues are known to exist in 7.1:

Installer's default user conflicts with a system user on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The installer suggests a default user of fuse to be used when installing the product. Red Hat Enterprise Linux already has a fuse system user. Thus, you cannot use the suggested default when installing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

AIX installers do not work with default group

AIX has an eight character limit for user and group names. The installer default for the group name, fusesource is too long. Accepting this on AIX will fail with an error of unable to create user/group. Using a shorter group name addresses resolves this issue.

Cannot use the help in the generic Apache Karaf shell

Apache ActiveMQ's console is normally launched using the fusemq command which is fully functional. However, Apache ActiveMQ also includes a generic Apache Karaf shell that can be launched using the shell command. In the generic shell, the help command throws an exception.

We do not recommend using the generic Apache Karaf shell.

ls can cause an exception

The ls console command, which is used for inspecting OSGi bundles, will throw an exception when listing the contents of some bundles.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime required on Windows 7 64-bit

On certain 64bit Windows platforms you need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) installed or Apache ActiveMQ will not start.

Java hash code security vulnerability

It was found that the Java hashCode() method implementation was susceptible to predictable hash collisions. A remote attacker could use this flaw to cause the Jetty HTTP server (a component of Apache Karaf, used by Fuse ESB Enterprise) to use an excessive amount of CPU time by sending an HTTP request with a large number of parameters whose names map to the same hash value. This update introduces a limit of 1000 on the number of parameters processed per request to mitigate this issue.

Table 5.1 lists the issues resolved between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 5.1. ESB Issues Resolved in 7.1

ENTESB-126Client script cannot connect to Fuse ESB Enterprise in background
ENTESB-206Servicemix-shared does not contain all necessary dependencies to install itself
ENTESB-217The client.html file of the soap example fails
ENTESB-219SOAP example - Reference to more information is missing
ENTESB-223Restaring a CXF endpoint using the CXF commands does not work
ENTESB-224SOAP secure example - References to source code files from readme does not match up with sources in src directory
ENTESB-227cxf:list-endpoints - Duplicate headers if multiple endpoints installed
ENTESB-251ClassCastException when installing camel-hdfs component
ENTESB-254features:install camel-soap fails in new release
ENTESB-256HTTP JBI servicemix-http.xml HttpConfiguration doesn't set all available configuration options
ENTESB-257The shell help for the patch:install command is wrong
ENTESB-260Provider org.apache.cxf.jaxws.spi.ProviderImpl not found exception when install cxf-wsn feature
ENTESB-265cxf-wsn-api bundle can't find org.apache.cxf.jaxws.spi.ProviderImpl
ENTESB-268Fuse ESB Enterprise tar.gz contains files with executable rights
ENTESB-274Camel feature cannot be deployed
ENTESB-276Enable to convert messages using DOMSource
ENTESB-281NullPointerException when deploying servicemix camel JBI endpoint using blueprint
ENTESB-284When use cxf-wsn in OSGi container ensure use bundle specific bus but not the global bus
ENTESB-3017.1.x doesn't have the "osgi.core" MBeans any more
ENTESB-303Fuse ESB Enterprise doesn't update file if the is changed
ENTESB-315Cannot start the distro
ENTESB-316ClasscastException from aries on startup
ENTESB-318servicemix-shared is missing the scripting api dependency
ENTESB-320"java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.aries.jpa.blueprint.aries.impl.NSHandler$1 cannot be cast to org.apache.aries.blueprint.mutable.MutableBeanProperty" when deploying bundle that uses JPA
ENTESB-357Error installing servicemix-saxon
ENTESB-358servicemix-http can not be started out of the box
ENTESB-361jpa-hibernate feature is broken
ENTESB-370Error creating a fabric from ESB distros
ENTESB-371CxfBcProvider throws NullPointerException
ENTESB-372nmr commands are broken
ENTESB-375add package for jre6 system bundle
ENTESB-379Several FactoryFinder.class.getClassLoader() will return NULL when loaded by the bootstrap classloader
ENTESB-400NullPointerException in CXF when running on AIX
ENTESB-413The combination of the transacted DSL together with the <setHeader> or <setBody> prohibits to resolve the properties properly
ENTESB-415Password for client script is output to the terminal
ENTESB-418activemq-camel - This feature is not listed as installed out of the box in the full-esb
ENTESB-423SecureSoap example fails with a
ENTESB-426Exception on startup of FuseESB when eventadmin feature is installed with featuresboot on clean instance
ENTESB-431REST secure example - Is broker after the security restrictions
ENTESB-432Secure SOAP Example is broken
ENTESB-433Transaction feature has bundles in failed state
ENTESB-435ComponentDefinitionException in servicemix-http component
ENTESB-436Fuse ESB Enterprise has 2 user properties files
ENTESB-438Starting Fuse ESB says .. while Fuse Fabric is loading org.apache.activemq:BrokerName=root,Type=Broker
ENTESB-441FAB - Logs WARN about unknown postfix for maven repo ids
ENTESB-443features:install jbi and servicemix-* component install hangs
ENTESB-447secure-rest example - Fails with Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.karaf.jaas.boot.principal.RolePrincipal not found by org.apache.cxf.cxf-rt-transports-http [179]
ENTESB-452Worng feature name in fuse-esb-medium profile - activemq-camel vs. camel-activemq
ENTESB-459Creating fabric on root container starts 2 brokers
ENTESB-460osgi:install fails for secure-soap example on Windows
ENTESB-461Minimal distros for 7.1 is 50% larger than 7.0.2
ENTESB-462Full install contains multiple versions of the same jar
ENTESB-463Numerous features won't install
ENTESB-464fabric:create returns "Provider org.apache.xerces.impl.dv.dtd.DTDDVFactoryImpl could not be instantiated: java.lang.NullPointerException" on RHEL and Linux
ENTESB-466The servicemix-http feature has org.apache.servicemix.bundles.jetty-6.1.26_3.jar
ENTESB-467serverGracefulTimeout in the servicemix-http.xml blueprint
ENTESB-477secure-soap example deployment fails - Could not find artifact cglib:cglib-nodep:jar:2.2.2
ENTESB-483shade plugin cannot handle SAXONICA.RSA/SF in saxon-
ENTESB-454jruby.jar as shipped with Fuse ESB Enterprise exposes CVE-2012-5370
ENTESB-499Progress bar sometimes goes backwards
ENTESB-503New saxon depends on xmlresolver and the camel-saxon and servicemix-saxon features lack of that dependency
ENTESB-504Ensure admin service always load storage file before each operation

Table 5.2 lists the issues resolved between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 5.2. Messaging Issues Resolved in 7.1

ENTMQ-11Remove activemq:create-broker command
ENTMQ-60/bin/stop fails to stop Fuse MQ Enterprise if it's trying to become a master
ENTMQ-69Broker configuration persistent="false" ignored when message says it should be persistent
ENTMQ-79mq-create --create-container tries to create child using wrong parent container
ENTMQ-90Installing Fuse MQ Enterprise as a service using the command line installer does not work
ENTMQ-94activemq and mq webconsole listed in the features
ENTMQ-107Incorrect transaction feature version range
ENTMQ-108Need to upgrade the xbean version
ENTMQ-115org.apache.kahadb.index.BTreeIndexTest.testRandomAddRemove fails on AIX
ENTMQ-116Provide xsd with the distribution in the Maven repository
ENTMQ-120mq-web-console - 500 and 404 handling needs re-branding
ENTMQ-121mq-web-console - schedualler and slave .jsp show strange behavior when hovering on Support link
ENTMQ-122Can't log into mq web console
ENTMQ-123CNFE when sending message through web console
ENTMQ-124Regression to durable subscriptions that use pendingDurableSubscriberPolicy
ENTMQ-130The mq-base profile does not provide security out-of-the-box
ENTMQ-131Creating a broker with the mq profile fails
ENTMQ-132Exception occurs trying to access the web console
ENTMQ-134mq-create is not working with security introduced
ENTMQ-135webconsole - exception when selecting Topic Views
ENTMQ-136Typo in command in readme
ENTMQ-137Fabric discovery agent cannot connect to secured zookeeper
ENTMQ-139Authenticated mq-web-console user with invalid activemq.jmx.user credentials error page XML view is problematic
ENTMQ-148NullPointerException when using mq-create to create master-slave brokers
ENTMQ-152etc/* included in error
ENTMQ-153Typo in readme.txt
ENTMQ-154fabric:create and mq profile - issues at startup - cce and mbean exists
AMQ-1132activeio test package inclusion and logging properties
AMQ-1706Out of date javadoc for org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory.setDispatchAsync @param, the default value is true on trunk
AMQ-1719Resource adapter stops consuming messages after broker is forcefully stopped/restarted during XA transaction
AMQ-1885The JDBC lockKeepAlive thread should be started only if current broker instance successfully started and became a master
AMQ-1899Sending without entering a queue name creates an empty queue with a message in it often fails
AMQ-2200TopicSubscriptionView returns -1 for SessionId and MaxPendingQueueSize
AMQ-2240Please add validation of unknown or invalid URI parameters for Camel ActiveMQComponent
AMQ-2430Embedded RESTful fileserver does not close files when PUT method is called
AMQ-2453start/control-script is not suitable for professional environments
AMQ-2502activemq-camel is missing an optional Import-Package for org.apache.activemq.pool
AMQ-2524Messages are lost and no exception raised when queue is deleted and created by another process selector) does not allow an empty string as a selector, but empty string is a valid JMS message selector
AMQ-2584Massege store is not cleaned when durable topic subscribers are refusing messages
AMQ-2656ActiveMQInitialConnectionFactory cannot return an XAConnectionFactory
AMQ-2665Durable subscription re-activation failed when keepDurableSubsActive=true
AMQ-2730Transport failed:
AMQ-2801On start-up, durable subscriber ignores Selectors when calculating pending queue size
AMQ-3004Build-up of unwanted messages
AMQ-3012HttpTunnelServlet incorrectly swallows exceptions during transport creation
AMQ-3014DemandForwardingBridgeSupport can send BrokerInfo to remote transport before local broker ID is known
AMQ-3023DestinationView.browseMessages(String) must not call OpenTypeSupport.convert()
AMQ-3031Time synchronization solution
AMQ-3157Garbage collecting inactive destinations does not work with queue mirroring
AMQ-3168In the broker XSD, boolean attributes should permit value injection via Srping's PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
AMQ-3214"InactivityMonitor Async Task" threads leaking
AMQ-3274Duplicate messages on temporary topics in network of brokers
AMQ-3285ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory does not respect various parameters for redelivery policy
AMQ-3292KahaDb Transaction iterator remove doesn't throw Runtime Exception
AMQ-3301LockFile in-jvm check is not thread-safe
AMQ-3319A possible browsing concurrency issue in, and Topics don't get removed when the originating tempQueue, Queue or Topic is removed
AMQ-3342Shutdown of broker waiting for shared fileystem lock blocks
AMQ-3359UDP Transport connector listens on a random port number
AMQ-3405DLQ messages moved/copied into original queue disappear after failing processing for a second time
AMQ-3414InactiviryMonitor Async Task thread overflow when date changes has incorrect null check in constructor
AMQ-3427Activemq-trunk does not compile with JDK7
AMQ-3434Contention in PLIist creation results in NPE on load - FilePendingMessageCursor
AMQ-3443checkpoint contention with large transaction write using temp file
AMQ-3445jdbcPersistenceAdapter will lose existing queues after a broker restart
AMQ-3455Broker may deadlock when creating queues under load with wildcard consumers
AMQ-3463Sync pom and osgi metadata
AMQ-3466IndexOutOfBounds in kahadb with large number of subscriptions and pending messages
AMQ-3470Unable to pick up messages anymore, messages are lost - Looking for key xyz but not found in fileMap
AMQ-3488Temporary destinations' DestinationInfo commands over VM transport prevent connection closure
AMQ-3490NullPointerException during message processing, using FileCursor
AMQ-3501Stomp v1.1 support, headers, eg: message-id, are not properly escaped
AMQ-3506Access to ConnectionPool.createSession needs to be synchronized
AMQ-3513initialReconnectDelay is ignored for Failover transport
AMQ-3514MessageListenerServlet does not clear the timer on destroy
AMQ-3516Failover Transport MessageAck commands aren't filtered in oneway
AMQ-3517Failover transport will never call transportResumed when it reconnects to a hot backup transport
AMQ-3518MessageServletSupport request body does not check the content-type in an intelligent way
AMQ-3537ClassLoadingAwareObjectInputStream cannot handle de-serializing proxies with mixed JDK & non-JDK interfaces
AMQ-3543STOMP connector: unexpected reply-to value for remote temporary topic
AMQ-3547Calling Connection.close() on interrupted thread generates InterruptedIOException and leaks Connection
AMQ-3556HTTP transport not playing nice with compression and sending TextMessage
AMQ-3568Consumer auto acking of duplicate message dispatch can lead to Unmatched acknowledge: and redelivery
AMQ-3576ProducerBrokerExchange last producer sequenceId initialization needs runtime updates to deal with possible duplicate resends
AMQ-3581Web Console: escape link urls
AMQ-3590activemq-web REST servlet support for JMSType is broken due to a typo
AMQ-3599JaasDualAuthenticationPlugin, Address already in use on shutdown with pending connections
AMQ-3600Failover reconnect bypasses DestinationPathSeparatorBroker generating invalid destinations
AMQ-3601When using HTTP transport XStream cannot construct org.apache.activemq.util.ByteSequence as it does not have a no-args constructor
AMQ-3606Features descriptor should define the namespace
AMQ-3607Setting OptimiseAcknowledge on a queue with a prefetch limit causes normal/fast consumers to miss messages when a slow consumer is blocking
AMQ-3618When using Openwire with cacheEnabled=false memory is wasted on unmarshallCache[] and marshallCache[]
AMQ-3628AMQ3567Test doesn't clean up appender after AMQ-3623 update
AMQ-3635JmsTopicConnector checks for presence of localClientId then uses outboundClientId
AMQ-3649NullPointerException when KahaDB fails to store to journal with EOFException
AMQ-3651If the broker binds RMI registry port when it starts up, the broker should release RMI registry port when it shuts down
AMQ-3653content-length header should be considered only for SEND frames
AMQ-3664Not all messages will be acknowledged when optimizeAcknowledge is true
AMQ-3665Velocity's IntroSpectionCache causes OutOfMemoryError on large AMQ stores when running activem-admin journal-audit
AMQ-3673Unexpected behavior in failover transport when hosts are unknown
AMQ-3674TopicRegion removes durableScriber from durableSubscriptions when it is active; but leaves subscription on topic
AMQ-3675Removing a DurableTopicSubscription leaves subscription in active subscriptions map
AMQ-3678Active durable topic consumer is not re-assigned to topic after it is deleted and recreated
AMQ-3679Bad OSGi metadata for activeio-core introduced with fix for AMQ-3461
AMQ-3680Cleanup of temporary destinations by PooledConnection and ConnectionPool either leaks temp dests or deletes too many
AMQ-3681DatabaseLocker should first cancel locking SQL statement before closing the SQL connection
AMQ-3684Potential deadlock in vm transport setListener when sender is blocked pending space
AMQ-3709Patch to fix invalid XHTML in web-console's 404 and 500 pages
AMQ-3719Tracked command IOException causes failover transport to hang until failure occurs for untracked command
AMQ-3727activemq-web-console: AjaxServlet not working in OSGi container
AMQ-3735Java service wrapper ${activemq.conf} not found
AMQ-3737Possible leak in ManangedRegionBroker unregisterDestination
AMQ-3743activemq-web-console WAR with SNAPSHOT dependencies breaks osgi Bundle-ClassPath in manifest
AMQ-3753Exception on stopping the broker - Timer already cancelled
AMQ-3782Failover transport throws NullPointerException
AMQ-3785ActiveMQSslConnectionFactory does not detect SSL request in failover URIs when creating transports
AMQ-3791Flexibility, concurrency, security, and compatibility issues in CachedLDAPAuthorizationMap
AMQ-3797org.apache.activemq.util.StringArrayEditor causes classloader leaks
AMQ-3802Successful unsubscribing should not report inactive durable topic subscribers
AMQ-3803ActiveMQWASInitialContextFactory throws ClassCastException in WebSphere 8
AMQ-3804NullPointerException logged every 30 seconds while attempting to clear expired messages
AMQ-3807MBeans are not unregistered under WebSphere
AMQ-3812activemq-core won't deploy in Karaf, missing fusesource imports
AMQ-3817Marshalled properties don't get updated if modified during preProcessDispatch
AMQ-3819High CPU usage with stomp+nio+ssl and many subscriptions
AMQ-3828URISupport incorrectly handles parenthesis
AMQ-3831Exit code is not properly returned when using RUN_AS_USER
AMQ-3835Stomp 1.0 protocol read ACK broken on ActiveMQ 5.6.0
AMQ-3836Stomp 1.0 protocol SUBSCRIBE destination broken on ActiveMQ 5.6
AMQ-3841mKahaDB causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on restart after deleting existing queues
AMQ-3842Test units should run discovery mechanism via loopback device
AMQ-3845CachedLDAPAuthorizationMap doesn't handle the ldap connection dying
AMQ-3849Typos in protobuf specs + generated Java code for KahaDB
AMQ-3852Stomp transport allows durable topic subscriber to subscribe to a queue
AMQ-3853Missing import in activemq-web-console
AMQ-3854Referencing old Spring XSD in configuration files
AMQ-3855MQTT doesn't translate wildcards to ActiveMQ wildcards
AMQ-3856MessageServlet assumes TextMessages contain Text
AMQ-3857MessageServlet GET messages do not return JMS message Properties
AMQ-3858Failure to resolve local JMX URL for sunJvm can result in NullPointerException
AMQ-3863XA session is returned twice to the pool
AMQ-3865AjaxTest fails all tests due to line ending differences
AMQ-3867Unable to delete messages whose original destination is virtual topic from Web console
AMQ-3879Temporary queues may be deleted by the wrong connection
AMQ-3885ActiveMQ java client doesn't scale to thousands of queues
AMQ-3887Occasional NullPointerException during NetworkConnector connection
AMQ-3889Body preview of BytesMessages change when browsed multiple times from QueueViewMbean
AMQ-3896AMQ3622Test throws NumberFormatException on ec2/ubuntu 10.04
AMQ-3897Stomp 1.1 keep alive does not work with stomp+nio
AMQ-3903Failed to fire fast producer advisory, reason: java.lang.NullPointerException
AMQ-3905activemq:create-broker Karaf command only results in a locally visible broker
AMQ-3908StompSslAuthTest.testSubscribeWithReceiptNotAuthorized() fails
AMQ-3912Durable subscribers store messages in error with broker attribute persistent="false"
AMQ-3920Performance issue with delay policy in DestinationBridge.onMessage
AMQ-3923Webconsole should import javax.servlet.* too
AMQ-3925Advisory messages/topics not generated for ActiveMQ.Advisory.FULL or ActiveMQ.Advisory.FastProducer.Queue
AMQ-3927Can't connect to Stomp 1.1 using telnet
AMQ-3929Stomp multiple header handling incorrect per the 1.1 spec
AMQ-3932receiveNoWait hangs when broker is down, using failover and prefetch=0
AMQ-3934QueueViewMBean.getMessage throws NullPointerException when message not found
AMQ-3939FailoverTransport never closes backup connections
AMQ-3953org.apache.activemq.util.URISupport.isCompositeURI doesn't work properly
AMQ-3954Intended delivery mode for JMSUsecaseTest is not tested
AMQ-3958META-INF/spring.schemas does not contain a reference to 5.6.0 schema
AMQ-3961Durable subscriber only receives part of the persisted messages on re-connect
AMQ-3976ActiveMQMessageProducer::send uses == instead of equals to compare destinations
AMQ-3979AjaxServlet preventing Tomcat Container from shutting down now has an Apache commons dependency
AMQ-3988PooledSession throws an Exception at closing
AMQ-3989ActiveMQSslConnectionFactory.setKeyAndTrustManagers does not work with failover enabled
AMQ-3994DefaultDatabaseLocker will leak pooled connections on link failure
AMQ-3997Memory leak in activemq-pool
AMQ-4001activemq karaf feature uses different commons-lang than pom
AMQ-4002Instance of BlobTransferPolicy and its URL are being shared among multiple messages
AMQ-4007BrokerService TempUsage and StoreUsage default values are incorrect
AMQ-4017Demand forwarding bridge uses value of asyncDispatch for advisory consumers
AMQ-4020MessageStore IOExceptionHandler needs to deal in StoreExceptions
AMQ-4021jdbc TransactionContext close does unnecessary checks on autocommit
AMQ-4031BrokerFactoryBean logs error when starting a non persistent broker
AMQ-4033Broker uses custom RMIServerSocketFactory class which cannot be unloaded due socket reuse
AMQ-4035Null pointer in KahaDBStore
AMQ-4043Web demo - Receive a message page renders an error page
AMQ-4044Shutting down AcitveMQ broker started in foreground logs 2 times
AMQ-4047activemq-optional should include the JARs it needs
AMQ-4058HTTP transport should remove options in URI
AMQ-4062durableTopicPrefetch attribute in policyEntry in activemq.xml does not take effect
AMQ-4070catstomp.rb does not work anymore
AMQ-4076sizePrefixDisabled and/or maxFrameSize change in Apache ActiveMQ 5.6 broke FilePendingMessageCursor for big messages
AMQ-4080Integrate the FuseSource LevelDB module into the Apache ActiveMQ build
AMQ-4084Linux/Unix files have incorrect EOL when packaged
AMQ-4103LeaseDatabaseLocker can not be changed from 5 sec poll
AMQ-4104STOMP 1.1 CONNECTED frame has erroneously encoded headers
AMQ-4108Cannot receive ActiveMQ.Advisory.MasterBroker messages when master dies and slave takes control
AMQ-4110Web console can't send messages to the secured broker
AMQ-4115Make sure there's no XSS in web demos
AMQ-4122Lease database locker failover broken
AMQ-4142SimpleAuthenticationPluginTest hangs intermittently
AMQ-4158BTreeIndexTest hangs when run on Windows
AMQ-4166Redelivery plug-in causes a deadlock with JobSchedulerImpl
AMQ-4179Can't install activemq-extra feature
AMQ-4186Web console XML views have duplicate contenttype headers - jsp errors
AMQ-796Client may shutdown when failover connection is reconnecting
CAMEL-3458Bindy should support clipping fields if they exceed maximum length allowed when using fixed length
MB-1002<destinationPathSeparatorPlugin/> is not recognized
MB-1008Exploring JMS examples contains a duplicate type when build all examples in an IDE
MB-1013Tomcat 6 complains that ActiveMQ doesn't shutdown a thread
MB-1028NullPointerException when networked broker sends certificate with an invalid user name
MB-1029Unable to generate unique id when range of ports are blocked
MB-1030mKahaDB configuration causes activemq-data\mKahaDB\txStore directory to be created from where activemq script is invoked
MB-1032NullPointerException in LastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy
MB-1035NullPointerException when starting broker followed by immediate NullPointerException when stopping
MB-1036ActiveMQ failover Denial of Service
MB-1039temp queues looping between networked brokers
MB-1040STOMP "reply-to" headers have extra info prepended by the broker
MB-1041After receiving exception "Async error occurred: javax.jms.JMSException: The destination temp-queue://ID-xxxx does not exist", broker tore down network connection and re-created the network bridge
MB-1043NullPointerException while loading node from kahadb during vmcursor replay
MB-1045Purge command does not accept message selectors
MB-1046java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException when starting the broker
MB-1047Virtual Topic Subscriber and Individual Dead Letter Queue Handling
MB-1049Setting ACTIVEMQ_USER may result in permissions error on the some created files
MB-1050activemq-admin not setting username & password on JMS Connection used by activemq-admin browse
MB-1052fileQueueCursor does not support message priority
MB-1053Examine size of temporary transaction files written to disk
MB-1054Wrapper scripts configuration needs adjusting with respect to chkconfig and
MB-1058NullPointerException when querying a starting broker use JMX program
MB-1067Space at end of queue name is not honored by consumers
MB-1070Failover using a JDBC Message Store and Virtual Topic can result in a lost message if queue is empty
MB-1072ConcurrentModificationException in
MB-1073Durable subscribers on durable topics don't receive messages after network disconnect
MB-1074Connecting to Fuse MQ Enterprise using stomp from telnet issue
MB-1075Fix Jetty security hole in ActiveMQ 5.5.x
MB-1085activemq-all.jar is missing the slf4j-log4j12 dependency
MB-1086Network connector leaks when conduitSubscriptions="true"
MB-1087activemq-admin browse help prints wrong argument name
MB-1096Suspicious NullPointerException in log when network bridge cannot be established and loggingBrokerPlugin configured
MB-1098Topic subscriber is assumed to be slow consumer when prefetch is set to one
MB-1102JMX stats are off when a duplicate consumer ID is added when using failover URI
MB-1104STOMP subscriber does not receive TextMessage with null body sent from JMS
MB-1105StompNIOTransport doStop should check for null before calling selection.stop()
MB-1106Repeated call to PooledConnection.setClientID() with the same client Id should not raise a IllegalStateException("Setting clientID on a used Connection is not allowed")
MB-1108Scheduled/Delayed messages lost during ungraceful broker shutdown
MB-1111Composite destinations break simple authorisation through role aggregation
MB-1112DurableSubProcessWithRestartTest intermittently throws java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.kahadb.index.BTreeNode cannot be cast to org.apache.kahadb.index.ListNode
MB-1115Fuse MQ Enterprise JMX stats shows negative queue size
MB-1117KahaDB journal files retained after delay in "unsubscribing" durable subscriber from topic
MB-1120NullPointerException exception occurs when stopping broker
MB-1125Please make bstat more tolerant of InstancesNotFound situations
MB-1129Duplex option on network connector not supported
MB-1130Non-persistent messages held in memory are not cleaned up when destination is deleted
MB-1133In the DurableSubProcessWithRestartTest acknowledged messages appear to intermittently be redelivered to the subscriber
MB-1134Why do we need to get the Size/Count of the Topic messages during consumer remove
MB-1136PendingMessages not being dispatched to DurableSubscriber
MB-1140Broker performance does not scale with multiple consumers when using JDBC persistence adapter
MB-1144Invalid error: NACK received but connection is in v1.0 mode using a STOMP client
MB-1152The defined SslContext is not used by the https transport protocol
MB-1159The current sslContext element does not provide the ability to define the keystore key password key
MB-1161CachedLDAPAuthorizationMap can't reconnect to LDAP Server if the LDAP server was temporarily down
MB-1164The MirroredQueue feature uses the Topic MemoryUsage instead of the Queue MemoryUsage when forwarding the message to the queue after sending it to the Topic
MB-1167Investigate startup deadlock with vm transport
MB-1169Broker should not send advisories for slow consumers or fast producers if the destination in question is an advisory destination already
MB-1173Broker sends a RECEIPT frame although the subscription fails
MB-1174The JMX message move, copy and remove operation do not take messages in FIFO order
MB-1175Messages sometimes not received by active subscription
MB-1176JMX connector does not bind to a specific port when a connectHost is specified on the managementContext
MB-1179Fuse icon file webapps/favicon.ico is broken
MB-1180Add ability to set a timeout for the calls made to Broker MBeans
MB-1185JConsole browse() function does not work if useCache=false
MB-1186Duplicated durable subscriptions after broker restart with option keepDurableSubsActive=true
MB-1190data.db size is not included in calculation to monitor systemUsage settings
MB-1196Remove the synchronized definition from the ActiveMQEndpointWorker anonymous Work instance
MB-1197Race condition with StompServlet and transport listener for websockets
MB-1198data.db is not cleaned up properly when durable subscribers come and go off-line
MB-1199NullPointerException exception in kahadb after index issue
MB-1200NetworkBridgeFilterFactory should be assigned to Queue not NetworkBridge
MB-1203Expired msgs not getting acked to broker causing consumer to fill up its prefetch and not getting more msgs
MB-1207ActiveMQConnection temp advisory consumer should respect asyncDispatch flag - can cause deadlock with slow consumers
MB-1208Enqueue counts with jms.prefetchPolicy.all=0
MB-1211When durable subscriber is stopped and then reconnects, messages are consumed but the pending queue count seems to stay 1 plus prefetch size or at prefetch size
MB-1212BlobJDBCAdapter has invalid SQL for addStatements
MB-1214Closing a PooledConnection does not seem to return associated sessions to the SessionPool
MB-1220Web sockets demo fails when using localhost in connect uri
MB-1224ExpiredMessages > Prefetch Queue results in messages no longer being dequeued
MB-1226Infinite TemqQueue advisory messages
MB-1229Unable to configure memory limit on temporary topics file exhibiting abnormal growth
MB-1234Killing ws:// connection after it has timed out (websocket.maxIdleTime=1000) from browser results in MBean Connection-> ws_sockets not being cleaned up
MB-1238Problem with STOMP NIO + SSL
MB-1239NIO + SSL: Client certificates are null
MB-1241Missing some binary files in the release kit
MB-1248Questionable processing of interruptions in TcpTransport::doStop
MB-851Authorization failing with Open LDAP
MB-864Intermittent performance degradation JDBC in the persistence adapter when a durable subscriber of priority messages falls behind
MB-884Forwarded message cannot be distributed to the original broker
MB-885Avoid stuck messages in a network of brokers
MB-894Invalid data sent to nio:// throws OutOfMemoryException and may crash the broker
MB-903STOMP Connection MBean fails to register
MB-907Stomp consumer might not receive all msgs of a queue
MB-912Unable to access Serializable class when receiving ObjectMessage in OSGi environment
MB-914Fuse MQ Enterprise not stopping via JMX on AIX platform
MB-915Investigate scalability of JDBC topic store with regards to durable subscriptions
MB-916Expose isSlowConsumer for SubscriptionView
MB-918Connections web console page shows two rows per connection
MB-919staticallyIncludedDestinations should always be forwarded
MB-922Broker restart fails with when trying to recover ProducerAudit LRUCache
MB-923Implement eviction strategy based on property value uniqueness
MB-926Broker may deadlock when creating queues under load
MB-927Change Transport Failed message from INFO to WARN level
MB-929Some brokers connections cannot be killed
MB-931Web console shows incorrect number of messages for topic
MB-932activemq-web: SessionPool.returnSession() should discard sessions that are closed
MB-934Cannot publish to a deleted temp-queue destination
MB-936Change way Broker MBean name is generated so that port is not used
MB-940Unable to create durable subscriber with JMS selector using admin console
MB-945Numeric selectors do not work in STOMP
MB-950The persistent Stomp header is not part of a received StompFrame message
MB-953Stomp subscription with receipt on an existing queue hangs
MB-954Incorrect JMX properties after consuming messages using Stomp
MB-957Stomp RECEIPT frame sent twice for the same msg causing error in STOMP consumer
MB-964Large number of expiring messages causing QueueSize to grow
MB-966DLQ from a durable subscriber filling with expired messages results in non-expired messages not being read
MB-970Problem with static List ENDED_XA_TRANSACTION_CONTEXTS in org.apache.activemq.TransactionContext
MB-971Transport scheme NOT recognized: [http] in an osgi environment
MB-974./activemq script cannot be started on Solaris OS 10
MB-977ORA-01465: invalid hex number when using Oracle backend in the latest releases
MB-978NullPointerException in TraceBrokerPath plug-in
MB-979NetworkConnector MBean unregistration can fail with a transport disconnect and leave a dangling mbean
MB-980Display issue viewing queues in jmx and admin console when using Oracle DB as a backend
MB-982Failover issues in network connector
MB-985TimeStampingBrokerPlugin causes messages to expire in DLQ queue
MB-991When a producer from a network bridge is blocked by producer flow control, all producers from the network bridge get blocked
MB-992NullPointerException in KahaDB on stopping during broker restart
MB-996NullPointerException on websocket connection
MB-998InterruptedException in InactivityMonitor
MB-778Deleting a Queue from the console results in lost messages
MB-798Problem with distributed XA Camel/ActiveMQ recovery
MB-699Temporary queues create advisory topics without bound
AMQ-3945QueueBrowser missing messages on first browse
AMQ-3947ActiveMQConnectionFactory doesn't set the nestedMapAndListEnabled property on new Connections
MB-1089Syntax errors are not showing up in the log when the broker is started in the background
AMQ-1853Optional non-blocking redelivery
AMQ-2834Producers blocks when global storeUsage is smaller than persistent adapter chunk size; should warn of incorrect configuration

Table 5.3 lists the issues resolved between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 5.3. Routing Issues Resolved in 7.1

CAMEL-3985Name Part of the Sender & the Recipient Email Addresses are not encoded with the Exchange charset
CAMEL-4058OnException should overlay settings with existing error handler
CAMEL-4171Groovy language - classNotFoundException in OSGi environment
CAMEL-4513Simple predicate fails to introspect the exception in an onException clause using onWhen
CAMEL-4546Unable to run with "mvn tomcat:run" or in tomcat or jetty server
CAMEL-4556NettyProducer creating new connection on every message
CAMEL-4842Remove ProducerCache from CamelContext service list when shutting down a route
CAMEL-4870Attachments is not propagated in the template components such as camel-stringtemplate
CAMEL-4871Request with Content-Type= application/x-www-form-urlencoded throws "Cannot read request parameters due Invalid parameter, expected to be a pair but was " when body is empty
CAMEL-4872Route Info Command Exchange Date NullPointerException
CAMEL-4877API-breaking changes in Validator-component
CAMEL-4882Timed out Exchanges should be removed from seda queues
CAMEL-4894Parameter binding not working with BeanExpression
CAMEL-4896Validation of camel-websocket feature failed
CAMEL-4900Quartz component doesn't start with a persistent scheduler
CAMEL-4908Twitter component fixes
CAMEL-4913camel-blueprint - Using namespaces with xpath does not work as the namesapces is not parsed and injected into the camel model
CAMEL-4915Serialisation Data Format is unable to unmarshal in OSGi environment
CAMEL-4920PollEnrich in default mode should block
CAMEL-4925ThreadsProcessor configured with ExecutorService with DiscardPolicy or DiscardOldestPolicy leaves inflight exchanges for discarded tasks unprocessed
CAMEL-4938ManagedBrowsableEndpoint are broken
CAMEL-4941doStop() is called on Services which haven't been started when route autoStart=false
CAMEL-4942exchange.getIn().getBody(<SomeClass>.class) throws an exception for Jaxb model objects
CAMEL-4945CXF Producer calls done method of Camel callback several times
CAMEL-4947Delay using bean does not work in XML DSL
CAMEL-4959Incorrect caching type converter misses for NaN
CAMEL-4960NettyProducer with user defined client pipeline factory
CAMEL-4970Cannot use xquery predicate in filter after an xpath splitter
CAMEL-4976Problem removing endpoints
CAMEL-4984camel-http does not send header values that are empty strings
CAMEL-4986ManagedPerformanceCounterMBean should extend ManagedCounterMBean
CAMEL-4988Problems with Simple language
CAMEL-4989BindyDataFormat should not use the default encoding
CAMEL-4996DigitalSignatureEndpoint not clearing headers after verify
CAMEL-5000Error handler not called when recipient list has non existing endpoint
CAMEL-5004Camel simple language wrong working with real number
CAMEL-5005simple without embedded text results in an NullPointerException
CAMEL-5009Can't use the resourceClass Parameter of CXF-RS Component
CAMEL-5023Printer endpoint can only print a single job
CAMEL-5024Streaming splitter ignores exception handling
CAMEL-5027JMX statistics problem with some components
CAMEL-5033Seda producer should not handover completions if waiting for task to complete
CAMEL-5036Camel route with bean element sends on startup invalid message to target route that is represented by a proxy who exposes route
CAMEL-5038Timer endpoint should support multiple consumers
CAMEL-5040Thread pools should not be enlisted in JMX if part of adding a new route, and JMX is disabled for new routes
CAMEL-5041Removing a route with route scoped error handler, should remove the error handler from JMX
CAMEL-5045Memory leak when adding/removing a lot of routes with JMX enabled
CAMEL-5046Memory leak when adding/removing a lot of routes with JMX enabled related to Tracer
CAMEL-5048Memory leak in SedaComponent if adding and removing a lot of seda endpoints with different queue names
CAMEL-5049Memory leak in TimerListener if JMX enabled
CAMEL-5051NullPointerException when assigning a simple Object as final bean
CAMEL-5053Using a custom thread pool profile does not work with EIP
CAMEL-5058Unique endpoints leaking in DefaultInflightRepository
CAMEL-5060camel-bam is not thread safe and throws ConcurrentModificationException
CAMEL-5063NullPointerException in camel 2.9.1 validator
CAMEL-5066JMX statistics problem with intercept()
CAMEL-5070Message Loss when using Weighted Round Robin LoadBalancer
CAMEL-5080camel-jt400 - Parameter length when doing Program Call issue
CAMEL-5087cometD component doesn't support multiple endpoints with different ports
CAMEL-5089InterceptSendToMockEndpoint doesn't start or stop the producer which is intercepted
CAMEL-5097Incorrect feature definition for camel-fop
CAMEL-5098Exchange.FAILURE_ENDPOINT header points to incorrect endpoint with multicast
CAMEL-5102Timer endpoint getState does not work in JMX
CAMEL-5107cxfrs producer should retain the message headers when it gets the response
CAMEL-5115CxfBeanDestination should copy the in message header to the out message
CAMEL-5116CxfDestination should copy the in message header to the out message when it sends the message back
CAMEL-5122RMI endpoint doesn't handle nested exception and raise CamelRuntimeException instead of RemoteException
CAMEL-5129interceptFrom() doesn't work with property placeholders
CAMEL-5137Timer component does not suspend
CAMEL-5138HTTP component always use a CachedOutputStream
CAMEL-5142StAXConverter is not threadsafe when not using Woodstox
CAMEL-5151camel-netty psuedo proxy
CAMEL-5154Simple language - OGNL - Invoking explicit method with no parameters should not cause ambiguous exception for overloaded methods
CAMEL-5157Message hasAttachments need to populate initial attachments
CAMEL-5161If MyBatis experiences an error on commit (e.g. unique PK violation) it appears to hold the session open and cause DB writelock errors
CAMEL-5162OnException - Handler or Continued predicate is invoked twice per exception
CAMEL-5163If throttler or delayer expression evaluation throws exception then error handler is not used
CAMEL-5183EndpointConfiguration - Looses parameters if there is a name clash with known tokens
CAMEL-5187JMX issues on WebSphere
CAMEL-5193Strange warning appears: WARN org.apache.camel.processor.DeadLetterChannel - Cannot determine current route from Exchange with id
CAMEL-5195XSLTUriResolver fails to include from classpath under Windows
CAMEL-5196SftpChangedExclusiveReadLockStrategy does not check the correct field to determine if a file is changing
CAMEL-5199initialDelay and idempotentRepository Endpoint URI parameters fail to be read from Camel context when Turkish language is set in host operating system
CAMEL-5200Potential dead-lock when shutting down Camel with NotifyBuilder doing notication
CAMEL-5201Redelivery exhausted marker should be cleared by try catch EIP and when errorHandler handles the message
CAMEL-5210Loop causes NullPointerException on error
CAMEL-5212split().tokenizeXML("child", "parent").streaming() does not work correctly when parent's namespace declarations are separated with new line
CAMEL-5218HazelcastComponent.doStop bombing out
CAMEL-5222The file consumer should use the charset encoding when reading the file if configured
CAMEL-5223Cannot find resource in classpath using OSGi blueprint
CAMEL-5224The done file got deleted, when using the file component even if noop property set to true
CAMEL-5225camel-netty can't distinguish between Sharable and Unsharable codecs
CAMEL-5227Camel 2.9.2 jetty component no longer works with Jetty 7
CAMEL-5229camel-blueprint - Should not set empty location for properties component
CAMEL-5234Spring-WS does neither set message body nor message headers if exchange is not outCapable
CAMEL-5235Make sure to close file input stream when converting file to string to avoid locking file on windows
CAMEL-5246File consumer - Widen check for exchange failed in case onException was used but without handling the exception
CAMEL-5248Running camel:run with blueprint gets a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.osgi.vendor.framework property not set
CAMEL-5257camel-jpa feature can not be installed out of box
CAMEL-5260LDAP Component lose headers
CAMEL-5261SEDA/VM requires completely same URI on producer and consumer side when consumer route is advised
CAMEL-5263Cometd component does not pass EnableSessionHeaders parameter to CometdBinding properly
CAMEL-5265Incorrect Content-Length returned for converted result objects with Unicode characters
CAMEL-5268camel-restlet producer not passing along the Accept header
CAMEL-5277Forgot a space between hours and minutes in org/apache/camel/util/
CAMEL-5279camel-stream overwrites files instead of appending
CAMEL-5282Strange race condition in for SEDA, when shutting down
CAMEL-5284camel-stream should not close stream after each write
CAMEL-5300The flatpack component is swallowing it's parsing errors
CAMEL-5303InOut over seda/vm with multiple consumers can cause a timeout exception
CAMEL-5309Replies with Incorrect CorrelationIDs Received After Reinstantiating a Route with ActiveMQ Endpoint and Exclusive Reply Queue
CAMEL-5315Camel-blueprint fails to install on Karaf 3 as it does not accept the version 1.0.0
CAMEL-5317NettyConverter throws NullPointerException when Exchange is not set
CAMEL-5321Validator Component Fails on XSD with classpath relative imports
CAMEL-5331NullPointerException when using bare SOAP parameter binding with payload mode
CAMEL-5342Shaded concurrentlinkedhashmap-lru conflicts with existing jar
CAMEL-5346camel-solr feature missing the bundle for http4 client
CAMEL-5348Uptime reported by Camel can be incorrect for values > 1 day
CAMEL-5355camel-sql should support % sign in query
CAMEL-5357URI normalization - Should detect already percent encoded values
CAMEL-5360Camel features file doesn't validate
CAMEL-5363camel-jms - Exception thrown from destination resolver should trigger Camel exception handling
CAMEL-5367DefaultJettyHttpBinding should not convert binary HTTP body
CAMEL-5372Shutting down one of the contexts breaks async redeliveries in others: RedeliveryErrorHandler has static reference to a thread pool
CAMEL-5378recipientList and onException with useOriginalMessage not working as expected
CAMEL-5381Exchange's headers lost after pass through dynamicRouter if the consume from activemq
CAMEL-5391specify Export-Package version for wrap:mvn:org.fusesource.leveldbjni
CAMEL-5401Not all RoutePolicy callback methods are invoked
CAMEL-5405CXF transport loses HTTP matrix parameters
CAMEL-5406Threads EIP hangs Junit4 tests using adviceWith
CAMEL-5411MQTT Endpoint does not correctly return the MQTT-Payload
CAMEL-5412ObjectAlreadyExistsException when "redeploying" routes that uses CronScheduledRoutePolicy
CAMEL-5414SqsEndpoint can't retrieve existing queue url with visibility timeout different than default
CAMEL-5415Simple does not handle empty values in predicates properly
CAMEL-5417Scala Archetype with incorrect Maven Eclipse configuration
CAMEL-5419camel-soap - Sets wrong namespace for faults
CAMEL-5426Camel stream makes Karaf console hang
CAMEL-5429Sending null in body when forcing JMS message type to Object throws an Exception
CAMEL-5432Dynamically added SEDA-route is not working
CAMEL-5437Add support for batch consumer's empty messages to aggregator
CAMEL-5449CxfPayloadConverter converts to NodeList by default, affecting performance
CAMEL-5451Camel-Blueprint should wait for camel-core to be started since there is a strong dependency
CAMEL-5454camel-example-gae silently fails
CAMEL-5456Context scoped exception clauses incorrectly applying across RouteBuilders
CAMEL-5461IOConverter.toInputStream opens a BufferReader which will never be closed
CAMEL-5464camel-jms consumer doesn't send back a reply in all cases
CAMEL-5468RegistryBean.getBean() is not thread safe
CAMEL-5470camel-example-gae gtask doesn't work
CAMEL-5472missing dependency to spring-web in camel-example-cxf-tomcat
CAMEL-5475Can't unmarshal pgp messages encrypted with ElGamal
CAMEL-5485camel-mybatis should do a proper transaction demarcation while reading/writing from/to database
CAMEL-5487HttpProducer should close temporary file in CachedOutputStream when the IOException is thrown
CAMEL-5495file endpoints on windows without volume name in the path url not working in some cases
CAMEL-5499Cxf fallback convert should return the Void.value instead of null
CAMEL-5500camel-testng - The spring base test class should use @AfterMethod on teardown as its parent does
CAMEL-5501@XPath annotation should ensure cleanup after evaluation
CAMEL-5505Unable to customize URIResolver in xslt component
CAMEL-5509Jetty http consumer doesn't suppor the uri "jetty:http://localhost:9000"
CAMEL-5517Multiple calls to CXF factory beans.getFeatures causing multiple logging features to be added
CAMEL-5518Camel Proxy ignores camelContextId property in Spring configuration
CAMEL-5519CamelContextId should be effected when there are more than two camel context in the spring configuration file
CAMEL-5525Load balancing with “Random” policy is not halfway evenly distributed to endPoint with vast exchange
CAMEL-5526"ThreadID is already used" exception under heavy load
CAMEL-5527Maven archetype - Generates wrong plugin for surefire plugin
CAMEL-5535Multiple restlet routes of the same restlet URI but different VERBs does not work
CAMEL-5536Possible issue in camel-apns - Reported on user forum
CAMEL-5537Mina2 Consumer doesn't reliably work with SSL
CAMEL-5540File consumer - NPE if configured to consume from root directory
CAMEL-5542Timer component - Should defer scheduling tasks during startup of CamelContext
CAMEL-5543Karaf Command 'camel:route-list' throws NullPointerException
CAMEL-5556HazelcastIdempotentRepository is not thread safe
CAMEL-5564Should shutdown management load task thread pool explicit
CAMEL-5570maximumRedeliveries is inherited for other exceptions thrown while redelivering with maximumRedeliveries(-1)
CAMEL-5571Camel proxies should not forward hashCode() method invocations
CAMEL-5574camel-sftp's stepwise behavior to walk up and down relatively to avoid potential traversal issues
CAMEL-5580The RowModel Data does not include the correct cell value type and some minor changes
CAMEL-5592Logger Level is always at default level("ERROR") when error handler is LoggingErrorHandler
CAMEL-5595http4 component should not assume the scheme by looking up the request address
CAMEL-5605sftp component: Cannot acquire read lock for files in sub directories if property recursive=true and readLock=changed
CAMEL-5610camel-hl7 bundle should specify the mina version
CAMEL-5620JUnit ConverterTest testFileToString() fails
CAMEL-5621JettyHttpProducer should close the input stream when the exception is throw
CAMEL-5627camel-zookeeper endpoints should not share the configuration
CAMEL-5631EventHelper.notifyRouteStarted skips all remaining notifiers if one if the notifiers ignores route events
CAMEL-5632ObjectHelper.resolveUriPath is broken, can not handle: '../../' correctly
CAMEL-5636Enricher with async routing not handling exceptions thrown from AggregationStrategy
CAMEL-5641JmsBinding does not handle BigInteger and BigDecimal properly
CAMEL-5644Bean component - Should use try conversion when choosing method based on parameter type matching
CAMEL-5647EIPs using custom aggregation strategy should fail if not possible to find in registry
CAMEL-5653camel-hbase producer should be able to perform get with just the id as a header
CAMEL-5655Camel Endpoint ignores camelContextId property in Spring configuration
CAMEL-5657Recipient list EIP - Should shutdown thread pool if parallel mode enabled
CAMEL-5663camel-blueprint - Should add check for bean scope in bean injector
CAMEL-5668camel-jetty - A soap fault should trigger http response code 500
CAMEL-5670camel-mqtt - NullPointerException when disconnected from broker
CAMEL-5681Using recipient list in a doTry ... doCatch situation don't work properly
CAMEL-5683JMS connection leak with request/reply producer on temporary queues
CAMEL-5686While stopping, the QuickfixjEngine should unregister the MBean being registered for the Initiator at startup
CAMEL-5693camel-smpp - Consumer error handling is not correct
CAMEL-5694camel-jms - Should also allow multiple consumers from multiple routes from the same queue
CAMEL-5699LogFormatter throws a NullPointerException when all elements are disabled
CAMEL-5704Split inside Split - Parallel processing issue - Thread is getting wrong Exchange when leaving inner split
CAMEL-5707NotifyBuilder should be thread safe
CAMEL-5710REST route returns response with http Status code 500 Internal Server Error when response has Last-Modified or Header-expires in header as string
CAMEL-5712BlueprintCamelContext should not get started in the init() method but later when the blueprint container is fully initialized
CAMEL-5718Bodies of SMs with 8-bit data_coding are mangled
CAMEL-5720Aggregate EIP - Dynamic completion size should override fixed values if in exchange
CAMEL-5722Classloader mixup when consumers across bundles share the same camel-jetty port
CAMEL-5729camel-crypto - Signer producer should close input stream after usage
CAMEL-5730SqsConsumer receive thread is tightly coupled to extendMessageVisiblity's scheduled task
CAMEL-5731Setting alphabet header to 8-bit doesn't update data coding
CAMEL-5732Data coding of 0x02 not considered 8-bit
CAMEL-5733NullPointerException with SpringBatchProducer and null header value
CAMEL-5735SnsConfiguration's toString() uses amazonSQSClient as key string rather than amazonSNSClient
CAMEL-5737camel-ftp - LocalWorkDir option did not work as expected
CAMEL-5746WireTap will always copy the origin Message
CAMEL-5747Cold restart doesn't clear properties component cache
CAMEL-5756OSGi resolvers for component, dataformat and language should check if service object is assignable before casting
CAMEL-5757HTTP 1.1 Host header not set correctly with camel-http4
CAMEL-5761Update SqsConsumer to extend Visibility Timeout correctly
CAMEL-5766Configuring jetty component with a different name doesn't work with jetty consumer
CAMEL-5769Camel JMS producer can block a thread under specific circumstances
CAMEL-5773camel-twitter streaming consumer broken
CAMEL-5776.camelLock is deleted by another Camel instance
CAMEL-5782Invalid SetQueueAttributesRequest created
CAMEL-5794xmljson dataformat should be added into marshall and unmarshal definition module
CAMEL-5796The combination of the transacted DSL together with the <setHeader> or <setBody> prohibits to resolve the properties properly
CAMEL-5810CXF + Code first + No recipient list + doCatch = route returns null
CAMEL-5818Splitter does not allow errorhandler to handle exception in the splitter-expression
CAMEL-5823CxfConsumer should not populate the cxf response with the original input message if the cxfExchange is oneway
CAMEL-5826Splitter with tokenize doesn't work with namespaces
CAMEL-5830NullPointerException in DefaultCamelContext::stopRouteService
CAMEL-5835XPathBuilder is documented as being thread-safe, but it has thread-safety bugs
CAMEL-5854adviceWith() just needs to start the route when the camel context is started
MR-573camelContext autoStartup=false and starting context programmatically doesn't work
MR-579Camel http should disable HTTP TRACE by default
MR-586Using Camel to route to CXF message alters the Content-Type header and drops encoding
MR-588camel-jms component, request/reply results in NullPointer when JMSCorrelationID is set to empty string on inbound JMS message
MR-589CxfProducer should release the CXF client when the Producer is stopped
MR-590 Memory leak in the Message Router when instantiating dynamic routes
MR-601@handler is ignored
MR-603camel-cxfrs producer should keep the response detail when the exception is thrown
MR-609Unable to write converted body to file using alternative character sets
MR-614Route using jetty listener and http client corrupting binary/mime data as it passes through
MR-618Using SSL context in blueprint XML does not work
MR-624The camel aggregation example generates an error whenever the completion predicate is entered
MR-641Spring schema is not up to date
MR-648Camel HBase component raises a NullPointerException if the table name does not conform to the host name of a uri and incompatibilities between hbase versions
MR-651Thread Java DSL doesn't provide full function out of box
MR-655Camel HL7 bundle does not specify mina library version in its manifest
MR-656New SOAP/JAB marshaling doesn't include top class element in XML document
MR-658Using shareUnitOfWork with DeadLetterChannel sending message to a route doesn't work as expected
MR-660Stopping and starting a seda consumer leaks a thread each time
MR-670Camel JMS problem parsing selectors

Table 5.4 lists the issues resolved between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 5.4. Web Services Issues Resolved in 7.1

CXF-2450WSDL2java uses system encoding when generating java classes
CXF-2937Character encoding in cxf-codegen is wrong
CXF-3505CXF attachment isn't compatible with SUN's ACTIVATION library
CXF-3916Partial response problem with SOAP 1.1 use of WS-Addressing
CXF-3949NoClassDefFoundError when using CXF JAX-RS in OSGi environment
CXF-3989messageConetxt.setScope(MessageContext.HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS, Scope.APPLICATION) leads to java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
CXF-3993WS-RM's blueprint configuration fails to parse RMAssertion entries
CXF-4002Cannot override read-only parameter: classesDirectory in goal: cxf-codegen:wsdl2java
CXF-4006Possible classloader leak due to ThreadLocal
CXF-4015wadl2java: xs:integer param is generated as invalid type
CXF-4016JAX-WS schema generation of an Exception annoted with @WebFault that contains a property of a class annotated with @XmlRootElement causes the schema of the WSDL to generate the incorrectly
CXF-4017SchemaCollection.addCrossImports handles only XmlSchemaSequence instead of all XmlSchemaGroupParticle
CXF-4018JAX-WS Providers created from class instead of an actual instance bean do not get the JAXWSMethodInvoker
CXF-4023Invalid ProtocolVariant causes NullPointerException in RMSoapInterceptor
CXF-4027Aegis BeanType does not ignore super type of java.lang.Enum
CXF-4029cxf-codegen-plugin doesn't generate any code code when the wsdl parameter is an url
CXF-4031NullPointerException raised when input is nothing and using Holder to return response
CXF-4034Allow SecurityConstants.SIGNATURE_CRYPTO and ENCRYPT_CRYPTO to be used on processing side
CXF-4036JAXBContextInitializer ignores some javax.xml.bind Annotations
CXF-4037Problem creating dynamic client when WSDL is hosted with secured transport (https)
CXF-4042When generating schema/wsdl, schemaLocations provided via @XmlSchema are dropped
CXF-4043JSONProvider can not get a custom prefix set for a collection wrapper element
CXF-4044Ensure publishedEndpointUrl property could be set to endpoint
CXF-4045BusFactory does not catch NoClassDefFoundError
CXF-4051Custom OAuth scopes are not supported
CXF-4052Crypto cache issues and the PolicyBasedWSS4JInInterceptor used as a singleton
CXF-4054Unclear error messages given if client policy configuration can't be found
CXF-4055Parameter Handler not Invoked if Constructor or Static Methods Succeed
CXF-4056Faults on server are echoing headers back to the client
CXF-4057Echoed Addressing headers can cause client hangs and timeouts
CXF-4060Oneway camel scenario is accessing the user principal too late, resulting in IllegalStateException
CXF-4061Some of the characters in the URI path component are url-encoded
CXF-4066AbstractTransportFactory registers itself as extension, before being fully initialized
CXF-4067JAX-RS WebClient proxy sometimes fails to set Content-Type from @Consumes
CXF-4068wsdlLocation option is not used when set in defaultOptions
CXF-4072NullPointerException in PhaseInterceptorChain
CXF-4086Providers.getContextResolvers is only partially implemented
CXF-4088Class.getGenericSuperclass also needs to be checked by ProviderFactory
CXF-4090Cannot load cxf and war feature in Karaf 2.2.5
CXF-4094Refreshing Spring application context leads to NullPointerException
CXF-4095schemaLocation attribute for swaRef namespace "" is wrongly removed
CXF-4099SignedParts, EncryptedParts policy assertions are silently ignored on the client side if specified alone
CXF-4103NullPointerException in org.apache.cxf.frontend.WSDLGetUtils.findSchemaLocation()
CXF-4105Slf4jLogger doesn't do mapping at the same level as the SLF4JBridgeHandler does
CXF-4106Attachments get lost when WSDL claims HTTP transport but config uses JMS
CXF-4110Java first @Policy annotations aren't working
CXF-4113Header fields duplication in generated wsdl file when using aegis databinding
CXF-4115The operation property of the MessageContext may return wrong value if erroneous request is sent
CXF-4117Argument type mismatch when using Implicit Headers and @RequestWrapper with Service from WSDL breaks when run offline
CXF-4121Default WebApplicationException mapper dramatically increases the response time
CXF-4122CXFRequestData should get chance to setEnableRevocation from message context When use WS-SecurityPolicy
CXF-4123Nullpointer exception in Servlet Controller when running in OSGi and changing the http port at runtime
CXF-4124DynamicClientFactory has issues with schemas embedding in file based WSDL's
CXF-4125StackOverflowError when requesting WADL
CXF-4127CXFServlet should be reinitialized on ContextRefreshedEvent
CXF-4128Code Gen plugin fails silently when generated classes have name collisions
CXF-4129DynamicClientFactory no longer works with JDK provided JAXB impl
CXF-4131org.apache.cxf.transport.http.finalizeConfig() duplicate property listener and possible memory leak
CXF-4133CachedOutputStream lost charsetName param
CXF-4136Codegen plugin requires WSDL artifact to be listed in dependency tree
CXF-4140WS-BrokeredNotification Compliance PublisherReference
CXF-4141response_code 500 ignored when set in JAXRSOutInterceptor.handleWriteException
CXF-4142"attachment-directory" property specified on RS endpoint does not change temp directory
CXF-4144CXF JAXRS | Complex response types are not present in the generated wadl when returning list of objects
CXF-4147Wrong wsdl generated from impl class annotated with @SOAPBinding(parameterStyle = ParameterStyle.BARE)
CXF-4149org.apache.cxf.endpoint.ClientImpl raises
CXF-4150Transform feature's OutTransformWriter may not correctly generate namespace declarations
CXF-4153FIQL Parsers Beanspector, replaces "is", "set" and "get" in method names
CXF-4154AbstractConduitSelector reused cached conduit even if protocol was changed
CXF-4163WSDLToJava Error: Thrown by JAXB: 'CodeGroup' is already defined ... OTA_CommonTypes.xsd
CXF-4164Robust-InOnly processing with WS-RM must must delay updating the sequence until message delivery
CXF-4166CXF does not always respect SecurityPolicy TokenInclusion for the AsymmetricBinding
CXF-4170JMX InstrumentationManager's configuration properties may not be set correctly in standalone mode after upgrading to 2.5.2
CXF-4171Static resource resolution not possible with CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet
CXF-4172Default JAX-RS XML, JSON and Form providers are open to the hash collision attacks
CXF-4177ClientProxyImpl does not order Path parameter values according to the template order
CXF-4178ClientProxyImpl does not support Multipart annotations
CXF-4181CXF error when parsing a SOAP 1.2 fault: Invalid QName in mapping
CXF-4183SOAP Fault cause NullPointerException
CXF-4185Unable to access services via browser after installation of war feature in Karaf 2.2.6
CXF-4188Robust-InOnly processing with WS-RM to perform AtMostOnce delivery assurance check
CXF-4191RM broken in synchronous Mode
CXF-4192WSDLValidator doesn't pass the test for WSI-BP-1.0 R2726
CXF-4193CXF logbrowser sample not working in 2.6.0
CXF-4196Java First Use Schema Imports does not work
CXF-4200UriInfoImpl.getPathSegments(decode) does not pass 'decode' flag to getPath()
CXF-4220After loading XSDs from links in WADL, JAX-RS get all for all resources fail with 400
CXF-4224Custom HTTP methods (HttpMethod annot) not supported?
CXF-4226@Description on class level not "inherited"
CXF-4227AttachmentDeserializerTest contains buggy code for reading an InputStream.
CXF-4231Incorrect handling of "If-None-Match" and "If-Modified-Since" request header combination
CXF-4238Spring JAXRSClientFactoryBeanDefinitionParser reports a wrong factory bean class
CXF-4240CXF WSN cannot run offline in Karaf
CXF-4243RequestImpl.selectVariant() using wrong headers
CXF-4244OutTransformWriter's defaultNamespace setting may not replace all default namespace declarations
CXF-4245JAX-RS databinding support for JiBX
CXF-4250WADL To Java Generator fails to process application level method elements
CXF-4258Disabling WS-Policy feature fails
CXF-4259JAX-RS Set-Cookie handler needs to ignore Expires property
CXF-4265Potential NPE when Soap fault has no role
CXF-4267A NPE in AttatchmentDataSource could be guarded.
CXF-4268WADL 2 Java doesn't respect catalogs
CXF-4269In some cases, the javascript client will not output the ns declaration for wrapper element of an rpc/lit method
CXF-4271net.sf.cglib import version range is wrong
CXF-4275Sample readme file incorrect
CXF-4277STSClient does not use returned KeyInfo size when creating a secret key
CXF-4278Karaf features.xml for CXF wants to load EhCache for cxf-sts-ws and cxf-ws-security
CXF-4279WS-Security ehcache things never shutdown
CXF-4280case insensitive MetadataMap keyset
CXF-4281uribuilder from null?
CXF-4283OAuth 2-leg getAccessToken Error
CXF-4284Fix JAXB-based providers to report 400 for all read-related exceptions
CXF-4285WADLGenerator ignores header or query parameters when FormParam parameters are available
CXF-4288SecureAnnotationsInterceptor maps roles only based on method name
CXF-4292Incorrect code generated with wadl2java tool when use JAXB binding and XML symple type with restriction.
CXF-4293Some WS-RM scenarios may not run when there is no internet connection available
CXF-4294Exception Cache ws-security.timestamp.cache.instance already exists or Cache ws-security.nonce.cache.instance already exists
CXF-4296Setting a namespaceMap on JSONProvider does not affect the way JAXB generates prefixes
CXF-4297WS-RM destination should update ack-ranges in RMStore before sending out acks
CXF-4298MTOM-streaming regression: Worked 2.3.1, no longer works 2.6.0.
CXF-4300feature cxf-core does not install on karaf 3 snapshot
CXF-4303WS-RM fails when the GZIP feature is enabled
CXF-4305FIQL only gives nullpointerexception. @Context SearchContext does not seem to work.
CXF-4306Mixing up FormParam and Multipart annotations cause exceptions when some parts contain the binary payload
CXF-4307The inbound Cookie header should be parsed using a semicolon separator by default
CXF-4309OAuth2 Access Token Service: returned ClientAccessToken is not JAXB compliant
CXF-4310WADLGenerator can not create QName when XMLRootElement has no name attribute and correctly manage schemas with empty namespaces
CXF-4312JAX-WS clients set executor to a "thread per async request" version
CXF-4313Hourly GC Caused by Framework - Unable to GC tune application if using framework.
CXF-4315CXF does not read decoupled destination parameters from a config file
CXF-4316Support EndorsingSupportingToken SignedElements with the Transport binding
CXF-4318OAuthRequestFilter generates an empty WWW-Authenticate header
CXF-4321NPE in MEXInInterceptor
CXF-4329Service using simple frontend with JAXB binding causes a ClassNotFoundException when started in Karaf
CXF-4331When using SpringBusFactory within OSGi, namespace handlers cannot be found
CXF-4334Schema validation does not validate elements in soap header
CXF-4336org.apache.cxf.bus.blueprint.ConfigurerImpl may get IllegalStateException: Execution container has not been set
CXF-4337A NullPointerException is thrown during token validation
CXF-4341AccessTokenService does not identify the authentication scheme
CXF-4342NullPointerException in CachedOutputStream
CXF-4348Content-Type is broken in multipart serialization
CXF-4349JAXRS frontend should report the actual method request and response types to providers
CXF-4352SAML Web SSO processing error when receiving a signed Assertion
CXF-4353DigestAuth sends Proxy-Auth headers even when not requested
CXF-4354RMTxStore should explicitly close ResultSet objects
CXF-4356Temp file deleted before returning the stream in CachedOutputStream
CXF-4364Keep TokenStore and ReplayCache instances per-endpoint instead of per-bus
CXF-4365SAML SSO does not set Destination attribute when creating a signed AuthnRequest
CXF-4366If not use WS-SecPolicy, ehcache caches not cleaned up
CXF-4371HTTP OutputStreams block flush()
CXF-4373JAXB and XSLT providers should not end the documents on writers when used in non JAX-RS contexts
CXF-4374JSONProvider blocks namespace prefixes set in
CXF-4376STS encryptIssuedToken with the SymmetricKey KeyType does not work
CXF-4379InjectionUtils failes to convert path-value to class annotated with XmlJavaTypeAdapter
CXF-4380JAXBElementProvider is calling wrong method for classes extending JAXBElement
CXF-4382fault message is not transmitted to decoupled faultTo endpoint if error occurs from a two way operation
CXF-4383Some temporary files are not deleted after WS-RM scenarios
CXF-4386Fix the apache-cxf feature issue
CXF-4387when I run a "webapp" of CXF in weblogic9.2, it has some errors.
CXF-4388Using wsdl2java maven goal with <wsdl> and <wsdlArtifact> in the same pom fails
CXF-4393JAXB providers do not recognize custom catalogs when creating Schemas
CXF-4396UriInfo does not report correct base address for URI with port
CXF-4401XMLStreamDataReader does not close the original input stream when it is to be closed
CXF-4402remove http-whiteboard feature from cxf features.xml
CXF-4403When using a binding file, location information for errors is lost
CXF-4404atomicity violation bugs because of misusing concurrent collections
CXF-4405OneWay faultTo request is not correctly transmitted to the specified address
CXF-4408NPE in DOMUtils when soap header contains null namespace element
CXF-4409Proxy-based Client use Multipart getting NullPointerException
CXF-4410sp:EncryptSignature policy validation should only check to see if the primary signature is encrypted
CXF-4411Maven plugin fails wsdl2java execution with concurrent modification exception
CXF-4414SecurityPolicy validation fails when a KeyValue is used as an EndorsingSupportingToken
CXF-4417Async calls may be silently discarded
CXF-4426Unable to Render JSON Content using CXF version 2.6.1 - XML content gets rendered properly
CXF-4427Error details are discarded and never sent to the client
CXF-4429Incorrect response check
CXF-4432[OAuth1.0] oob callback is not supported
CXF-4433CrossOriginResourceSharingFilter ignores allowCredentials from annotation
CXF-4434SecurityConstants.TIMESTAMP_TTL property is not parsed
CXF-4435CounterRepository bean not registering to the bus in blueprint configuration
CXF-4436EncryptionProperties.keyWrapAlgorithm is not used when issuing a Symmetric HOK SAML Assertion
CXF-4437Stack Overflow exception in org.apache.cxf.endpoint.ClientImpl when logging set to FINE
CXF-4443MediaType handler is too strict when processing types without subtypes
CXF-4444Injecting object with @Resource with no specified name attribute is not working
CXF-4445CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet and initialization jaxrs.providers
CXF-4447javascript client outputting invalid and wrong soapaction
CXF-4448DocLitBare with @XMLList generating invalid SOAP messages
CXF-4449XMLBinding generates different messages if code first or wsdl first
CXF-4450STSClient doesn't consider the wsam:Action when looking up Operations...
CXF-4452NullPointerException when trying to customize the package name for a service definition without customizing the class name.
CXF-4454JSSE KeyManagers and TrustManager XML configurations are ignored if they contain no keystore element.
CXF-44692.6.x rt-ws-security bundle is requiring opensaml
CXF-4470Unable to configure cxf:bus with Spring 2.5.6-SEC03
CXF-4475LoggingInInterceptor throws when pretty printing MTOM messages
CXF-4476Content-Disposition header may be incorrectly set in MTOM under windows
CXF-4477WADL2JAVA generates incorrect primitive parameter type
CXF-4482AttachmentSerializer puts an extra new line
CXF-4484Claims to SAML attribute encoding wrong
CXF-4487cxf-codegen-plugin: Error resolving component warnings for imported types
CXF-4489cxf-wsn-api bundle can't find org.apache.cxf.jaxws.spi.ProviderImpl in OSGi container
CXF-4493If javax.jws.Oneway annotation is specified for a SOAP interface method a NPE occurs
CXF-4494JMSDestination need set binary mode if server send MTOM message back
CXF-4496find of ResponseExceptionMapper do not handle runtime exceptions
CXF-4499wrong charset encoding in FormEncodingProvider
CXF-4500Evaluate jaxrs:schemaLocations after jaxrs:providers
CXF-4503TransformOutInterceptor may lose namespace declarations in some elements
CXF-4505Invalid WS-RM messages may not be correctly rejected by WS-RM destination
CXF-4507bug in SchemaJavascriptBuilder while deserializing an Array
CXF-4508@Context fails to inject SearchContext into JAX-RS resource bean
CXF-4512AtomPojoProvider should use MBR Class parameter when checking for custom writers and builders
CXF-4514JAXRS client ignores enum properties when populating request URI from beans
CXF-4517ClassCastException in WS-RM when RMP 200702 assertions are used
CXF-4518CXF bundle jax-ws-catalog.xml doesn't include mapping of ""
CXF-4520XMLStreamException about namespace has not been bound to a prefix with other stax implemenation
CXF-4522The logicalHandler could not modify the soap:body content if provider uses the SOAPMessage
CXF-4523Unclosed XMLStreamReader/Writer causes leaking
CXF-4526PolicyAnnotationListener throws NPE in jar
CXF-4528WebApplicationExceptionMapper is too shy
CXF-4533Encoding error in CachedOutputStream when double-byte char is on 1024 byte boundary
CXF-4534SortedMap is returned as HashMap
CXF-4535SOAP fault XML is invalid when a details element exists
CXF-4537XmlAdapter Not Being Used
CXF-4539WS-Security inbound performance regression
CXF-4541idl2wsdl not finding properly scoped structure elements
CXF-4542@XmlJavaTypeAdapter ignored on exception classes
CXF-4545ut_sign + sign_enc samples broken in last releases
SF-395org.apache.cxf.jaxws.checkPublishEndpointPermission does not take affect inside app server (websphere)
SF-403Server using Provider implementation writes contents of SOAP body in SOAP header
SF-405http-config conduit doesn't work on the http conduit for WsdlUrl
SF-406simple schema for blueprint namespace is wrong
SF-407httpj:engine unable to pick a specific key when a keystore has multiple keys.
SF-408CXF bundle need to imports the jaas related package
SF-409The CXF bundle of "net.sf.ehcache" importing should be optional
SF-421The CXF server start doesn't work when we use Servlet transport
SF-424NullPointerException in the TransportBindingHandler
SF-428Instantiating broker via code using the CXF WSN component bundle
SF-429CXF WS-RM Sequence Header does not set mustUnderstand = "1"

Table 5.5 lists the issues resolved between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 5.5. Container Issues Resolved in 7.1

ARIES-292Unable to delete the *.eba file from the samples/blog/blog-assembly/target/load folder while it was running
ARIES-523Misleading message from PersistenceBundleHelper
ARIES-537Update ScopeAdmin impl to latest ResolverHook API
ARIES-546SCM references in parent POM still point to incubator
ARIES-547Fix up wrong or missing licenses in application module
ARIES-548Remove references to incubator from code base in trunk and in 0.3-RCx branch
ARIES-550Fix intermittent application itest failure testDemoAppResolveFail
ARIES-554Aries JNDI bundle breaks remote JMX clients via RMI
ARIES-556Aries fails to read persistence.xml files larger than 8192 bytes
ARIES-558Risk of deadlock in
ARIES-559Isolated framework should work off current bundle list
ARIES-563The NamespaceHandlerRegistryImpl does not actually reuse parsed schemas
ARIES-564The cm and ext namespaces should be lazy managers
ARIES-566NullPointerException when generating bundle repository for invalid bundle location
ARIES-568More memory leaks
ARIES-572NamingException in JMXConnectionFactory.connect() calls with JMX over RMI calls
ARIES-573Java2 security problem in Aries Managed Persistence contexts
ARIES-576When the grace period is up the error message reports all services as missing, not the missing ones
ARIES-579Update the name in the proxy-api and proxy-impl
ARIES-584Blueprint managed service factory instantiates duplicate service
ARIES-586Isolation based runtime doesn't work when resolving maven generated blueprint bundles
ARIES-591Application isolation code doesn't cope properly with a warm start
ARIES-593ManifestHeaderProcessor can't handle directives with spaces before ":="
ARIES-599Consistently use SLF4J Logging
ARIES-602osgi.console port is not handled well
ARIES-604ClassCastException in Felix bundle repository when generating repository XML
ARIES-608DefaultWorker fails if loaded during framework shutdown
ARIES-609AriesFrameworkUtil uses DefaultWorker on Equinox rather than the Equinox worker
ARIES-612Cannot access referenced service in destroy-method
ARIES-613Use error() instead of info() log in BeanRecipe.destroy() on exception
ARIES-622Close inputstreams in Application utils ManifestProcessor
ARIES-623Another deadlock in Blueprint service lookup
ARIES-624Missing version for asm import in proxy impl
ARIES-626Aries Blueprint namaspace handler schema with includes
ARIES-634No thread safety in Blueprint Quiesce Participant
ARIES-635Can't find resource for bundle
ARIES-637Woven Proxy does not cope well with inner classes
ARIES-647JNDI ObjectFactoryHelper and ContextHelper have wide doPriv blocks
ARIES-654Blueprint annotation scanning generates duplicate elements when annotated class is in fragment
ARIES-661Deployment manifest Import-Packges ends up in strange format
ARIES-662More problems with versioning and the application module
ARIES-665Proxy weaving code must preserve SerialVersionUID
ARIES-666Proxy weaving code needs to deal better with missing classes and superclasses in other bundles
ARIES-667OBRAriesResolver can return bundle information for bundles with higher version than expected
ARIES-668Proxy or weaving code should not mark added synthetic methods final
ARIES-669Proxy or weaving code should mark all its changes synthetic
ARIES-670blueprint.api bundle exports org.osgi.service.blueprint package at version 0.0.0
ARIES-673Proxy code changes handlable NoClassDefFoundError into ClassFormatError
ARIES-674Do not proxy javax.*
ARIES-677Service references released before bean destroy methods execute during namespace handler unregister
ARIES-678Java2 security not working for proxied interface
ARIES-680Be more careful to use scope provided external dependencies
ARIES-688ASM package imports are unversioned in proxy-bundle
ARIES-690ClassCircularityError caused by proxy weaving
ARIES-693Interface proxy does not delegate Object methods like equals, hashCode or toString
ARIES-694Proxy manager can return a stale proxy built against a previous classloader for bundles having undergone refresh
ARIES-696Blueprint container can appear to loose memory when frequently restarted
ARIES-697Java 2 security permission failure in JNDI - Util code path
ARIES-698Missing message resource
ARIES-700MBean Tracker should listen for all services
ARIES-703JDKProxyManager cannot proxy blueprint beans
ARIES-704BundleToClassLoaderAdapter does not implement loadClass(String, boolean)
ARIES-705Proxy code is weaving JPA metamodel classes and can cause JPA errors
ARIES-709Well behaved shutdown of the application runtime
ARIES-711JMX core whiteboard doesn't shutdown well
ARIES-714SimpleBundleInfo.getExportService() returning wrong value
ARIES-720Improve waiting for namespace handler message
ARIES-721NullPointerException in BeanRecipe.getDestroyMethod
ARIES-725Aries Application modeller does not find and model anonymous inner Blueprint reference or service components
ARIES-726NullPointerException in CompositeClassLoader
ARIES-730Generation of the osgi.identity requirement must support version ranges
ARIES-736Aries does not take into account the concept of complete/incomplete Persistence Units
ARIES-738The subsystem resolver hook modifies a collection it's iterating over
ARIES-743Subclass cannot be created by ProxySubclassGenerator when there is static final method
ARIES-745Miss parsing default properties defined by new blueprint-ext 1.1.0 schema
ARIES-746Aries Proxy fails to properly proxy Object methods for interfaces
ARIES-750Minor memory leak for composite frameworks inside applications
ARIES-762Bundle framework manager bean should be lazy
ARIES-763Remove OSGi VersionRange dependency
ARIES-764JNDI can go into an infinite loop
ARIES-765Attempting to execute an operation on a closed EntityManagerFactory when the persistence unit is re-deployed
ARIES-767Service property assigned with a service reference gets a ServiceProxyWrapper
ARIES-768Application manager can take 5 minutes to shutdown
ARIES-769ClassCastException during JNDI lookup from WAB inside EBA
ARIES-770BundleFrameworkConfigurationFactoryImpl breaks LDAP syntax of service Filter
ARIES-771Blueprint config admin pulls in non-exported blueprint internals
ARIES-774Problem modelling nested bundles
ARIES-775ClassCircularityError while weaving a class
ARIES-776NullPointerException in AriesFrameworkUtil and DefaultWorker static initializers
ARIES-777AriesFrameworkUtil FelixWorker doesn't work on r4.3 felixes
ARIES-778RecursiveBundleTracker doesn't work across isolated Regions
ARIES-782AbstractCompendiumHandler uses ServiceTracker.getTrackingCount in the wrong way
ARIES-787Class proxying should not be enabled by default
ARIES-788Possible NullPointException when destroying the blueprint container
ARIES-796PropertyPlaceHolder does not really like JPA elements
ARIES-797Ease blueprint 0.2 to 0.4 compatibility changes
ARIES-799Aries Repository Generation does not respect blueprint collection semantics
ARIES-800Closing a recursive bundle tracker opens it
ARIES-801Aries Proxy cannot proxy abstract classes
ARIES-802Dependent restart causes ComponentNameAlreadyInUseException: Name 'blueprintContainer' is already in use by a registered component
ARIES-803Versioning problems in JNDI 0.3.1 release bundles
ARIES-804Unable to delete EBA file if the value of defaultUseCaches is set to false on JarURLConnection on a separate thread during installation
ARIES-808Problem with JPAWeavingHook in an environment that uses Composite Bundles
ARIES-809Not possible to configure transaction timeout
ARIES-819OsgiFriendlyClassWriter.getCommonSuperClass appears to have some errors
ARIES-820New org.apache.aries.util-0.5 jar exports org.apache.aries.util package at same version as the v0.4 jar despite new classes existing in package
ARIES-829ReferenceListRecepie releases using the wrong BundleContext
ARIES-830Service registration is not removed when an application is uninstalled
ARIES-831Java 2 security AccessControlException when using JNDI lookup with java2 security enabled
ARIES-832JPA load-time enhamcement fails for a WAB
ARIES-833Weaving controller switch does not work on IBM JVM v6
ARIES-834Unable to convert value ListIndexIterable to type java.lang.Iterable<Something>
ARIES-838ClassCircularityError in BlueprintContainerImpl when using a security manager
ARIES-843Bean can not be created if constructor argument use generics
ARIES-846The Aries transaction manager does not recover transactions correctly
ARIES-847NullpointerException in org.apache.aries.blueprint.container.BeanRecipe.destroy
ARIES-848blueprint-annotation-impl should actually make use of it's properties
ARIES-851BundleTrackerCustomizer in BundleHookBundleTracker is called multiple times for the same event
ARIES-854NullpointerException in TransactionManager when Felix configAdmin is used
ARIES-856Possible deadlock when starting the transaction manager
ARIES-861Error on retrieving constructor for proxy of Apache Karaf BlueprintCommand class on jdk 6 update 33
ARIES-863Blueprint container needs to use bundle's permissions, not its own permissions, for looking up services
ARIES-867Deadlock if stopping a blueprint bundle while the blueprint container is in the create state
ARIES-872PersistenceDescriptorParserImpl doesn't accept namespace prefixed tags
ARIES-874Blueprint should treat "value-type" on a map as a default, not a requirement
ARIES-875ReferenceRecipe may "unget" a service without ever "getting" it
ARIES-877The BeanRecipe is missing the factory recipe as a dependency
ARIES-878Threading issues with <cm:managed-properties />
ARIES-880When recovering transactions, only recover old branches to avoid rollback of in-progress transactions
ARIES-881The transaction manager is very slow in low concurrency
ARIES-882A thread is not stopped when the transaction manager is destroyed
ARIES-884ClassCastException in JMX when installing some bundles
ARIES-885In container managed mode, a single non thread safe entity manager is used to service all requests when no transaction is active
ARIES-894Unable to access public methods overridden/implemented in a protected class
ARIES-895Missing filter directive on Require-Capability does not translate to a filter value of <namespace>=*
ARIES-896Deadlock with blueprint services
ARIES-897The ReferenceRecipe sometimes unget the tracked service for no reason
ARIES-898The blueprint container is not correctly cleaned when a mandatory namespace is unregistered
ARIES-899Possible concurrent access to the namespace handler registry
ARIES-900Unresolvable root subsystem should have no effect on the system
ARIES-901Version attribute not applied to multiple package names separated by semicolons in import package header
ARIES-902Reference counts not being checked before removing constituent relationships between the "provisioned to" subsystem and bundle resources
ARIES-907Persisted, unscoped subsystems are not being correctly started on restarts
ARIES-918Start operations on the root subsystem should not affect its constituent bundles
ARIES-921java.lang.IllegalStateException: Orphaned bundle revision detected: org.eclipse.osgi_3.8.0.v20120529-1548
ARIES-922NullPointerException in SubsystemResource.findContent
ARIES-923A service proxy obtained from a reference list can return a null service, leading to NullPointerException
ARIES-930The abstract reference recipe may end up tracking the same reference multiple times
ESB-1604Intermittent exception when starting Apache Karaf - org.apache.aries.jmx - 0.3.0 | MBean is already registered
ESB-1607If debug logging is enabled on a clean install a deadlock occurs
ESB-1670Karaf JMX Config MBean behaves in unpredictable ways
ESB-1683Configuration of org.apache.aries.transaction.cfg not honored at runtime when Aries TX Manager is created
ESB-1740The bundles permissions are bypassed when running code from the console
ESB-1741Add the needed stuff to ease running karaf in a secured mode
ESB-1756When Karaf Master lock is lost it should not try to regain the lock during shutdown
FELIX-3760Clean webconsole startup and disposal
KARAF-1040Commands should not catch exceptions but should rethrow them
KARAF-1050osgi:start xxx doesn't print anything
KARAF-1066Make features XML parser more forgiving
KARAF-1101Completion does not work when quiesce manager is deployed
KARAF-1117Log messages appear on stdout when the feature http is installed
KARAF-1122Feature <configfile/> creates an empty file if the file URL is not resolved
KARAF-1124Apache Karaf does not work properly with closing brace in the working directory path
KARAF-1133Error executing command 'start' when starting a child instance
KARAF-1139Redeploy kar causes the installation of old feature
KARAF-1143Karaf (Config Mbean) can not recognize the features when installation path contains blank space
KARAF-1144When running a single remote command through SSH, the SCOPE variable isn't set
KARAF-1161shell:new does not support the creation of arrays
KARAF-1162A command that can not be loaded breaks the whole completion
KARAF-1164Archetypes are not valid
KARAF-1174The war feature cannot be installed after the cxf feature
KARAF-1175Duplicate key exception should be handle locally to avoid to affect the whole MBean
KARAF-1179dev:watch * doesn't notice new bundles added to the container
KARAF-1182Apache Karaf features-maven-plugin always selects lowest version in range
KARAF-1199dev:watch issues "[WATCH]" announcements only to the issuing shell
KARAF-1202log:tail spins with debug on
KARAF-1212NullPointerException during update of the FeatureFinder
KARAF-1215Shell scripts are incompatible with /bin/sh on Solaris
KARAF-1216add-features-to-repo goal does not reclaim file handles fast enough bundles must stop when its configured keystore is not available
KARAF-1226Karaf Client cannot run a script
KARAF-1252Features core bundle should not depend to shell and management bundles
KARAF-1256Archetypes should use dynamic variables
KARAF-1257Configuration completers should avoid using getConfiguration method of config admin
KARAF-1260Console doesn't like it when the console window is to small - no line wrapping for commands
KARAF-1265Add AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and "custom" support in the service wrapper
KARAF-1268Allow multiple commands in karaf script
KARAF-1279IOExceptions used in an incompatible way with Java 5
KARAF-1284Karaf bundle archetype maven bundle plugin configuration is missing "instructions" tags
KARAF-1298dev:watch does not work in some cases
KARAF-1304Quick help text for features:info is erroneous
KARAF-1305Error with Basic HTTP Authentication when using karaf realm
KARAF-1318User bundles are treated as system bundles
KARAF-1343Features repo points to the old pax-wicket app
KARAF-1354SSH Log-In failes with "Authentication failed" with valid credentials
KARAF-1360Configration update doesn't work
KARAF-1373features-maven-plugin, unexpected text in stderr
KARAF-1374Fileinstaller logging is not enabled by default
KARAF-1387Warning to missing a feature repository name even when the name is defined
KARAF-1388SSHD authorized key provider should log in DEBUG
KARAF-1389SSH doesn't correctly use the karaf.base variable
KARAF-1392Removing a KAR should uninstall the shipped features
KARAF-1394Custom login modules not seen with Equinox
KARAF-1416Blueprint archetype instructions is missing
KARAF-1430Default child instance config is not the same as the root instance
KARAF-1491Admin service not able to start child instances when the JDK path contains a space on OS X
KARAF-1496Bad login when using sufficient modules but when the first fail
KARAF-1529command-watch messes the output when used with commands that take longer than the interval
KARAF-1538Exceptions when unregistering MBeans during a restart
KARAF-1541jaas:realm-manage raises a NullPointerException
KARAF-1564karaf feature validate plugin should support to load the exports packages from dependency features
KARAF-1566instance:clone set the source instance in error
KARAF-1573Potential ZipFile leak at KarArtifactInstaller.install()
KARAF-1585Installing using wrap protocol fails when specifying bundle version
KARAF-1587When executing a command through the client, no error is printed in the console in case of errors
KARAF-1609command-watch info does not work
KARAF-1617Blueprint deployer in combination with maven URL deployer creates wrong OSGi/blueprint/ file
KARAF-1666Default configuration for jetty.xml could create problems
KARAF-1675Wrapper service requires a shell
KARAF-1683"no matching cipher found" error connecting via SSH to wrapper Karaf service - on Ubuntu
KARAF-1695Startup fails on Windows with only JRE installed
KARAF-1699MBeans should support the same flags as the commands
KARAF-1702Stopping the console bundle should not shutdown the OSGi framework
KARAF-1706Features bundle versions are not consistent
KARAF-1715Occasional freeze on feature:install webconsole
KARAF-1736Feature spring-struts can't be installed
KARAF-1754Updating features.xml in auto deploy folder results in duplication
KARAF-1756No SSH connection possible on Debian 6.0.5
KARAF-1759No way to start obr dependencies by default
KARAF-1765The obr shell deploy and start commands always deploy optional dependencies
KARAF-1796Feature install sequence should be install/install/install...start/start/start
KARAF-1797NullPointerException thrown from OsgiConfiguration.unregister
KARAF-1809Feature spring-web-portlet can't be installed
KARAF-1814Cursor keys do not work when using bin/client on windows
KARAF-1815When ssh'ing from a Windows box into a Unix box, arrow keys are not correctly interpreted
KARAF-1821Some etc files are executable whereas it should not be
KARAF-1822BundlesMBean should use bundles attribute instead of list() operation
KARAF-1824tooling-exam contains reference to wrong commons-io artifact
KARAF-1825SystemMBean should provide startLevel attribute
KARAF-1826ConfigMBean should use configs attribute instead of list() operation
KARAF-1830ObrMBean should use attribute for bundles and URLs instead of list operations
KARAF-1831PackagesMBean should use attributes for imported/exported packages instead of operations
KARAF-1832ServicesMBean should use attribute instead of list() operation
KARAF-1839System bundle also should export package
KARAF-1840Should also endorse saaj-api
KARAF-1845Minimal distribution doesn't start
KARAF-1852OSGi packages are exported with wrong versions
KARAF-1853Attached kar deploys to a different snapshot build number than the main artifact
KARAF-1879admin management bundle has unecessary imports
KARAF-1882Provide level attribute in the LogMBean
KARAF-1888Remove aliases by default
KARAF-1905ASM4 causes the Proxy/Weaving of Xerces, but that then causes validation factories to fail
KARAF-1949console shutdown -f hang
KARAF-1978If use script to start a child instance then using karaf console admin:list can't get the instance correct status file doesn't get updated if is changed
KARAF-1992PropertiesLoginModule handles usernames with backslash not correct
KARAF-2051Duplicate definition of org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.localRepository in org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg
KARAF-2052Progress bar doesn't display properly on 80 char consoles
KARAF-536Backspace no longer works in Putty after using 'connect' command to connect to other instance, and commands are printed in only 2 columns
KARAF-913Omitted @Command on Gogo plugin is hard to debug because of NullPointerException
ENTESB-286admin:list always throws even if the command is successful
ENTESB-287Child containers command line gets truncated around at approx 55chars
ENTESB-291Please make make rmiRegistryHost configurable
ENTESB-292IllegalStateException when the peristence bundle gets resolved
ENTESB-306pax web still using uninstalled bundle
ENTESB-307After starting child container with admin start child, karaf admin:list still shows state stopped, not showing started
ENTESB-419Cannot install patches as shell script
ENTESB-420Cannot uninstall patch
ENTESB-450jaas:manage cannot attach to ZookeeperLoginModule

Table 5.6 lists the issues resolved between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 5.6. Fuse Fabric Issues Resolved in 7.1

FABRIC-226aws-ec2 cloud provider attempts to connect before it is configured
FABRIC-245setting resolver to a value other than localhostname doesn't appear to take effect for cloud containers
FABRIC-248Asynchronous registration of a cloud provider to zookeeper is broken
FABRIC-254Can't use profile-edit to set a property than contains equal signs
FABRIC-270Race condition when creating remote ensemble servers
FABRIC-277There are cases were the fabric agent falls inside an infinite loop updating itself
FABRIC-279ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.felix.service.command.Function
FABRIC-282The fabric-camel component is not accepting options in the URI
FABRIC-286fabric:container-create-ssh will create the specified number of remote root containers, but only 1 is accessible
FABRIC-290fabric-ensemble-create has the wrong completer for commands
FABRIC-291Falling back to the defualt profile doesn't always work
FABRIC-293fabric-jclouds restarts the shell
FABRIC-294NullPointerException in cloud-provider-remove
FABRIC-295Child containers should reuse their parents resolver and addresses
FABRIC-297Artifacts stored in the root container's system repo directory do not get updated
FABRIC-300The patching service should properly handle options on symbolic names
FABRIC-301Fabric zookeeper digest uses platform dependent String.getBytes()
FABRIC-302When creating Fuse Management Console, a bunch of jclouds related exceptions appear in the log
FABRIC-303The upgrade to karaf-jclouds 1.5.3 causes Fuse Management Console to fail provisioning
FABRIC-307fabric:create always ask for a login/password
FABRIC-308The agent downloads jars that are already present in the system folder
FABRIC-309The mq profile doesn't deploy a broker
FABRIC-310Installing the zookeeper commands fails
FABRIC-312IOException when trying to create containers based on example-mq or example-camel profiles
FABRIC-313When creating a fabric using Fuse Management Console, a lot of jersey related NullPointerException are logged
FABRIC-315The demo package has changed
FABRIC-318The fabric features service does handle recreating the ensemble gracefully
FABRIC-323IllegalStateException: No ssh agent found trying to connect to a child container
FABRIC-324The response to fabric:create without password options is confusing
FABRIC-325The --resolver option in fabric:join has incorrect online help
FABRIC-328Child container with just the default profile fails to provision successfully
FABRIC-330fabric:join fails with an authentication error
FABRIC-331fabric:container-create-cloud new-user options are not working
FABRIC-332fabric:create username/password prompt - Weird Unicode symbols when backspace pressed
FABRIC-333Typo in error message when installing features on a managed container
FABRIC-334WARN: listeners are taking too long to process the events
FABRIC-336fabric-jolokia doesn't compile when using Java 7
FABRIC-337Connecting to a container without specifying the --username option causes a NullPointerException
FABRIC-339Typo in fabric error message
FABRIC-340fabric:container-create-child can throw a NullPointerException

Table 6.1 lists the enhancements between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 6.1. ESB Enhancements in 7.1

ENTESB-81Should maybe be "FuseESB" instead of "root" in etc/
ENTESB-181Align username and password
ENTESB-186Apache CXF 2.6.x is needed to fully support SAML with JAX-RS
ENTESB-220cxf:list-endpoints - Add option to list the full url of the service
ENTESB-264Upgrade to include Blueprint 1.0
ENTESB-271NormalizedMessageImpl constructor creates a new SourceTransformer each time
ENTESB-279AsyncBaseLifeCycle.pollDeliveryChannel() invokes processExchangeInTx when exchange is not in transaction
ENTESB-290Add support for plugging in 3rd party AbstractMessageListenerContainer to be used by camel-jms
ENTESB-300Ship standalone releases in extras
ENTESB-304Add JMS example to demos
ENTESB-369The assembly should reuse the of the fabric distribution
ENTESB-386Avoid duplicate feature and bundle resolution when installing cascading features in Karaf
ENTESB-407Request to deploy bundle org.apache.geronimo.specs/geronimo-j2ee-connector_1.5_spec/2.0.0 out of the box in 7.0.2
ENTESB-411Add info about adding initial user account to readme
ENTESB-416Fix warn log from MavenRepositoryURL like "This is deprecated & discouraged & just evil."
ENTESB-425Ensure fab MavenResolverImpl can honor new @id postfix
ENTESB-437readme.txt file has vague information about what needs to be done before you can use the product
ENTESB-445Consider remove client.html files from soap soap-secure examples as modern browser don't allow using them anymore
ENTESB-446soap secure example - Should probably say "Hello World" or something as response instead of ffang
ENTESB-481servicemix-wsn2005 should be able to configure username/password when connect to a secure jms broker
ENTESB-173Please create a demo showing how to set up transactions in an OSGi environment
ENTESB-127Add info to readme on how to start Fuse ESB Enterprise in the background
ENTESB-428examples/README.txt - Should contain information about the new JMS example
ENTESB-444Default ESB user should be same as fabric
FAB-40Automatically add required imports for using Spring and CXF together
FAB-41Standard Maven dependencies should default to provided scope
FAB-49Add a fab:info command to describe the FAB in human-readable format

Table 6.2 lists the enhancements between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 6.2. Messaging Enhancements in 7.1

MB-1024Revert the Oracle jdbc adapter to a variant of the default jdbc adapter in place of the one supporting blobs
AMQ-1191JDBC based Master/Slave not supported for TransactSQL based databases (SQL Server and Sybase)
AMQ-1492SET AUTOCOMMIT TO OFF is no longer supported Postgre8.1 Error
AMQ-1514Patch HTTP connector to support proxy authentication if proxyUsername and proxyPassword provided
AMQ-1540Patch to trim spaces from entry fields in web console app
AMQ-1905Method required: ObjectName[] ConnectionViewMBean.getConsumers()
AMQ-1907Method required: ObjectName SubscriptionViewMBean.getConnection()
AMQ-2229Remove warnings from CSS file
AMQ-2535Jetty SSL configuration
AMQ-2741Provide visibility onto destination SlowConsumerStrategy via JMX
AMQ-2845log4j conf reload via JMX ignores log4j.configuration setting
AMQ-2911Option to make all consumers retroactive
AMQ-2961Audit, test and update libraries in latest Apache ActiveMQ distribution
AMQ-3074Expose TransportConnection.stopping
AMQ-3116Unicode characters are not shown correctly in message body
AMQ-3135ActiveMQ.Advisory.Connection messages should contain client ip/host
AMQ-3137Outbound bridges should handle remote connectivity problems at startup
AMQ-3173Better representation of ActiveMQMessage messages on server page message.jsp
AMQ-3224Redelivery per destination
AMQ-3227Support synchronous sending in ActiveMQ streams
AMQ-3322Minor code improvements in security module
AMQ-3326Synchronization point in RegionBroker adding and removing producers and consumers
AMQ-3339Allow for an option to bound the number of GC'd Destinations when using gcInactiveDestinations=true
AMQ-3383Add a string property (token) to ConnectionControl so the broker could potentially communicate a security token to a client after it authenticates
AMQ-3406Enable BrokerServiceAware support for DiscoveryAgent
AMQ-3410AbstractAmqCommand should allow the connection factory to be changed
AMQ-3412activemq-camel bundle dosen't need to export the package of
AMQ-3415Show message timestamp in the RSS pubDate field in Web console
AMQ-3436Support prioritization of messages pending dispatch
AMQ-3439NetworkConnectorViewMBean doesn't expose suppressDuplicateQueueSubscriptions and suppressDuplicateTopicSubscriptions
AMQ-3449Add Stomp v1.1 support
AMQ-3464XML view for subscribers in admin console
AMQ-3474Investigate further onUsageChange flushing for FilePendingMessageCursor
AMQ-3482Make PooledConnectionFactory's sessionPool non-blocking in case its full
AMQ-3483Cleanup TODOs "Auto-generated catch block" to improve the quality of Tag List Report
AMQ-3486Add check to prevent Durable Subscriptions on Session that are in Individual Ack mode
AMQ-3500Setting destination options should validate against typos
AMQ-3508SSL and TLS - Support list of included and excluded protocols
AMQ-3512Using browse command fails when a message with an array of bytes is encountered
AMQ-3533mKahaDB, allow the directory of a filtered destination to be specified, such that destination journals can be split across disks
AMQ-3554activemq:create should use name as argument in place of option
AMQ-3558Allow the base network consumer priority to be configured on a networkConnector
AMQ-3573Hardcoded defaults for systemUsage not suitable for out of the box
AMQ-3574Enable systemUsage configuration in activemq.xml out of the box
AMQ-3609Turn inactivity monitor thread off by default
AMQ-3615Advisory broker replay of destination advisories needs to distinguish temp destination from regular destination
AMQ-3638Add LFU page cache as an option for kahaDB
AMQ-3639Modify MKahaDB To support using one adapter per destination without explicitly listing every destination in the configuration
AMQ-3646Allow KahaDB to run without disk syncs, higher throughput without the JMS persistence guarantee
AMQ-3667Use 1G heap by default and UseDedicatedTaskRunner=false
AMQ-3682Karaf commands should try using --jmxlocal by default
AMQ-3683Enhance the InactivityMonitor shutdown logic
AMQ-3696Slave broker cannot be stopped in a JDBC Master/Slave configuration within OSGi
AMQ-3703Replace use of class Valve with standard JDK ReentrantReadWriteLock in class Topic
AMQ-3705When a destination is removed all the advisory topics for that destination should also be removed
AMQ-3714getScheduler():Scheduler of class org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnection should use lazy initialisation
AMQ-3718Thread pool turnover is to heavy due to Executor configuration
AMQ-3750Add a hint when storing a message so a message store can optimise message storage if the message is likely to be consumed quickly
AMQ-3770Generalize LDAP group processing / LDAP group expansion
AMQ-3772Add levelDB store support to Fuse MQ Enterprise
AMQ-3786Add support for MQTT
AMQ-3788getStatus on ActiveMQConnectionFactory is not implemented
AMQ-3813Limit the number of producers and consumers created by a Connection
AMQ-3847Optional import for org.apache.activemq.pool in activemq-camel should be required
AMQ-3859Too tight version range in activemq features file
AMQ-3861Offer a way to not set a transaction manager in activemq-camel
AMQ-3878Reset stats automatically without dependency on JMX / Java APIs
AMQ-3893Adjust topic policy entry in default configuration
AMQ-3913Stomp Spec allows for stomp headers to have spaces in key or value we currently trim
AMQ-3914Add support for MS SQL JDBC driver 4.0
AMQ-3971Remove System.out.println from ActiveMQConnection
AMQ-3972Add an isDisposed check before calling propagateFailureToExceptionListener in FailoverTransport
AMQ-3983Fix OSGi dependency
AMQ-3986Allow optimizeDurableTopicPrefetch to be set using resource adapter properties
AMQ-3991Output version number in started log line to be consistent
AMQ-4003Add option to PooledConnectionFactory to control if connection should be created on start-up or not
AMQ-4004activemq-pool - Rename maximumActive option maximumActiveSessionPerConnection
AMQ-4008Tomcat WARN on shutdown about ThreadLocal not cleared from log4j
AMQ-4011Refactor IntrospectionSupport to avoid using Java bean property editors
AMQ-4012Use english locale for introspection support when discovering setter/getter method names
AMQ-4015Add uptime to broker mbean and when stopping broker to report its uptime
AMQ-4016Seems like static thread pool is not used in org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory
AMQ-4019Make better use of commons-pool in activemq-pool
AMQ-4026Refactor logic to shutdown thread pools using a single API to ensure better shutdown and offer logging et all
AMQ-4027Add support for Java 7 in AbstractJmxCommand
AMQ-4029Unregistering mbean should handle null mbean names
AMQ-4049Polish the start|stop logging
AMQ-4063Trim RAR to not included Derby JAR
AMQ-4067Prefix Thread names with ActiveMQ
AMQ-4177browseMessages() fails when using Jolokia to browse JMX
AMQ-1928Limit the maximum number of connections to a broker
AMQ-2455Need a facility to retry JMS connections to a foreign provider by the ActiveMQ JMS bridge
AMQ-2570Apache Karaf support
AMQ-3236In the case of DLQ processing due to an exception from onMessage, provide the exception string as a message property
AMQ-3298Cannot create bridge to WebSphere queue using default messaging provider
AMQ-3623Add DefaultTestAppender utility abstract class
AMQ-3632Allow easy creation of purely static bridges
AMQ-3769Support doing non-blocking sends that uses an async callback that gets notified when the send has been received by the broker
AMQ-3917Apache ActiveMQ should support multiple durable subscriptions per Stomp client
AMQ-4005Implement pluggable broker lockers
AMQ-4162Provide JMX visibility into options applied via destination name query parameters
MB-1031Contention on a mutex during a stress when using SimpleAuthenticationPlugin
MB-1077Improve failover clustering so we can better support active-active setups
MB-1092Add troubleshooting,diagnostic script to capture commonly needed broker runtime environment data
MB-1094Add authenticated username info in ConnectionViewMBean and SubscriptionViewMBean
MB-1103activemq feature.xml use old org.apache.aries.transaction.manager bundle cause intermittent hang on some platform
MB-1128ActiveMQ dynamic failover randomizes client connect string causing imbalance
MB-1145Incorrect paths used in wrapper.conf
MB-1150Create a wrapper for use in a 64bit environment
MB-1155The broker's message group feature should rebalance the message distribution when new consumers added
MB-1156Add support for lease based lock to jdbc persistent adapter
MB-1157Support for more sophisticated redelivery semantics
MB-1158Support for secure websockets transport connector
MB-1187Allow REST API to connect to the secured broker
MB-1188REST API support for application/json as content type
MB-1193Allow compression of messages across network of brokers
MB-1195Reduce maxRows default value from 10,000 to a lower value like 200 in JDBC persistence adapter
MB-1210Websocket transport: support increasing the max size of websocket messages
MB-1219Enable IndividualDeadLetterStrategy to be able to use a suffix option
MB-707Distribute a 64-bit version of Java Service Wrapper
MB-844Please add the user name in the "User name or password is invalid" error line
MB-848Please enhance STOMP message logging so that only STOMP Frames may be redirected to another file
MB-887Implement nio+ssl transport
MB-896Pooled connections causes Temporary Destination leaks since connections don't get closed
MB-902Broker does not check for expired persistent topic messages
MB-911Exposing subscription statistics through Statistics plug-in
MB-930Guard debug logging in message expiry task in AcitveMQ to avoid unnecessary loading the messages into memory
MB-942Update activemq-admin usage to include info on how to change JMX access
MB-943Confusion around discoveryAgent - Rendez-Vous
MB-952Fuse MQ Enterprise cannot determine between Queue and Topic for Weblogic destination
MB-969Change prefetch size limit for topics from 32766 to 32767
MB-973The rar distribution is missing the slf4j-log4j jar file
MB-975Upgrade our http transport implementation from using HttpCommon v3.1 to HttpCore/HttpClient v4.x
MB-984Improve ActiveMQ's XSD to allow elements to appear in any order
MB-986Add IP address of clients to ERROR messages created within transport layer
MB-988Enhance HTTP transport connector to support message compression
MB-994Exclude network connectors from sendFailIfNoSpace on producer flow control
MB-995Added masterslave configuration for networkConnectors to simplify master/slave pair configuration
MB-1022Please create an inactivity monitor on STOMP 1.0
MB-1076Add ability to do priority failover and fallback, using the backup facility in the Failover transport
MB-859Add support for wildcards for LDAP authorization map
MB-905Durable subscribers that are disconnected and haven't tried connecting for some time could get unsubscribed automatically
MB-920Add ability for KahaDB log files to be created on a per-destination basis
MB-962Please add support for JMS option consumer.exclusive
MB-967Broker to persist JMSRedelivered flag
MB-990Allow virtual topic interceptor to ignore messages that are received over network connector

Table 6.3 lists the enhancements between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 6.3. Routing Enhancements in 7.1

CAMEL-1260should we use endpoints for errors thrown by things like ScheduledPollConsumer - so folks can choose to log them, route them, or just ignore them
CAMEL-3211Enrich and PollEnrich - Option to let it poll multiple messages
CAMEL-3496camel-bindy - Make it easier to use by getting rid of List<Map> structure and other improvements
CAMEL-4014cxf:rsServer requires class instead of interface in the serviceClass attribute
CAMEL-4152jdbc idempotent repository - table creation
CAMEL-4230BeanProcessor - Improved exception message if failed to invoke method
CAMEL-4279Add support for the new TLS for spring-ws if possible
CAMEL-4297Add errorHandler option for DMLC to camel-jms
CAMEL-4300camel-cache - Make it possible to specify cache operation / key in endpoint uri
CAMEL-4303Add camel-netty option to configure whether the server needs client auth when using SSL
CAMEL-4577Create a scheduled batch polling consumer
CAMEL-4602file/ftp consumer - The filter option should be able to work on directories as well
CAMEL-4603Messages after a split() should not keep attachments
CAMEL-4641CxfEndpoint didn't support some kind of feature when dataFormat=MESSAGE
CAMEL-4665Add support for Camel JSSE Configuration Util to Mail component
CAMEL-4680Check for clash with multiple consumers when starting a new route manually using startRoute
CAMEL-4693http4 Component not exposing HttpContext
CAMEL-4770Add startAsync option to JMS consumer endpoint to allow route to be started, but the connection to the remote broker occurs async
CAMEL-4779Make Ant path matching in file / FTP component easier to use
CAMEL-4782Add ManagedIdempotentConsumerBean with additional details such as duplicate detected
CAMEL-4799Umbrella ticket for XPath improvements
CAMEL-4804Add replyTo option to camel mail component
CAMEL-4809interceptSendToEndpoint with predicate and skip
CAMEL-4849Properties component - Add option to ignore non existing resources
CAMEL-4853camel-mina - Make it easier to use a custom thread pool for the consumer
CAMEL-4865Camel archetypes - Add camel-test at test scope in generated pom.xml
CAMEL-4868Add feature for camel-context component
CAMEL-4873camel-twitter: Twitter4J response objects as Exchange body
CAMEL-4874camel archetypes - The Java and Scala archetypes should not have Spring included
CAMEL-4875The package scan for RouteBuilder classes should not include anonymous inner classes
CAMEL-4880Add streaming update support to Camel-Solr
CAMEL-4881Add support to camel-solr for SolrInputDocument objects in the message body
CAMEL-4884Make velocity logging configurable
CAMEL-4889KratiProducer should not assume key to be of String type
CAMEL-4890camel-solr - Should use dynamic assigned port numbers for testing
CAMEL-4914camel-test-blueprint - Make it possible for end users to easier specify the blueprint XML file to use for testing
CAMEL-4919Testing headers in multiple messages
CAMEL-4931Improve column display in camel:route-list and similar Karaf commands
CAMEL-4932Twitter component improvements
CAMEL-4933camel-test - CamelTestSupport should not have any Spring dependency
CAMEL-4934CamelBeanPostProcessor - Move from camel-spring to camel-core to make it reuseable by others such as camel-blueprint and camel-test
CAMEL-4936camel-test-blueprint - Add support for using @EndpointInject et all in the unit test class
CAMEL-4937camel-maven-archetypes - The maven archetypes should not WARN about platform depend encoding
CAMEL-4939camel-test - Move CamelSpringTestSupport to a new camel-test-spring component
CAMEL-4940camel archetypes - Add camel-test, camel-test-spring, camel-test-blueprint as test scoped to the generated pom.xml
CAMEL-4944Add support of marshal/unmarshal JSON with Google Gson library
CAMEL-4946Management - Get performance statistics as XML per CamelContext or per Route
CAMEL-4952Main class in camel-core, should be easier to configure a custom Registry, or add beans to the registry
CAMEL-4953Add interface to allow processors in routes to be notified that a shutdown is in progress
CAMEL-4955Camel should run in a Java 7 environment
CAMEL-4957camel-archetype-java - Should setup a pure Java based project
CAMEL-4962Add messageId as key for MDC logging
CAMEL-4965Allow to configure rollback logging level on TX error handler
CAMEL-4968Expose Transacted Redeliveries statistic in JMX
CAMEL-4971Add camelId as function to simple language
CAMEL-4990SimpleExpression should trim the string before parsing
CAMEL-4993Add session information from cometd to camel message headers
CAMEL-4994UnsupportedOperationException thrown if @Consume method is not public
CAMEL-4997Method call expression with bean type uses the toString to lookup a bean instead
CAMEL-5001Remove shareUnitOfWork from recipient list EIP
CAMEL-5002BaseTypeConverter blocks when getting type converter
CAMEL-5003Add support of generated keys retrieval in JDBC component
CAMEL-5007PropertiesComponent on errorHandler properties
CAMEL-5010Remove OSGi environment detection logging from camel-spring
CAMEL-5011Deprecate the lazyLoadingTypeConverter option as loading TC is now fast
CAMEL-5012Starting and stopping Camel should be less verbose
CAMEL-5016Support the Jetty8 API of ServletContextHandler.addFilter
CAMEL-5017Let user choice how to group the lines in the StreamConsumer
CAMEL-5018Support unmarshall of CSV files that does not contain all fields described in the annotated POJO
CAMEL-5019Create a camel-mongodb Karaf feature
CAMEL-5028Using adviceWith in CamelSpringTestSupport
CAMEL-5029Allow customizing list of bundles for camel-test-blueprint
CAMEL-5030Allow smpp connection to be tunnelled through HTTP proxy
CAMEL-5032Java RouteBuilder configuring context scoped error handler should not be a fluent builder
CAMEL-5037Add support for the JSSE Configuration Utility to the Mina 2 component
CAMEL-5039Make WeightedRandomLoadBalancer really random
CAMEL-5042Shutting down a thread pool should remove the thread pool from JMX if it was enlisted
CAMEL-5044Use the openjpa-maven-plugin instead of maven-antrun-plugin to enhance the JPA entities for OpenJPA
CAMEL-5047Clean up MDC property names
CAMEL-5050Create LevelDB Aggregator Component
CAMEL-5052DefaultUnitOfWork should copy headers from the original message if it's a JmsMessage
CAMEL-5055Offer a way to not set a transaction manager in camel-jms
CAMEL-5056Remove fluent builders on BeanDefinition as they are not used
CAMEL-5059Advice with - mock endpoints - should allow to skip send to original endpoint
CAMEL-5068Allow to configure cache option on propertiesPlaceholder in XML DSL
CAMEL-5072Shutting down scheduled poll consumer should shutdown self managed thread pool, as its no longer needed
CAMEL-5073Add camel-jt400 to features
CAMEL-5074Add option to newSingleThreadExecutor to allow thread pool to shrink to 0 in case task is not needed to run all the time
CAMEL-5079Thread pools configured on EIPs should be shutdown and removed if possible when the route is removed
CAMEL-5081org.apache.camel.component.mybatis.MyBatisBatchConsumerTest.testBatchConsumer() fails unpredictable
CAMEL-5082camel-printer: more than one lpr + JobName + mockito
CAMEL-5090WireTap EIP - Sending to destination should support error handler
CAMEL-5091Do not register ProducerCache in JMX as they don't bring much value
CAMEL-5099Timer component - Should use thread name pattern so the thread name is aligned with the Camel threads
CAMEL-5100Add option autogenColumns to csv data format in XML DSL
CAMEL-5101Add some of the performance stats to the CamelContextMBean
CAMEL-5105Add the options configRef and strategyRef to csv data format in XML DSL
CAMEL-5117camel-twitter - Allow to configure twitter connection on component level
CAMEL-5121Add LifecycleSupport class for end users to use as base class
CAMEL-5124Use the forkedProcessTimeoutInSeconds option in maven-surefire-plugin to prevent hanging processes on Windows
CAMEL-5126Improve the exception message if the throttlers header key/value is null
CAMEL-5128Using custom NodeIfFactory should be auto discovered with XML DSL
CAMEL-5134Add support for referring to headers using square brackets to Simple language
CAMEL-5135Support excluding POJO fields during JSON marshalling
CAMEL-5136File producer should support a flush attribute
CAMEL-5143Add a new camel-mybatis statementType of InsertList to allow for mybatis foreach driven batch insert statements
CAMEL-5146Let ValueBuilder be a predicate to make it easier to use predicates in the Java DSL
CAMEL-5147In the Java DSL method call expressions should be consistent and use method, and not bean as done in some places
CAMEL-5149The default injector should perform bean post processing to setup @Produce and the likes on the bean
CAMEL-5150In camel-netty remove options for pool size as Netty and rely on default implementation
CAMEL-5166In camel-csv add an option to skip first line when unmarshalling
CAMEL-5167onException policy within global context lost when error handler redefined within route context
CAMEL-5170Add support for delete event in camel-zookeeper
CAMEL-5171Favor static methods for type converters provided by Apache Camel components
CAMEL-5173In camel-cxf remove convert from String -> List that assume its classes
CAMEL-5174Avoid using org.apache.activemq.util.ListEditor with Apache Camel type converters
CAMEL-5175Add utilization statistic to base type converter to gain better insight
CAMEL-5176CxfProducer should not always leverage toList type converter to find out the parameters for invocation
CAMEL-5177Avoid parsing URI each time when getting uri from endpoint
CAMEL-5178IOException: No space left on device exception swallowed by camel
CAMEL-5184Faster testing with seda endpoints by shutting down seda endpoints faster
CAMEL-5185Disable the update checker of hazelcast
CAMEL-5188Ensure all EIPs out of the box is enlisted in JMX and they expose performance stats
CAMEL-5189The Bean component should preserve properties from exchange to allow to transfer state
CAMEL-5198Implement connection pooling in jt400 component
CAMEL-5202Add option eagerLimitMaxMessagesPerPoll
CAMEL-5208Optimize type converters for primitive types
CAMEL-5211The netty consumer should use the non blocking routing engine
CAMEL-5216ConvertBodyTo should reset message type like transform EIP does
CAMEL-5217Bundle filter configuration in CamelBlueprintTestSupport
CAMEL-5220Using JdbcDataSourceName with Quickfix component
CAMEL-5230In camel-test-blueprint add support for using blueprint property placeholders
CAMEL-5232In xslt component, if using http scheme for XSLT schema, then add support for query parameters in the http url
CAMEL-5241Sanitize URI in debug messages
CAMEL-5242In camel-jsch (a.k.a camel-scp) component doesn't support public-private key based authentication
CAMEL-5243jt400: program call should support binary format
CAMEL-5245Expose ManagementName in JMX API of ManagedCamelContextMBean
CAMEL-5247Allow to send sync with quickfix, and detect send failures which should be marked as exceptions
CAMEL-5249Include camel-blueprint in the camel feature
CAMEL-5252Improved OGNL invocation with simple expression as functions for parameters
CAMEL-5254Apache Camel Commands for the Apache Karaf shell should work with Apache Karaf 3
CAMEL-5255Add all SNMPv1 TRAP PDU information to message body for camel-snmp component
CAMEL-5262Relax simple language checking for function start/end tokens, to only validate start tokens has appropriate end token
CAMEL-5264SNMP-Component doesn't response to INFORM-Traps
CAMEL-5267Improve camel-jaxb to be able to set a custom NameSpacePrefixMapper
CAMEL-5270Add community and peer address of SNMP TRAP PDUs to camel-snmp header
CAMEL-5275Dependencies with inconsistent paths in repository
CAMEL-5287Add ExchangeSendingEvent to event notifier
CAMEL-5289ExchangeSentEvent should emit only trigger when callback done, to cater for late async replies
CAMEL-5291Sanitize endpoint uri being logged in toString
CAMEL-5294DSL expressions should auto trim
CAMEL-5295Add support for escaping values to simple language
CAMEL-5297Create a new component via Scala-Component-Archetype
CAMEL-5308Main is bound to DefaultCamelContext
CAMEL-5310Add more logging when using SSLContextConfiguration
CAMEL-5314camel jclouds blobstore streaming support
CAMEL-5324File consumer - Always include markerFile as readlock
CAMEL-5326camel-bindy - Do not use locale if not explicit configured
CAMEL-5330Support Camel-CXFs Provider's null response handling
CAMEL-5340Add support for cross-origin filtering
CAMEL-5343Improve Camel AWS-S3 to be able to only pick up specific files
CAMEL-5347Add a component to support MQTT
CAMEL-5351Support for tweeting with a StatusUpdate object
CAMEL-5365SOAPMessage to InputStream conversion needed for some CXF SOAPMessage Provider scenarios
CAMEL-5371We should create a new context per server
CAMEL-5380CamelBlueprintHelper should provide a method for adding a customized TinyBundle
CAMEL-5386Allow to create scheduled thread pool in threadPool and ThreadPoolBuilder
CAMEL-5390Option to assign unique correlation ID to JMS messages
CAMEL-5392Optimize bean expression with local introspection cache to avoid re introspection when not needed
CAMEL-5395camel-stream - Should ignore null bodies
CAMEL-5407Better error message when trying to write a null body as file
CAMEL-5430Remove un-necessary connections to the Twitter API
CAMEL-5436Cache expects string in CacheKey header
CAMEL-5444In camel-jms, log at INFO level if shared replyTo queues are in use, as they are not as fast as temporary or exclusive queues
CAMEL-5450XSLT calls newTransformer per request
CAMEL-5460MockEndpoint.expectedBodiesReceivedInAnyOrder() should allow asserting on the multiple arrival for the SAME body
CAMEL-5480QuickFix session logs in before Camel routes are started
CAMEL-5508Optimize property placeholder resolution at runtime to lookup configured properties component once
CAMEL-5513Add option to changed readLock to denote whether a zero file size is accepted or not
CAMEL-5528Improve how the AWS-SQS component create a new queue with additional attributes
CAMEL-5529Shutdown Twitter instance if endpoint is shutdown
CAMEL-5530Suggestion to replace HBaseContants class with HBaseConstants interface and other minor changes
CAMEL-5531Adding new eventNotifiers to a CamelContext from a separate thread while a CamelContext is starting (e.g. in OSGi) can lead to ConcurrentModificationException
CAMEL-5533Add loggingErrorHandler support to Scala DSL
CAMEL-5545Support key password for private key access in XMLSecurity
CAMEL-5561Allow camel:run to auto detect OSGI-INF/*.xml for blueprint XML files or META-INF/beans.xml for CDI to avoid users having to customize camel-maven-plugin configuration on a per project basis
CAMEL-5563ExecutorServiceManager should shutdown thread pools less aggressively
CAMEL-5573RedeliverErrorHandler only needs thread pool if redelivery has been enabled in any way
CAMEL-5577In camel-quartz support the URL option startDelayedSeconds
CAMEL-5588Camel CXF bundle should be able to work with Aries 1.0 in OSGI
CAMEL-5596Using http and https to set the scheme of http4 client proxy
CAMEL-5607pax-logging should use the API from Camel to manage thread pool
CAMEL-5623Cache-Component doesn't work with decorated Caches
CAMEL-5624An exception when constructing JT400 endpoints should not leak the password
CAMEL-5633Camel bean method should be able to take out the annotation from interface
CAMEL-5638If consumer.bridgeErrorHandler is enabled then let leverage it if poll strategy does a rollback
CAMEL-5656JMXConnector is started async, should terminate thread after started to avoid keeping around
CAMEL-5676Allow custom listener container in camel-jms
CAMEL-5678It should be possible to clear the cached script in LanguageEndpoint via JMX
CAMEL-5688LRUCache should stop service on eviction of eldest entry
CAMEL-5689Netty should use ordered thread pool
CAMEL-5691In camel-smpp a possible NullPointerException causes inflight count to not deregister
CAMEL-5697camel-mongodb operations don't transfer header values from IN to OUT
CAMEL-5702In camel-netty the ordered thread pool should be shared
CAMEL-5703Pool Channels instead of producers to make producer singleton
CAMEL-5711Expose more elements of DeliverSM message to Consumer
CAMEL-5714Throw a meaningful exception when the conetxt component cannot create a right endpoint
CAMEL-5736Unary operators should be more lenient and only be applicable if previous node is a function expression
CAMEL-5739Camel should validate on adding routes that if id is set then it must be unique
CAMEL-5744Placeholders usage for QName types CXF endpoint attributes (BP version of CAMEL-4351)
CAMEL-5755CXF endpoint's parameter exceptionMessageCauseEnabled not working for Camel CXF endpoints
CAMEL-5763Enrich Camel message with JMSMessageID for InOnly messages sent to JMS destination
CAMEL-5767Camel Splitter eat up exceptions recorded by the underlying Scanner
CAMEL-5770RoutePolicySupport should provide some easy to use utility methods to suspend/resume routes as we have it already to start/stop routes
CAMEL-5781Limitaions on s3 component. no means to specify acl on created object. objects do not inherit acl from the bucket they belong to.
CAMEL-5783Option to add bundle directives in the generated test bundles by camel-test-blueprint
CAMEL-5784Preparing loaded properties should only trim whitespace
CAMEL-5785Add support for handling long/short lines in Fixed Width Files in the Flatpack DataFormat
CAMEL-5789AbstractJdbcMessageIdRepository should use the @ManagedResource and @ManagedOperation from Camel
CAMEL-5808Add option to set buffer size
CAMEL-5813Add support to convert from a Flatpack Dataset to an XML Document
CAMEL-5824HBase data access performance improvement
CAMEL-5838Erroneous option name in camel zookeeper component documentation: awaitCreation should be awaitExistence
CAMEL-5847Add converters for files or inputstreams
CAMEL-5108Need to be able to configure thread properties in camel-restlet in ESB
CAMEL-3547Custom "absorbing" PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
CAMEL-3551camel-fop component
CAMEL-3776Improve the performance for JAXB data format
CAMEL-3924Add support for CDI
CAMEL-4017Continue development of camel-twitter
CAMEL-4093pop3 component parameter deliverRawMailMessage
CAMEL-4160MockEndpoint - Add options to only keep X first / last messages
CAMEL-4309Add option to destroy the message listener in an async thread
CAMEL-4498camel websocket component
CAMEL-4713Create a component for SSH
CAMEL-4743Create a component for Hbase
CAMEL-4859Create a component for Apache Avro
CAMEL-4878Create a component for MongoDB
CAMEL-4923Support Amazon DynamoDB in our camel-aws component
CAMEL-4930Provide a Data Format to convert XML <-> JSON directly (json-lib)
CAMEL-4964BeanIO dataformat
CAMEL-4987Provide first-class support for end-users using Spring Test based unit tests
CAMEL-4998Provide the timeout option for the SpringWebserviceProducer
CAMEL-5015Add support for keyed data queues
CAMEL-5020Add support for scp
CAMEL-5043Provision for setting a custom SessionStateListener
CAMEL-5057A new stub component for easily unit testing with sending messages to/from an in-memory message queued endpoint
CAMEL-5071Add SolrJ DirectXmlRequest support to camel-solr
CAMEL-5145Support cdi annotations in beans / camel-cdi refactor
CAMEL-5155Support JCR Component as Consumer
CAMEL-5168Should support OSGi blueprint to run that easily out of container, using the pojosr framework
CAMEL-5226Ability to set an Element's ttl and perhaps other properties when performing an add would be nice
CAMEL-5266Add a camel karaf command to list camel endpoints
CAMEL-5280Add option isSecure to allow to support wss protocol of WebSocket
CAMEL-5298Support for delaySeconds property on SQS producer endpoints
CAMEL-5306Support for sending ChangeMessageVisibility calls while processing SQS messages
CAMEL-5311Spring Batch component
CAMEL-5341Guava event bus integration
CAMEL-5349Make it easy to provider override properties from unit tests
CAMEL-5369Add wildcard support for karaf camel commands
CAMEL-5370New simple component for synchronous, cross-context messaging
CAMEL-5373Add statistics to Karaf CamelContext info command
CAMEL-5374Support searches on Twitter Search consumer endpoint based on Produced Exchange
CAMEL-5385Allow developers to configure shared thread pool for scheduled consumers
CAMEL-5403Type converter for NodeList with size 1 to Node
CAMEL-5521Add option to file/ftp producer to move any existing file before writing
CAMEL-5575Add new HttpEndpoint Option httpHeaderFilterStrategy on Http4 component
CAMEL-5583Add ning-compress as data format
CAMEL-5696camel-mongodb write operations should have configurable option to put WriteResult in header
CAMEL-5812Add getContext() method to ProducerTemplate interface
CAMEL-4470Expose load statistics in Camel Karaf command
CAMEL-4471Expose load statistics in Camel Web console
CAMEL-4867Create camel-twitter feature
CAMEL-5061Cleanup camel-websocket code a bit and ensure resources are deallocated when stopping
CAMEL-5062Refer the Java Collection API classes by their interfaces and not through a specific given implementation
CAMEL-5339camel-mail should exclude activation from dependency as its part of JDK now
CAMEL-5384WireTap EIP is not backwards compatible with older releases
CAMEL-5534OSGi split package org.apache.camel.component, both camel-core and camel-spring export
CAMEL-5600RestletEndpoint updates it's URI with a list of a comma seperated values of the restlet Methods which ends with a comma character
CAMEL-5276Wish ObjectHelper wouldn't return false for a node without children
MR-536Camel error handler logging - Should include MessageId as it can help end users to detect redelivery of JMS messages etc.
MR-566Unmarshal data format should allow to return Message or Exchange
MR-574Allow to explicitly configure management name pattern for Apache Camel in JMX
MR-578SedaConsumer should not poll if CamelContext is starting
MR-584JmsConsumer make it less verbose logging in case of an exception or TX rollback
MR-585Remove format option on c24 data format as its not in use
MR-602Allow to configure frequency of timeout checker when doing request/reply over JMS
MR-604Aggregate EIP - Add support for TimeoutAwareAggregationStrategy
MR-606Improve Type Converter
MR-610Make it easy to use the splitter to split files by a number of lines into groups
MR-611Misleading error message was thrown by camel-quartz component if camelContext ID was not unique
MR-612Add the ability to determine if a Synchronization instance is part of a given Exchange instance
MR-613Add a new interface CompletionAwareAggregationStrategy to allow invoker to be notified about the completion of an aggregation sequence
MR-620Backport CAMEL-4950 to Fuse Camel 2.9 branch
MR-621Failover EIP should detect graceful shutdown and prevent further failover attempts, to break out
MR-623camel-restlet should preserve headers
MR-637Camel Maven Archetype should generate source code without any license headers
MR-638camel-hdfs component should have some way of specifying number of retries or a timeout when HDFS file system is not available
MR-639Backport support for soapjaxb dataformat to Fuse MR 2.9.0 & if possible 2.8.0 as well
MR-657CxfConsumer should avoid using the async invocation with the decouple endpoints transport
MR-659Make the Output stream size configurable in
MR-674Improve router ftp poll speed for case when directory contains many files and readLock=changed
MR-676Fuse MR Scala DSL splitter doesn't provide tokenizeXML
MR-677Allow concurrentConsumers on listener on request/reply over JMS

Table 6.4 lists the enhancements between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 6.4. Web services Enhancements in 7.1

CXF-1636Have WSS4J in/out interceptors require nonces and timestamps when using UsernameTokens?
CXF-3141Move FIQL parser out to separate module
CXF-3352Move org.apache.cxf.clustering out of cxf-core and into a separate project
CXF-3380JAX-RS: Support writing to DataSources
CXF-3520CXF support for cross domain SSO based on SAML token
CXF-3596Update FailoverTargetSelector to do optional time delays between retries and retrying the same address for a number of times
CXF-3813Possibiblity to only validate requests and/or responses
CXF-3983OSGi configs for WorkQueues should use the ManagedServiceFactory pattern
CXF-3985Support for attributes with multiple values in LdapClaimsHandler
CXF-4010Add ability to specific EncryptionProperties per STS instance
CXF-4014Refactor OSGi classes for better readability
CXF-4030externalize configuration of
CXF-4032Optimize imports of cxf bundles and feature file for individual bundles
CXF-4033Interceptor and Features annotations require context classloader
CXF-4038Support XML Signatures on the server to the client path
CXF-4039If the wsdlLocation is not a valid URL, you class.getResource(...)
CXF-4047OAuthContext should provide an access to OAuthPermissions
CXF-4048Make cxf-rt-indings-soap independent of cxf-tools-common
CXF-4049Check external CryptoProvider from message context properties in Wss4jInInterceptor
CXF-4059OAuth 2-leg flows can not be supported properly
CXF-4062Enabling custom claim parser
CXF-4065The CXF-API should not depend on other cxf modules
CXF-4069JAXB DataTypeAdapter should be in its own project
CXF-4073Support multiple policy interceptor providers per policy assertion
CXF-4081Move transports common (GZIP feature) into core
CXF-4092Confusing error message "No initiator token id" in AssymetricBindingHandler
CXF-4100OAuthDataProvider is too limited with respect to dealing with the final authorization approval
CXF-4101Minimize use of dynamic import
CXF-4102Logging interceptors should show the binary content only when requested
CXF-4107JsonpInIinterceptor should set a default callback value if no callback query parameter is available
CXF-4116Equal URI templates should use a string comparison as the last step
CXF-4119support Certificates revocation check before encrypt when use CXF WS-SecurityPolicy
CXF-4120JMS Transport content-type should be consistent with the HTTP transport
CXF-4134GZIPOutInterceptor compiles Patterns constantly; they should be compiled once and reused
CXF-4138Fix the build hung of samples/jax_rs/minimal_osgi
CXF-4143Make class name of PolicyBasedWSS4JOutInterceptorInternal externally available
CXF-4145Add the ability to restrict what algorithms were used for encryption/signature
CXF-4146Add the ability to use the same Encryption/Signature algorithms as was received
CXF-4152Make cxf-codegen-plugin m2e compatible
CXF-4156Support SymmetricKeys for Entropy/BinarySecret Elements
CXF-4157Support batch processing via RequestSecurityTokenCollection.
CXF-4158Support the renewal binding in the STS
CXF-4160Support signing a SAML token using the requested signature and canonicalization algorithm
CXF-4161Support processing a UseKey Element that uses a SecurityTokenReference to another token
CXF-4167Configure CORS allowOrigins addresses in XML
CXF-4168Support processing a KeyInfo/KeyValue child of UseKey in a RequestSecurityToken
CXF-4169make nested exception causes available at the client
CXF-4176preserve namespace prefixes in Transform Feature to support QName resolution for content
CXF-4180LogUtils should default to CXF's Slf4jLogger if it can't find Log4J or JCL driver
CXF-4182Make jaxws.provider.interpretNullAsOneway property configurable using a string value
CXF-4184JMS transport w/ Text messages could stay as text
CXF-4189Exception by None address in ReplyTo header for request-response MEP
CXF-4210WS-Notification cannot send custom types
CXF-4215Move Claim annotations from rt-rs-security-xml to the api module
CXF-4217Introduce Nullable annotations to override the default handling of empty payloads by JAXB providers
CXF-4218Change RMEndpoint and RMStore so that the sequences are recovered with the correct protocol versions and monitored under their endpoint
CXF-4219Switch to using EhCache for the SecurityToken caching solution in the cxf-rt-ws-security module
CXF-4221Support FIQL JPA Visitors
CXF-4223Extend fault policy interceptors with POLICY_OVERRIDE
CXF-4225Update JAXB providers to support Listener properties
CXF-4229Make upgrading the WS-RM's RMTxStore's tables definitions easier
CXF-4230Update Javadoc of GZIPFeature
CXF-4236Changing Maven Name for CXF-Services from CXF Runtime to CXF Services
CXF-4246replace asm:asm by a shaded jar
CXF-4248DocLiteralInInterceptor throws NPE if oneWay operation sends non-empty response
CXF-4249Add to RMTxStore configuration options for schema name and datasource
CXF-4252cxf:list-endpoints karaf command should also have a busid column
CXF-4256Improve the optional generation of enum classes by WADL generator
CXF-4257Should catch RejectedExecutionException in WS-Addr's rebaseReponse as done in OneWayProcessorInterceptor
CXF-4261Add maxRetries option to WS-RM's retry logic
CXF-4270Store bus-id with the endpoint name in WS-RM's RMTxStore to correctly recover two endpoints with the same endpoint name
CXF-4274Support useReqSigCert for encrypting the responses from JAX-RS endpoints
CXF-4276Make WS-RM's default store instance RMTxStore to be shareable
CXF-4282Make additional properties of WS-RM's RMTxStore configurable using spring and blueprint namespace handlers
CXF-4287Modify -validate flag of wsdl2java to allow turning off all validation
CXF-4290Allow user-specified classloader for JAXRSClientFactory
CXF-4304Complete WSA support for STS client configuration via EPR
CXF-4308Add option for disabling STS client WS-MEX invocation using WSA EPR address
CXF-4311WADL to Java generator should try to create unique method names when no method ids are available
CXF-4314Introduce a search bean which can hold properties with different names
CXF-4320Add the ClaimsAttributeStatementProvider by default to the SAMLTokenProvider
CXF-4322Update RequestDispatcherProvider to do the basic discovery of view handlers based on the current class name
CXF-4323Should use documented Jetty continuation API
CXF-4326Remove the XPathFactory.newInstance from XPathUtils' constructor to improve the performance a bit
CXF-4327Add blueprint support on the cxf-clustering
CXF-4330Enforce that received IssuedTokens contain the required claims
CXF-4332Add an option to validate access tokens against remote OAuth2 AccessTokenServices
CXF-4338config option to allow suppression of server version display in http response headers
CXF-4343Remove static maps in AbstractResourceInfo
CXF-4344Provide simplifications and shortcuts in CXF STS configuration
CXF-4345Allow user-specified feature for JAXRSClientFactory
CXF-4350CXF JMS transport should support to JAXRS fontend client out of box
CXF-4358Support KeyValueTokens via the Transport binding
CXF-4361Add support for processing EncryptWith and SignWith parameters in a RST to the STS
CXF-4362Add a reconnect option in WS-RM RMTxStore
CXF-4363JMS transport uses the "clientReceiveTimeout" on server side
CXF-4370Support the ability to decrypt encrypted Assertions for SAML Web SSO
CXF-4377Allow CXF "servlets" to be used as Filters
CXF-4390JAXRS Client runtime should be able to work with Local transport
CXF-4392Easier customization of log messages in Logging[In|Out]Interceptor
CXF-4394should add dependency='true' for spec bundles in cxf features.xml
CXF-4395ClaimsAttributeStatementProvider add claims for subject of onbehalf/actas
CXF-4398Handling of 303 redirections
CXF-4399Adding the to the ObjectName
CXF-4400AbstractHTTPServlet should be able to set custom redirect attributes and read specific static files
CXF-4413CXFNonSpringJAXRSServlet needs to support out fault interceptors and custom invokers
CXF-4415Update SearchContext to make it easy for users to do basic hierarchical queries
CXF-4419Add support for OAuth2 Resource owner password credentials Grant type
CXF-4423more flexibility in configuring httpconduit's tlsClientParameters in spring and blueprint
CXF-4431Add support for OAuth2 'mac' token type
CXF-4438more flexibility in configuring tlsServerParameters in spring and blueprint
CXF-4453Make the CryptoCoverageChecker easier to use for common signature verification and decryption use-cases
CXF-4479Improve "No namespace on "{0}" element" error message.
CXF-4485Provide optional support for inheriting WADL resource parameters
CXF-4488Making importing* packages by cxf-rf-databinding-jaxb optional in CXF 2.6
CXF-4490cxf-codegen-plugin does not detect changes in WSDL loaded from classpath
CXF-4495Extend SimpleAuthorizingInterceptor to check only configured roles
CXF-4497Configure WSDL generation to ignore jaxb.index and ObjectFactory
CXF-4501AtomPojoProvider should be able to get the entry content directly from POJO
CXF-4515maven java2ws plugin address configuration
CXF-4519Make it possible to specify schemas specific to individual types
CXF-4521Optimization for other stax implementations
CXF-4532Java First @Policy support bean references
CXF-4619cxf:list-endpoints - Duplicate headers if multiple endpoints installed
CXF-4622cxf:list-endpoints - Add option to list the full url of the service
SF-397JMX support of the CXF WS-Notification service
SF-422CXF JAXWS MTOM should be able to extract Content-Disposition and setName accordingly for AttachmentDataSource
CXF-2864Support UsernameToken derived keys
CXF-3635WS-Trust SPNego (WCF message level spnego)
CXF-3743register extensions with CXFNonSpringJaxrsServlet
CXF-3882Support for Claims transformation in validate or issue RST
CXF-4021Claims element support in RST for validate binding
CXF-4083Blueprint http-jetty
CXF-4084Blueprint http
CXF-4091add a robust in-only processing option for oneway call
CXF-4093NameIDFormat of SAML Subject configurable
CXF-4096add a robust in-only processing option for oneway call with WS-Addressing
CXF-4112Support for OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant
CXF-4151Support for OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials
CXF-4173Support for ClaimValue element of federation claims dialect added
CXF-4179Introduce ContextProvider extension
CXF-4209Server side message redelivery support for WS-RM
CXF-4212Support RBAC in JAX-WS WebServiceContext based on received SAML token
CXF-4359ParameterizedType#getActualTypeArguments() classes not added to the JAXBContext for JAX-RS providers
CXF-4460Support static claims globally and per endpoint
CXF-3589Support SAML Web SSO profile
CXF-3562Remove HttpURLConnection references from CXF JAX-RS client code
CXF-4076Remove the cxf-rt-bindings-http module
CXF-4079Move some optional JAX-RS providers to a separate module
CXF-4087Move SourceGenerator code to tools/wadlto and drop CodeGeneratorProvider
CXF-4135Allow xsd shema file as a jaxb binding file to pass into JAXB schmeCompiler
CXF-4198Move optional JSONProvider to rt-rs-extension-providers
CXF-4247Add cache for not found wrapper class to avoid trying load them for many times
CXF-4381Add optional DOM4J provider
CXF-4389Move FiqlParser to its own package
CXF-4430Make SpnegoAuthSupplier functionality reusable, add the server side filter
CXF-4428[OAuth1.0] allow to set response codes when throwing exception from OAuthDataProvider implementation

Table 6.5 lists the enhancements between 7.0.2 and 7.1.

Table 6.5. Container Enhancements in 7.1

ARIES-315Blueprint-cm and the cm-properties element
ARIES-467Internationalization of Apache Aries
ARIES-542Use of PlatformRepository in resolvers needs to be more flexible
ARIES-545Modelling classes are missing equals() methods
ARIES-557Resolver exception should include more information about nature of missing requirements
ARIES-567Create common utility method for service unregistration
ARIES-574Expose ModelledBundleResource
ARIES-581Provide a java6 parent
ARIES-583Update the application components to use the ext:default capability for default service implementations
ARIES-601Add service ranking to re-registered XA data source
ARIES-638Logging improvements in AriesApplicationManagerImpl
ARIES-649Move ServicePair from jndi to util so it can be used more widely
ARIES-652Improvements to IFile API
ARIES-657Enhanced support for custom scopes
ARIES-671Proxy code memory usage is high for generated interface proxys
ARIES-676Make Aries bundle modelling API consumable by non-OSGi clients
ARIES-686Implement the JMX spec MBeans using the whiteboard pattern
ARIES-701Use IdentityHashMap<Object,MBeanHolder> to map registered services to MBeanHolders
ARIES-702Use introspection to find the MBean interface
ARIES-713Support using a ScheduledExecutorService for blueprint that is in the service registry
ARIES-715Add support for InputStream based IDirectory
ARIES-716Allow plugins to extend the Aries Application Modeller
ARIES-722Enabling debug for blueprint itests is too hard
ARIES-740Add method to resolve without repositories to AriesApplicationResolver
ARIES-741JPA container should auto-enlist JTA XADatasources
ARIES-779AbstractPropertyPlaceHolder should be exported by blueprint-core
ARIES-786Ability to control the list of woven classes using system properties
ARIES-790Add a public API for injecting properties into a pre-created object
ARIES-792Add EJB Modeller code to the Standalone Application Modeller
ARIES-806Align Bundle-Name of the JMX Whiteboard bundle with other JMX bundles
ARIES-821Allow mixtures of interfaces and classes in proxys
ARIES-823Cope with badly written ObjectFactorys
ARIES-826Provide a hook into the proxy weaver to enable smart decision making
ARIES-837Modify default of Export-EJB: header to be ALL when empty string
ARIES-845Support unwrap and isWrappedFor functions with older JDBC drivers in ConnectionWrapper
ARIES-855Blueprint should attempt to load static nested classes when the initial attempt to load a class has failed
ARIES-873Allow transactionManager Identity to be specified via configuration aries.transaction.tmid=MyUniqueId
ARIES-536Have a way to specify a blueprint bundle should be started in sync with the start level service as much as possible
ARIES-578Provide hook point for different Blueprint transaction interceptor similar to JPA hook point for persistence units
ARIES-633Improve proxy support for final classes and final methods
ARIES-636Support load-time weaving and Annotation scanning in the JPA container when running on OSGi 4.3
ARIES-644Replace Scope Admin with Region Digraph
ARIES-718EJB support in Apache Aries
ARIES-727support syntax : ${a+b} in blueprint-cm
ARIES-732The ability to exclude bundles from the archive while still having them listed in Application-Content header
ARIES-733Add Use-Bundle header to the APPLICATION.MF using maven-eba-plugin
ARIES-737Provide initial support for embedded subsystems
ARIES-739Update code based on latest resource, resolver, repository, and subsystem APIs
ARIES-757Contribute semantic versioning check tool
ARIES-773Usage of a Configuration Admin service within an isolated application framework
ARIES-825Update subsystems to latest Subsystem, Resolver, and Repository APIs
ARIES-888Add a bundle to support JMS with the transaction manager
ARIES-890Add support for recovery of JDBC XA transactions
ESB-1657Add schema definition support for Spring/Blueprint deployer
FELIX-908Unsynchronize access to bundle state inside BundleInfo by making the variable volatile
KARAF-1010Add 64Bit service wrapper
KARAF-1023Add karaf activators for jars in the lib folder
KARAF-1045Improved help system
KARAF-1072Provide man command as an alias to help
KARAF-1129Allow configuring rmi Registry host as well as port
KARAF-1153Jetty feature should also install the jetty-websocket bundle
KARAF-1191Switch back to milliseconds per default on shell:sleep and introduce -s option
KARAF-1245Blueprint deployer and Spring deployer should get started before features.core bundle
KARAF-1261JAAS commands should allow you to distinguish between to realms that have the same name
KARAF-1271Feature service should log in DEBUG instead of INFO
KARAF-1280Add wrap third party jar example
KARAF-1283Add a simple OSGi bundle demo to deployer examples
KARAF-1292Add a feature demo
KARAF-1295serviceUrl in should use but not localhost
KARAF-1300Features management should be more robust if customer features descriptor file has duplicated feature name
KARAF-1328jclouds feature repo url has been changed after version 1.0
KARAF-1385Be able to disable the default PropertiesLoginModule
KARAF-1396config:list command description should be enhanced
KARAF-1410Error in stop script if KARAF_DEBUG is enabled
KARAF-1499InfoAction shell command should sort the properties from InfoProvider instances
KARAF-1500Forgot a space between hours and minutes in
KARAF-1521add-features-to-repo goal should define a correct default value for repository
KARAF-1558Instance clone should be able to clone the root instance
KARAF-1562Improve message displayed when the JAAS login module doesn't have a backing engine
KARAF-1574When two karaf containers are started locally, an exception is displayed at startup. A nicer message would be better.
KARAF-1575Features provided by Apache Karaf do not have any description
KARAF-1586wrapper:install command should be usable outside OSGi too
KARAF-1600Avoid duplicate feature and bundle resolution when installing cascading features
KARAF-1640Make sure the local console is fully working before the user can type commands
KARAF-1676OBR URL's in Apache Karaf have no simple identifier
KARAF-1693Rename command-watch to watch
KARAF-1749The command packages:imports should work on unresolved bundles
KARAF-1752Hard coded features uri in features deployer feature discovery
KARAF-1757Welcome message incorrect during ssh session or using bin/client
KARAF-1810Provide alias for feature:repo-add
KARAF-1812Use Felix properties and remove org.apache.karaf.util.Properties
KARAF-1813Add osgi:name and name attribute in SystemMBean
KARAF-1833Reintroduce the -p option in the client
KARAF-1834Make KarafTestSupport available externally
KARAF-1836Provide a login module class name completer
KARAF-1844Add command aliases for migration purpose between 2.3.x and 3.x
KARAF-1850feature:list should use alphabetical order
KARAF-1878Feature bundle start up order by startLvl
KARAF-1924Fix the WARN logs from starting a vanilla Karaf 2.3.0
KARAF-1951Remove workaround for KARAF-1117
KARAF-447Add JDBC lock implementation for PostgreSQL
KARAF-693features:addurl raises "Premature end of file" when network is not available
KARAF-916Use org.apache.aries.jmx.core instead of org.apache.aries.jmx
KARAF-999local-repo folder shouldn't be used
KARAF-1132Introduce new command feature:chooseurl to make it easy to install well known feature files
KARAF-1196Implement a watch command so we can watch the output of a karaf command like the unix 'watch' mechanism
KARAF-1334Use the new servicemix spec to allow the use of both the JRE implementations and implementations from bundles
KARAF-1475Support SSH agent forwarding and use the agent authentication when connecting to other instances
KARAF-1546Add -i/--install-all option to feature:add-url
KARAF-1792Add karaf-pax-exam
KARAF-1806Add version attribute in the SystemMBean
KARAF-1910Provide Spring 3.1.2.RELEASE features
KARAF-32Support ssh public key authentication and agent forwarding
KARAF-581Also make rmiRegistryHost configurable
KARAF-866New dev:wait-for-service command to wait for a given OSGi service
KARAF-908Provide a way to access system properties easily in the shell
KARAF-977config propset, propappend & propdel could use some autocompletion

The following Apache projects are used in 7.1:

Table 8.3 shows what is new in Fuse ESB/MQ/Fabric/FMC, June 19, 2013.

Table 8.3. Fuse ESB/MQ/Fabric/FMC Issues in Version 7.1.1

ENTESB-487camel-spring is listed 2 times in boot features in esb-minimum
ENTESB-498Feature dependencies not being installed in Fabric
ENTESB-522Camel Master Component Ignoring parameters
ENTESB-523Camel Fabric component doesn't take the parameters into consideration
ENTESB-748Unable to install patch for Fabric in 7.1.0.fuse-047 release
ENTMQ-314Broker should restart if it stops itself (for example due to lossing a lock).
FABRIC-352The installation path for a remote ssh container is ignored
FABRIC-353Manually Modifying the causes problems when adding containers to an ensemble
FABRIC-359Fabric loadbalancer atttempts to access inactive container
FABRIC-363Version create and update does not properly propagate entries in the registry.
FABRIC-365Modifying the ensemble will not work if the version of the containers has changed.
FABRIC-397Unable to provision FAB on remote fabric container
FABRIC-398Features Repository not able to be resolved
FMC-442Save profiles to file does not store the abstract attribute
FMC-443Export and import of profiles has some issues - eg version numbers not honored, and truncating data
FMC-453Profiles page needs initial loading widget
FMC-455Creating profiles with spaces cause an Error Failed to access container details message in the FMC Containers tab
FMC-458Wrong table layout when inputting a very long string to input fields in Web Console
FMC-459Wrong behaviour of input fields, when using right arrow button to edit text while creating container in Web Console
FMC-460'Error uploading patch file' occurs when no patch is specified for upload in Web Console
FMC-461Patching Successful message occurs, no matter which .zip file was uploaded as patch(or no file was uploaded)
FMC-462User always has admin rights, no matter if he has admin role assigned to him in Web Console
FMC-471FMC Memory Leak of org.fusesource.fabric.jaas.ZookeeperProperties
FMC-477After changing admin password container Details opening fails with exception.
FMC-483nulls characters in imported profile files
ENTESB-539remove geronimo-servlet_2.5 bundle from servicemix-http feature
FABRIC-377Create a command for profiles to pick up new versions
FABRIC-391Unable to create child container on remote root container using oracle JDK 7 on linux
New FeatureDescription
ENTESB-603cxf-fabric need to support to publish the full qualified address when it uses the OSGi servlet transport
ENTESB-604cxf-fabric need to support to webclient which is used for the CXF JAXRS
ENTESB-536ensure to use wss4j 1.6.9 for JBoss Fuse 6

Table 8.8 shows what is new in Apache Camel, June 19, 2013.

Table 8.8. Apache Camel Issues in Version 7.1.1

CAMEL-5358camel-castor does not work in apache service mix modules
CAMEL-5459Folder closed too early when working asynchronously
CAMEL-5748Classloader mixup in Direct VM component
CAMEL-5774ActiveMQ target endpoint with transferExchange=true does not work together with source File endpoint with preMove option set
CAMEL-5821Camel Jetty chunked parameter appears broken
CAMEL-5837Problem with nested schema imports when upgrading from 2.8.6 to 2.10.2
CAMEL-5839camel-zookeeper: The usage of the endpoint's option 'awaitExistence' would have no effect
CAMEL-5866Pass Exchange param to TypeConverter.convertTo calls where possible
CAMEL-5877Sporadic Source Conversion issues with CxfPayload
CAMEL-5880camel-quickfix: QuickfixjEndpoint should adhere the InOut exchange pattern if you would ask for this MEP
CAMEL-5887Unexpected behavior when combining onException and multiple adviceWith in camel-core
CAMEL-5888When call removeRouteDefinition the route doesn't removed from collection of route Definitions.
CAMEL-5890NPE when jaxb fallback converter is used with RequestEntityConverter
CAMEL-5897Nullcheck missing in CxfPayloadConverter
CAMEL-5899camel-netty - Producer should avoid blocking while waiting for connection
CAMEL-5900StreamResequencer does not resequence correctly
CAMEL-5907Camel leaks memory on undeploy / redeploy in app server when JMX enabled and createConnector = true
CAMEL-5908Websocket consumer cannot be started, because of NPE
CAMEL-5917camel-jms - JmsPollingConsumer use the constant fields from JmsTemplate for receiveNoWait etc
CAMEL-5925NullPointerException in RouteContextProcessor
CAMEL-5942Custom URIResolve not used to load XSTL script
CAMEL-5943camel-hl7 marshal charset error
CAMEL-5948ObjectHelper.createIterator() should properly handle the array of primitive types e.g. int[]
CAMEL-5949XML DSL - Should not have default values in errorhandler
CAMEL-5950Cache producer is not thread safe
CAMEL-5951Camel-syslog dataformat broken with netty transport
CAMEL-5953Java DSL: unmarshal() inside choice() blocks adding more conditions
CAMEL-5965Camel feature file doesn't validate
CAMEL-5968ClassNotFoundException: weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory when starting the route via Karaf start-route(camel:route-start) command.
CAMEL-5973Property placeholder with both blueprint and jasypt seems not working
CAMEL-5981Enrich EIP may cause async callback done twice
CAMEL-5987Using annotations DSL in beans may cause async callback to be called twice
CAMEL-5999RestletComponent component is not removing added route from routers list although route is removed from Context.
CAMEL-6005multicase shareUnitOfWork just throw one exception in the first time
CAMEL-6013Validator component fails on XSD with indirect relative import
CAMEL-6025NumberFormatException when using File over JMS
CAMEL-6035interceptSendToEndpoint with a DelegateAsyncProcessor fails
CAMEL-6038Possible NPE is OSGi bundle has no symbolic name
CAMEL-6045Camel Email Component Missing Attachments
CAMEL-6046sftp: noop=true&idempotent=false doesn't work
CAMEL-6048XML-files containing attributes called "type" does not get converted to json
CAMEL-6056Moving files on FTP not working
CAMEL-6059camel-rss and camel-atom - Not installable in Karaf
CAMEL-6064Wire Tap onPrepare should process new Exchange Permission denied from MarkerFileExclusiveReadLockStrategy.acquireExclusiveReadLock on NAS
CAMEL-6072Service Shutdown logic may execute N times
CAMEL-6073Pairs of VM producer-consumer disconnect when OSGi bundle is restarted
CAMEL-6078Multiple http4 components modify each other port setting
CAMEL-6081gzip dataformat - Ensure input stream is closed if exception thrown
CAMEL-6089CXFEndpoint blueprint config having binding element may lead to NPE
CAMEL-6097Race condition in AggregatorProcessor recovery sometimes causes duplicates
CAMEL-6123camel-jms: InOut exchange can time out even if response was received
CAMEL-6127Its impossible to inject a custom InflightRepository due to a copy-and-paste bug
CAMEL-6128JAXB fallbackConveter unmarshal falls with XStreamReader
CAMEL-6129Simple language - bean function - issue when parameter value has comma
CAMEL-6130EndpointHelper.setReferenceProperties() does not work with OSGiServiceRegistry
CAMEL-6133Logger destroyes SaxSource
CAMEL-6135CompositeRegistry should catch the exception when it lookup the component across the registry
CAMEL-6155Camel stream producer never close the stream of file
CAMEL-6172Aggregate EIP - Completion from batch consumer should trigger first
CAMEL-6173camel-http - When bridging endpoints then there may be double parameter values if client sends uri parameters
CAMEL-6175camel-jetty - Issue when bridging with jetty http producer and uri query parameter has encoded value
CAMEL-6179Simple expression in spring XML not work if it come in multiple xml lines
CAMEL-6189Camel cache: CamelCacheCheck and expiry on cached elements
CAMEL-6191Simple expression and predicate behaviors are different when accessing to map with a space in the key
CAMEL-6197Memory leak when using CometD producer
CAMEL-6202Missing log parameter placeholder in routepolicy.quartz.ScheduledRoutePolicy
CAMEL-6204loadResourceAsStream in ObjectHelper could not load resource with leading "/"
CAMEL-6255NotifyBuilder - whenSentTo - Should be per exchange and not a shared state
CAMEL-6257CXF Example OSGi fail in Karaf InputStream not being explicitly closed
CAMEL-6267camel-cxfrs blueprint configure could not be installed if there are some subelement settings
CAMEL-6276camel-example-spring-jms failed
CAMEL-6284camel-fop - Does not propagate headers
CAMEL-6297Commands doesn't support a custom JMX Agent
CAMEL-6298Camel dont set ID for ToDefinition object, when using validate in the route
CAMEL-6300AdviceWith doesn't work with doTry
CAMEL-6302Mina UDP default codec should keep the data as byte[]
CAMEL-6311DeadLetterChannel - When messages sent to DLQ it should always regard it as handled = true
CAMEL-6313Property placeholder optimization broke placeholders in Spring camelContext configuration
CAMEL-6322camel-example-cxf-osgi camel-example-cxf-blueprint have some warning when running the test
CAMEL-6328Simple expression and predicate have different behaviors when used along with properties
CAMEL-6341DefaultShutdownStrategy shutdown timeout of 0 will never timeout and go in negative time
CAMEL-6348SecurityException in HDFS producer/consumer when no security configuration is present
CAMEL-6349camel-restlet - Should set response correctly on Exchange depending on has out or not
CAMEL-6352camel-shiro - Should detect new username if always reauthenticate is false
CAMEL-6375Headers are not set correctly in some situation
CAMEL-6385New restlet endpoints don't work if route is created after restlet server is started.
CAMEL-6404cCXF route proxy cannot return Fault message to client when Dataformat is CXF_MESSAGE
CAMEL-6421Graceful shutdown with maximum redeliveries enabled from seda route may hang
ESB-1763|]/[CAMEL-6068- CamelBlueprintContext may be wrongly started and this may lead to a deadlock
MR-681|]/[CAMEL-5871Merge changes from CAMEL-5871 to Fuse Branches
MR-682|]/[CAMEL-5971HdfsOutputStream is not closing
MR-683|]/[CAMEL-5975camel-example-jmx - Does not work in Fuse ESB
MR-685|]/[CAMEL-6020Camel Transformer using inconsistent sources
MR-686|]/[CAMEL-6023ConfigAdmin changes that trigger a reload will not restart Blueprint Camel routes
MR-691|]/[CAMEL-6142camel-hdfs component does not work in Fuse ESB 7.1 OSGi environment
MR-697|]/[CAMEL-6084SOAP over JMS does not work with camel-cxf endpoint (async)
MR-698|]/[CAMEL-5865camel-jms component tries to use deleted temp destination
MR-703|]/[CAMEL-5913Camel double encoding uri parameters
MR-706|]/[CAMEL-6199Connection Pools and other resources are not cleaned up when route is shutdown and removed
MR-707|]/[CAMEL-6220number of child services started seems to be increasing by one each time the route is restarted
MR-708|]/[CAMEL-6259Aggregator Thread Pools remain after route has been shutdown
MR-711|]/[CAMEL-6283ClassLoadingAwareObjectInputStream uses its own TCCL
MR-714|]/[CAMEL-6305debugBefore() and debugAfter() not called if unit test extends CamelBlueprintTestSupport
MR-716|]/[CAMEL-6079Bad AOP proxy causes camel to fail while starting.
MR-720|]/[CAMEL-5957AggregationStrategy fails when completionSize is used as an expression (rather than value)
MR-722|]/[CAMEL-5994Camel endpoints may not be called on quartz fire after some days of uptime
MR-724|]/[CAMEL-6417Two camel-https4 producer endpoints configured with different sslContextParametersRef in separate routes in the same CamelContext does not work properly
CAMEL-5359camel-castor does not use mapping file to convert XML to Java
CAMEL-5708Make camel-smpp component get username from parameters instead of address
CAMEL-5872camel-scala - Add convertBodyTo to its DSL
CAMEL-5889Scala DSL: no tokenize("...") method
CAMEL-5926SpringIntegrationConsumer should honor the 'inOut' instance variable by setting the MEP and sending back message headers
CAMEL-5938MailConverters fails with uppercase content type TEXT/PLAIN
CAMEL-5944Setting extendMessageVisibility on an SQS consumer doesn't make visibilityTimeout compulsory
CAMEL-5945Add delimiter to recipient list eip in Java DSL
CAMEL-5955Put the LocalAddress into the message header
CAMEL-5959Dead Letter Channel - Store failed route id on Exchange
CAMEL-5962xslt component - Should fallback and use same scheme prefix as endpoint configured for included resources
CAMEL-5974camel-jms: Make ThreadPoolTaskExecutor the default Task Executor
CAMEL-5990Upgrade to QuickFIX/J 1.5.3
CAMEL-5995Improvment of InstrumentationProcessor
CAMEL-6008camel-netty - Initialize SSLContext once if using camel JSSE configuration
CAMEL-6051ClassResolver - Add support for Object[] arrays
CAMEL-6100ManagedAttribute annotated method in JmsEndpoint does not return a standard type
CAMEL-6102direct-vm component - Should support the async routing engine
CAMEL-6105Make DirectProducer throw a specific exception when it cannot find the corresponding consumer, instead of a generic CamelExchangeException.
CAMEL-6110camel-xmlbeans: Improve the test coverage
CAMEL-6116Populate all optional parameters from DeliverSm (if it is DeliveryReceipt)
CAMEL-6117Allow empty service_type and system_type
CAMEL-6121While creation of submit_sm from Exchange no optional params are being set to submit_sm .
CAMEL-6145JXPath language - Allow to configure lenient option
CAMEL-6166camel-jms - Allow to configure jmsKeyFormatStrategy directly on component level
CAMEL-6177Camel-AWS should support any implementation of AmazonXXX (not only AmazonXXXClient)
CAMEL-6178Camel Flatpack should respect the ignoreExtraColumns and allowShortLines options for delimited files
CAMEL-6205Add option to disable file system sync on File Producer
CAMEL-6217Camel-test-blueprint supports to create bundle context per class
CAMEL-6260IllegalAccessException when setup statement in the camel-jdbc component
CAMEL-6264Camel 2.10 performance regression with added statistics in BaseTypeConverterRegistry
CAMEL-6265direct-vm component - The processor should support async routing engine
CAMEL-6268camel-stream - Shutdown thread pool on consumer should happen faster
CAMEL-6272Bean - Improve choose method logic for no parameter methods
CAMEL-6282TypeConverterRegistry - Allow to enable or disable utilization statistics
CAMEL-6308ScheduledPollConsumer.startScheduler() access type should be "public", not "protected"
CAMEL-6310BlueprintCamelContext start() method should setup the TCCL
CAMEL-6340Improve Groovy performance
CAMEL-6361Validations exception should include line/column
CAMEL-6370Populate all optional parameter for SubmitSm, SubmitMulti and DataSm to SMSC
CAMEL-6372camel-krati - KratiConsumer should support maxMessagesPerPoll
CAMEL-6397camel-restlet - Allow to configure reuseAddress option
CAMEL-6402HTTP4 - Set the content length for requests, if known
MR-671|]/[CAMEL-6017Camel-Jetty Proxy is configured at JVM level using system properties
MR-700|]/[CAMEL-6140adding getTaskQueueRemainingCapacity() on
MR-713|]/[CAMEL-6090Backport streaming of remote content for ftp component
MR-719|]/[CAMEL-6351Blueprint does not support prop namespace
MR-721|]/[CAMEL-6395Camel Simple Expression Language does not like a dot '.' in the parameter name
New FeatureDescription
CAMEL-5896camel-netty - Allow to configure netty options in uri using prefix
CAMEL-5901camel-netty - Allow to turn netty producer pool on or off
CAMEL-5979Camel-Quickfix dynamic SenderSubId/TargetSubId issue
CAMEL-6054camel-hazelcast - Manage transactions with SEDA Consumer and improve the mapstore lifecycle
CAMEL-6216Support user metadata on files stored in S3
MR-690|]/[CAMEL-6053overriding blueprint placeholders when using CamelBlueprintTestSupport/pojosr framework
CAMEL-5935clean up the camel schema
CAMEL-5983Avoid the negative-tests to behave as false-positive
CAMEL-5998Avoid using deprecated AbstractJUnit38SpringContextTests but use junit 4 test class instead
CAMEL-6066camel-atom and camel-rss - Issue in karaf
ENTESB-564Camel - Use OSGi 4.3.1 which is compatible with Java 7
ENTESB-634camel-msv - Backport the pom.xml changes from ASF to Fuse Camel 2.10 to fix assembly issue on RHEL
CAMEL-5792Validator component - Error loading resource on windows